Bradley Wins Technical Decision From Alexander; "Super Fight" Was Only So-So

BY Michael Woods ON January 29, 2011

It was billed as The Super Fight, and let us not mince words. It was not.

It was a decent scrap, the main event pitting Timothy Bradley against Devon Alexander in a junior welterweight consolidation bout at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan on Saturday night. The action was, if not scintillating, at least copious. But the ending was a severe disappointment, especially considering the mammoth hypeathon leading up to the hoped-for rumble in Detroit.

A minute into the tenth, in a bout all saw Bradley in solid control of, a clash of heads occurred. The force of the collision hit Alexander's left eye, not the right eye, which had been sliced open in the third. He yowled in pain, complained that "it burns," shook his head back and forth, clearly in distress, and ref Frank Garza on advice of the physician stopped the bout because Devon was unable to continue. After nine whole rounds and a third of the tenth complete, the judges saw it 97-93, 96-95, 98-93, via technical decision, for Bradley.

Bradley afterwards told Larry Merchant that Devon was a great fighter, and he didn't take the bait when Merchant wondered if the pain was all that bad or he just didn't want to continue. "You have to ask him that," Bradley said. He said he'd be happy to meet Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao as well.

After, Alexander said, "I couldn't see for real, it was burning, I've never been head butted like that, he got a big head, I couldn't see at all. He came in full force. I couldn't see, the doctor said it was in a bad position, so he stopped the fight. But I'm upset. But it's OK." He said he was winning the fight, but backed off when Merchant said the judges saw it otherwise.

Stat-wise, Bradley went 128-419, while Devon went 129-479. Alexander had a 98-89 edge in power punches, or so said the punch counters. Mine eyes told me different.

Steward postbout said the short right was the difference maker for Bradley. Harold Lederman sagely noted late that Alexander moved constantly to his left, right into the right hand. "There's no reason we have to see this fight again at this time," Larry Merchant said after, when asked if the existing rematch clause will be or should be put into play right away. I think all fans will agree. It will be interesting to see if there is an out clause for the network, or they will be compelled to set up and televise a rematch.

Merchant with a majestic ending flourish noted an upswing for boxing, on film and TV. "There is a yearning, there is a void, that people feel that we have to fill for boxing. This didn't fill it exactly tonight. But at leats for one fighter it may be a step out of that void." Well said, poetic one.

Bradley (age 27; from Palm Springs; 27-0 entering; reigning WBO 140 pound champion) weighed 139 1/2 on Friday, 148 on Saturday, while Alexander (age 23; from St. Louis;  21-0 entering; reigning WBC 140 pound champion) was  140, 152 on fight night. HBO broadcast the scrap, with Jim Lampley, Emanuel Steward and Larry Merchant holding down the fort. A coin toss determined who would choose who would come to the ring first, since both men own world championships. Alexander won the toss, and elected to come to the ring second.

In the first, Bradley came out with a stiff jab. He came forward, and Alexander countered smartly, especially with the straight left. Bradley invested in body work early. He drew ahhs with a seven punch combo, as Devon was backed against the ropes. I saw the round for Bradley. Trainer Julio Diaz told Bradley, "You're going to break him down. Let's be very careful, and very smart." Trainer Kevin Cunningham told Devon to wait til Bradley finished, and then immediately get off.

In the second, Devon jabbed, but without full extension. It was like he was doing pad work. That said, he was busier, and looked to be first more. He took the round. After the round, trainer Cunningham told Devon that he should be looking to land a left hand-right hook.

In the third, Bradley came out with more aggression. He landed a nasty left hook, which buzzed Devon a bit. Bradley targeted the gut, to good effect as well. Devon looked to hold, and get Bradley to quit throwing that way. Alexander took a break, with 20 seconds to go, indicating that he was thumbed. A cut formed on his right eyelid. After the round, we saw Cunningham yell at the ref about head butts. The ref said the cut was caused by a punch, but replay showed a head clash. Bradley, by the way, won the round.

In the fourth, Bradley took risk by squaring up, and rat-a-tatting. Devon continued to throw with deadly intent; he almost pulled his punches, at times. A right hook did score well, though. Both men had their moments here. I had a hard time differentiating, so I called it even.

In the fifth, both men landed hooks early. Devon was now in a flow. He was warmed up, had his legs going, and was getting a better rhythm. Bradley wasn't effective in cutting off the ring, and Alexander took the round, clearly.

In the sixth, Bradley got off to a quick start. Devon tried to land the hook, but was short with it, time and again. Bradley landed a sweet right, the best of the bout to this point, with a minute to go. His power shots gave him the edge in round six. After, Cunningham told Devon to jab high and low. Diaz told Bradley that he needed to be busier.

Bradley was up 58-56 on Harold Lederman's card. By the way, the crowd had not been whipped into anything resembling a frenzy to this point.

In the seventh, Bradley threw the first, best combo, sending a message to the judges. Bradley worked harder, and won the round, so I had him ahead 4-2-1. Diaz told him to let his hands go more after the round, just to be safe. The cut over Alexander's right eye, by the way, wasn't closed by cutman Jim Strickland, but it was rendered fairly moot.

In the eighth, Bradley's forward movement told the judges that he was looking to pile up points. Alexander used his legs more, but to what effect? It kept Bradley from landing, but he didn't really capitalize. Both men had their moments, it was a hard round to score, but Bradley had the edge based on volume.

In the ninth, Bradley clanged with a right, after Alexander tapped him with a left down the middle. The right from in close was a winner for Bradley, and he took another round on the TSS-at-home card. The mouse on Devon's eyelid looked like fat NYC subway rat by this time. The crowd was on their best church behavior.

In the 10th, there was another clash of heads. Alexander moaned as a doctor looked at his right eye. "F---, it burns," Devon said. He was shaking his head, trying to shake off the pain. The ref said because of the butt, and Devon being affected, and unwilling or unable to continue, we'd go to the cards.

SPEEDBAG Check back for detailed ringside reports from Zach Levin and Kenneth Bouhairie.

--Steward called the headline bout before it began a potential "miniature Hearns-Leonard."

--Let's not rush to judgment against Alexander, shall we? A little slice opened on the left eye because of that tenth round head butt, and we don't know how he was really feeling when he was complaining of the pain. Now, if his orbital bone isn't busted, it looks like this will be something that will be attached to his resume for awhile. But let's see if there isn't some more clarity in the days ahead before there is a rush to proclaim him a quitter.

Comment on this article

Radam G says: No need for any one to urinate on Bradley's parade. So put away da haterade. He did every single thing that was expected of him. He got on his winging and swinging and tapping and slapping and his best punch of using that shinny dome. More power to him. That is one of the tricks of the trade that many boxers, such as Jersey Joe Walcott, Sandy Sadler, Jake LaMotta, Carmen Basilio, Gene Fullmer and Evander Holyfield made notoriously useful for themselves. They could and did adroitly butt an opponent in such a pugilistic pimp fashion that the referee couldn't do jack about it, but call it "an accidental head butt" and respect that type of Macking.

One thing though. I wish that Team Alexander would have asked the referee to finger some of the "vaseline" off Bradley's head and hand it over to the commissioner and/or doctor or inspector. I suspect the oldest used in game was the cause of Devon's stinging eyes. I'm willing to bet that first aid ointment skin protectant was sneaked on the abrasions around Bradley's forehead and top of the dome. Everybodeee and dey momma who have been in that squared jungle knows the eye sting from a head, punch or elbow, and the one from "inadvertent" -- actually intentional -- mixing of vaseline and first aid ointment. Maybe WikiLEAKS has da skinny on this slick trick of the trade. Holla!

the Roast says: That was quite a letdown. The not so super fight. I was hoping for so much more. What was it? Did the styles just not mesh? The righty-lefty clash of heads? I had Bradley up in a close but uneventfull fight. It was a fight that just missed. It should have been good but it wasn't. I think the small town Doctor made a quick and incorrect call to stop the fight when he did. He should have given Devon a minute to get it together. I'll eat my crow but I don't like it.(CHOMP)

riverside says: Bradley won .NO TIME for Radam lame excuses.He was the better man tonite!! acept the fact of life. Eat crow like a real man!

Editor Mike says: Doc made the right call. Devon was wincing, like maybe something was broken. He wasn't sending the doc the right signal, that he wanted to continue. He "quit" by not centering his mind, shrugging off the pain, and telling the doc, "I'm fine." That's not an indictment. But it means that in that moment he didn't exhibit that surge of will, that overwhelming hunger that allows the great ones to shrug off pain, and continue fighting.

the Roast says: You have a good point EM. Ultimatley It's not the doctor's fault for the end of the fight. Devon did not answer the questions like a man who wanted to keep fighting. Couldnt the doc have given him five minutes or in that only for low blows?

Radam G says: @The Roast, the doctor could have and should have given Devon five minutes to recover -- YES! The doctor could have also wiped the chemicals out of his eye. Those who know da boxing game need not to make "lame" excuses for either fighter; someboddeee oughtaaa hollaaa dat to R-side. It's called prizefighting, and they both got paid righteously. Fanfaronades and boxing groupies reach for phantoms to attack any voices of reality. Any boxer, who's worth his blood, sweat and tears, despises those negative songbirds who call themselves his fans, but catastrophize the flow of knowledge and constructive criticism. [We are in da sweetest, sharpest, most know-their-shyt boxing Universe. Let's stick with soft skills. No need to go Egypt. WiliLEAKS is a mutha!]

The Reality is that Tim Bradley won by using his head -- literally. It is not always how you play the game, winning is what counts more. Lame can't be put on him. Dude is the worse fighter, with the strongest head and determination, at the most talented division, but he is no doubt the smartest. He keeps getting the W and halting the most talented fighter from crackin' the "Desert Storm" goose egg. His nuthuggers, sheeples or cyberspace bromances oughta just enjoy the Desert Storm's winning ways, because you aren't getting a dang penny from him. He needs not attack ______. TB gets luv and criticism from yours truly, as every other fighter does. Da Money Manny is my peeps. Da Money May is my boy. And on them I let loose wif da constructive criticism and da joy. A win is a win. And all the TSS Universe frenemies need to just CHILLAX. It ain't dat serious. Holla! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

FighterforJC says: I didn't see the fight but from the circumstancial evidence it would appear that Alexander did quit for no other reason than to put an asterisk on Bradley's victory and tarnish Bradley's moment. I don't think Alexander would've been hurt worse or gotten KO'd if he finished the fight, but a technical decision loss most certainly doesn't sound as bad as a unanimous decision loss.

brownsugar says: Ditto Fe'Roz,.. .....IMHO.....Alexander has a lot of potential but he's so swole up and tight in his upper body it's as if his arms are heavy as logs. (too many pushups or something) He doesn't seem able to get his punches off from thier naturally resting postition and by the time he pulls his guns up to fire the elite fighters already know where he's going to shoot. Devon misses a lot of opportunities because he's more like a tank than a dolphin... On the other hand Bradley is more fluid and throws the most natural punch the human body is capable of throwing when trying to hurt somebody out of anger or aggression, THE WILD looping overhand right. It's scientifically proven that 95% of all righties(non-boxers) throw this punch when provoked or angered. It's the same punch everybody uses in a street fight but Bradley can consitantly land it like it's a lead jab. Bradley is just a scrappy little dude...but he's also slippery and awkward... his coach said Devon would quit by the tenth round. (well forced to quit). by the way,.. Bradley was stunned on several occasions but faked his way thru.

Neither of these guys need to rush into a fight with the speedy and accurate punching Amir Khan. I believe Bradley could get to Amir by the later rounds but just like with Maidana, Amir would have built up such a lead, he'd need a KO to win. Maybe Bradley could find a way to win but I'm not confident.........both of these Champs should avoid Pac or even the oft retired, inactive, and beleaguered Mayweather for now as either would cut both of these guys to shredds. But these guys earned my respect by confronting each other,.... it was clear that the winning desire was there for most of the fight. and Bradley proved that he always comes to fight (they oughta change his nickname from the STORM to the SWARM) I'd love to see Bradley/Maidana,.. you know at some point Maidana will land something hard, could Bradley survive??.. but I'm rambling....

brownsugar says: It feels good to finally pick a winner for a change (thanks Bradley).. funny thing.. some friends and family invited me to watch the fight on the other side of town for a little get-together. So I braved a mini-blizzard to get there...They were gracious enough to get HBO because they knew I wouldn't budge if it meant missing the fight. Everybody politely gathered round the tube for the fight but only a few real fans were watching as everybody else was talking about stuff like the Pittsburg Steelers, basketball or their age (I'll be 29 till I'm 45!). In between shots of tanguray martini's and plates of Chinese hot wings and crazy "Quintin Turrentino" style stories I was wondering if any young people around the globe watching the fight would be inspired to learn how to box,.. or take up Mixed Martial Arts?? we marvelled at how Larry Merchant looks like he's been 59 years old for the last 35 years, yet still manages to come up with a little post fight poetry as he gets in the last word... all in all a fantastic night in the sense of how the fight unfolded with Bradley just coming forward like a mobile hornets nest. ...then a party broke out(have you ever played Apples to Oranges?? game) even though the fight didnt quite live up to expectatons... can hardly wait for the next one. Dzinziruk vs Martines is guaranteed to fill the bill. I'd be willing to bet on it.

brownsugar says: Bradley is already back on his stump. calling out Amir, Pac, Maidana, and Mayweather. Dude is nuts or truly likes an opportunity to beat the best like he says. nothing truly impressive about him except his toughness and desire to win. Alexander needs to stop doing so many push-ups and concentrate on technique more and physical conditioning less,.. just practice technique.

L.C. says: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... I fell asleep after rd 2, and woke up on the 10th it was over.

riverside says: Very well said,he wins on determination. Pure skill level and talent, Alexander has the notch,Bradley matched against the two best pound for pound fighters today, TB will be exposed.

The Voicebox says: I agree with everyone's comments above; the doctor and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight. If an accidental foul -- and it DID look accidental -- gives the officials reason to ask the fighter if he can continue and the fighter says NO, then they have to go to the cards. That being said, Alexander has shown himself to be a coward. How can you be on the biggest stage of your career and take the easy way out like that? The only way I will reverse my my opinion is if his orbital bone cracked. Still, in a bout where he was getting annihilated and had no chance of winning, you didn't see Margarito telling the ref he couldn't continue. Alexander never even flirted with that kind of beating because of his amateur running tactics. There's a big difference between a smart and sharp outfighter with fast, effective combination's like Khan and the slapping and holding garbage Alexander was using. Alexander beat himself by letting Bradley dictate the pace and refusing to engage. I'll watch Bradley again because he's there to do the work, but Alexander will be the B-side to any future bouts he's in.

amayseng says: please NO rematch

never want to see this again

no way alexander landed that many punches, compubox is blind

alexander was too busy throwing flashy punches too far away from landing

and then HOLDING ALL NIGHT. part of the headbutts were devons fault for coming

in trying to hold the entire time putting his head in position to be butted.

i can understand if the headbutt gave him a concussion or rung his bell

but that wasnt the case and it was on the left side of his face while his cut was on

his right eyelid...i dont think devon was faking pain, head butts are worse at times

than a punch, but he didnt make a case to continue...the ref should have given him

more time to recover from the butt as devons complains was about burning, not about

double vision or signs of a concussion

not a very good fight

very little landed cleanly , maybe 6 punches all night.

please no rematch, some styles are just horrible together, bradley whould fight khan

and devon should fight maidana.

bradley didnt look impressive either, i know he was coming in and trying and devon

is pretty elusive, but no way bradley deals with mayweather without being picked

a part.

MisterLee says: So... who wants crow? And alexander did look great, like the "Great Octopus". The last few rounds that i did see was full of alexander holding like seaweed on a propeller. I'm about to watch the fight. Bradley is the best! pc!

the Roast says: I'll take my plate. Wrong is wrong, even if Bradley is a headbutting mother f***er. Khan by UD!!

Radam G says: It is gettin' jiggy now up in diz pugilistic spittin' Universe! The sloppy battle between these green fighters have started the juices to flowin.' Now some new guns are blazin,' and up da old guns are showin!' It's all TSSU good. And styles make fights should be easily understood. "Desert Storm" Bradley would be a lot of trouble for THC PacMan, because of the way Bradley adriotly "inadvertently" slice and dice up da oppositions' faces with his powerful dome weapon. IMHO two fighters, who can shut down Desert Storm's dome blast, are Money May and Magic Man Malignaggi.

Just as Bradley gets a break for that dome blast appearing to be inadvertent, Lil' Floyd and Paulie get serious breaks for their elbow blasts appearing to be inadvertent. This elbow weapon jive is simply one of the old school tricks of the trade. Leaning your head slightly back and folding the lead arm across your belly and shooting that elbow up like a forklift is CLASSIC! Check it out on Youtube to see how Lil' Floyd and Paulie work it babbbbeeeeeee! But no one works and/or worked dat sucka like Rubin "Hurricane" Carter and the late, great Sandy Sadler though. They and the late, great Archie "The Mongoose" Moore were da MANS [sic] in handling headbutts and often using the headbutt themselves. The other CLASSIC antidope for shutting down headbutts is/was the grabbing behind the head and it pushing it down. The most famous architects of this type of defense and dexterous maneuvers of it are the late, great Williemans [sic] -- Willie Pastrano and Willie Pep --and GOAT Muhammad Ali. Holla!

MisterLee says: Bradley SD over khan, khan's running, lack of head movement, and inability to adjust will do him in. Bradley also has the best ring iq at 140, and i do agree he'll give pacquiao a run for the money, and it'll be an exciting fight since they both come to fight. who will win? will pacquiao blast him out early or will bradley's body work and slick style and boxing ability wear pacquiao down the stretch. right now, honestly, i have 50/50 for bradley pacquiao, and i can see an exciting fight with an exciting rematch, and floyd crying in his panties b/c of the missed opportunities.

Radam G says: Only da shinny, ole, large dome weapon that Bradley uses so well will give da Manny problems. It is best for da Manny to ignore a fighter like Bradley, or agree to a term where everytime that Bradley butts da Manny, Bradley is fined a half of mil. Mano-i-mano, da Manny kayos Bradley at 2:48 of the first round. That is a call that I am sticking with. Money May would simply box and "inadvertently" elbow Bradley into a bloody mess in about nine rounds. Paul Malignaggi would easily outscore Bradley and box and "inadvertently" elbow him silly over 12 rounds. Holla!

the Roast says: Bradley lacks the punching power to hang with Pacman. TB's best punch is a shaved dome straight to the eyebrow. First stipulation of a fight with Bradley: Dude must grow the hair into a decent size afro. A little cushion from the bull rush in headbutt. No I know how all those Tyson fan were talking about vs Holyfield! @Radam, No way Paulie could hang with Tim Bradley. Paulie is past his best and Bradley sets too fast of a pace for him at this stage. I do give credit to Bradley because he is right there tring to make the fight. I lke Khan over TB in a good fight.

FighterforJC says:
Very well said,he wins on determination. Pure skill level and talent, Alexander has the notch,Bradley matched against the two best pound for pound fighters today, TB will be exposed.

Losing to Mayweather or Pacquiao hardly qualifies as being "exposed." What ever happened to just plain losing to the better guy?

DaveB says:

This fight was two styles that do not complement one another. In truth it would have been a better fight if one of these guys had knockout power. I did not like Alexander's running style. What did he have to fear by engaging with Bradley? Either of these guys fighting Maidana would be a pretty good scrap. A fight with Khan may not live up to its billing but it would be a worthwhile fight because of its significance and hopefully it will happen preferably with Bradley because he was the winner. I'm not sure if Alexander has a true winner's mentality. Good fight because of the significance, horrible fight as far as action and drama. Not the shot in the arm that boxing needed. Both guys should stay away from Pac and May regardless of the money, and should fight any of the other 140 pounders.

Radam G says:

Tim Bradley has one ugly, rough, tough style of fighting that gets nothing but WINS! Dude will make 95 percent of the competition focus on not getting hit by his dome, instead of going mano-i-mano with him. WOW! OMG! TB's shiny, bronze-colored dome is a hex weapon. I'm reminded of the oval-shaped medallion that Hypnotist [Dr.] Dean used to hypnotize Kenny "Breakin' da jaw of GOAT Ali" Norton with. The doc swung that medallion side to side in front of KN's staring eyeballs until KN was convinced that he was black Superman mixed with a Mandingo warrior.

Bradley weaves his dome side to side the way dat old medallion moved back in da day. His opposition be eyeballin' dat huge object until -- KABOOM! ZAP! SaMOOP! TAKATAKA! ZOOM! -- they are zombies in a deep TRANCE like a muthasucka! THEN suddenly, da "Desert Storm['s]" huge dome automagically turns into a locmotor -- CHOO! CHOO! -- and SLICES and DICES the opponents' eyelids. WTF! Blood and confusion ev'ywhere! I must say, "HOLLY-MOLLY, hahahahahahaha! Talkin' about optical illusions and tricks of the trade. Boxing is so much the theatre of the unexpected. And SPOOKY!!! I may add. Yall don't know what time it is. TB is a sneaky squared-jungle entrepreneur users of magic and hypnosis. You heard it here, FIRST! Where is Donputo69? "Holla back ladies." ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Holla!

brownsugar says:

Where ya been DaveB?... good to see you in the forum. wouldn't it be something if the Mosley fight became the fight of the year?? The fight that was supposed to be a crowd pleaser wasn't... I have to give it to Arum... he said there was no electricity because they put the fight in an Arena where nobody cared about either fighter, No cheering hometown fans opposing one another, no wild shreeks from the side line "Kill that Mutha!!" The impersonal nature of the crowd sucked all the magic from the fight..The fight was facinating to me on a statistically level, just wanting to know who was the best... but underwhelming in nearly every other sense of the word.. Then Old Pro Shane and Pac sells 16,000 before brunch in one day. That kind of juice will even put some pep in the step of an OL Vet like Shane just thinking about the gate receipts.... and the fight is still more than 5 whole months away. Fans no doubt buying that fight because of the action it promises to deliver...Arum knows ticket sales. fo' sho.

DaveB says:

B-Sug, I don't know man, I'm just having problems with this new format. I still read the comments. I see you and Radam are on here still with a few others, and I emphasize few. It just seems that the new website has sucked the life out of the regulars. This also happened to another website, not a boxing website, that I am on and overwhelmingly most of the regular posters stopped posting. In time maybe this site will regain its popularity with new posters. I do like the fact that it got rid of the clones but it is just not the same. What is your opinion on this? Or anyone else's opinion?

Radam G says:

@DaveB, I'm luvin' diz new TSSU and format. I see nothing but improvements, stability, righteous, legit posting, respect of others and much luv. That old Universe turned into the chaos of Sodom and Gomorrah. Thugs, cloners and freaks, and their wannabes, took over the old Universe and stormed through it with various types of perversions, race-baiting, fibbing, stereotyping and hating. And whenever an angelic newbie would come in, they would want him or her to play their hate-and-perversion game. Da suckas wreak havoc, and were apparently proud that they could cause major interruptions, disturbances, distaste and rule with sleazy dominance.

The boxing authorites and powers that be were beginning to turn away from TSSU. Now they are back gettin' their read on of the best sweet science universe in cyberspace. Trust me! The haters, faders, fakers, busters and buzzkillers are still visiting and looking in for a way to interrupt and corrupt. But they ought to unfriend their bad tudes and get with change. IMHO, THE TYME up in this awesome new Universe is da BIG soft skills [ways and means that enable a person to interact harmoniously with others]. Holla!

DaveB says:

@Radam G, Thanks, that was very enlightening and thanks for taking the time to address this. That was a very good take on all of this and it is totally different from my now previous outlook because I know you are definitely speaking the truth. I used to hate all the race-baiting, unjustified attacks, silly arguments that would turn into vicious assaults, this side against that side, snide remarks to people who didn't deserve it all because they offered an opposing point of view, and the all out anarchy. At times people didn't know who said what because of impostors and I know you spent more time than you wanted defending yourself against a lot of baseless attacks and wilding clones. And it does seem that TSS is making improvements to help make the posting easier now and making the Universe all it can be when it is at its best. So you are right it is all good. I just need to get in step with the new program. That is why it is good to get different viewpoints on a subject, especially ones different than your own. I'm glad I asked.

Editor Mike says:

So glad people are liking some of the new elements!

@Radam G, Thanks, that was very enlightening and thanks for taking the time to address this. That was a very good take on all of this and it is totally different from my now previous outlook because I know you are definitely speaking the truth. I used to hate all the race-baiting, unjustified attacks, silly arguments that would turn into vicious assaults, this side against that side, snide remarks to people who didn't deserve it all because they offered an opposing point of view, and the all out anarchy. At times people didn't know who said what because of impostors and I know you spent more time than you wanted defending yourself against a lot of baseless attacks and wilding clones. And it does seem that TSS is making improvements to help make the posting easier now and making the Universe all it can be when it is at its best. So you are right it is all good. I just need to get in step with the new program. That is why it is good to get different viewpoints on a subject, especially ones different than your own. I'm glad I asked.

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