Schaefer Joins Up With Boxing Promoters Association

BY The Sweet Science ON January 15, 2011

The Boxing Promoters Association (BPA) had a very successful meeting this week in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Planet Hollywood Hotel.   The BPA continued its past success and 2011 promises to be a good one for the BPA and its efforts to assist the boxing industry.   The meeting was well attended, and officially marked the first time that  promotional powerhouse, Golden Boy Promotions (GBP), which was represented by CEO Richard Schaefer, was an active participant.

Just as has been the case in previous meetings, progress was made towards bettering the sport and industry.  There were a lot of positive strides over the past year and additional accomplishments that came about during the meeting.   Major announcements will be revealed in the upcoming weeks and months.

One major development is that the BPA will be reaching out to U.S. Senator John McCain to discuss both past and present issues with boxing legislation.  The group intends to specifically address the Muhammad Ali Act and the bill being proposed in the U.S. Congress.  The BPA intends to  increase the impact and the strength of voice of the BPA in the industry and to assist in protecting and developing the sport.  Golden Boy President, Oscar De La Hoya, the former Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion, will join BPA President, Joe DeGuardia, and some other members of the Board of Directors at the anticipated meeting with Senator McCain.

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brownsugar says: This is a little off topic*****In a perfect world the Promoters should all hook up and form their own sanctioning body. I acknowledge the argument that more belts make more title fights(and more santioning fees that aren't invested back into the sport). But at the same time look at all the marvelous contender matches that could be made (#5 vs #6 or #12 vs #14 for example on non-PPV). Unified and Computerized fighter data bases...One champ in each division... nobody could isolate themselves from challenging the best. We might be 5, 10, 15years from making that happen. But if such a thing could at least be implemented in the U.S. alone.....It might be enough to bring boxing back as mainstream form of entertainment.

Radam G says: It looks like it is just you and I, today, B-Sug. Anyway, going back to just one boxing organization will be going backward. And these promoters are looking out for their own blood-sucking arses. In of all of the world sports, there use to be just one organization and one champ in a division. Never again, IMHO, will it be that way. The more champions, the more teams, the more drawing cards, the most fans, the more moola. That is the bottomline in this topsy-tuvry existence. [No money, no honey. No finance, no romance. No access to cash, you're treated as trash. No moola in da bank, on ya' credit, they will put the yank. With hard really, we gotta be frank, and on ourselves quit playin' a prank!] Only one can fit on the thone at the needle of the pyramid, so you must build more pyramids.

We humans are not cut out to accept oneness of anything. We have to believe that we have an edge. Our way is the right way, or hit da highway or just get outta da way. That is why there are so many countries, cultures, religions, gods, sub-religions, devils, philosophies, promoters, sanctioning organizations, commissions, titlebelts, etc., etc. Time increases things, expand them. Just look at da MMA/UFC. Dana White, is a freakin' pugilistic mad scientist, WTF! This Dr. Frankenstein-like sucka invented dat MMA/UFC jive from boxing and then mixed in martial arts, wrestling, a few theatrics, a lot of drama, iron fences around the rings, sexy dancing dolls outside and some heavy bullsyeting, lmfao!. Da sucka fool ev'ybodee. But we in da know know what tyme it is. Dana White is da Dr. Frankenstein of mano-i-mano kick-arse. Holla!

brownsugar says: go ahead and preach it RG ...and pass round the offering plate when your done.

brownsugar says: lol...seriously RG I see what your saying... but the NFL is a perfect example. one sport consilidated under one organization abiding by the same rules... if it weren't for the fact that the teams are privately and not publically owned.. you could by stock from your favorite team.

Radam G says:

I see your point, B-Sug. But the NFL doesn't have umpteen teams in countries all over the world. Central control works in the NFL because of the one-country concept. The CFL of Canada works also because of that one-nation central control. Just as the foolball and baseball leagues of Japan work because of one-nation being in ultimate control. Rugby and Soccer don't have one-nation control and work like boxing -- umpteen corrupted sanctioning organizations and leagues around the globe. Unity or oneness will never work in boxing. None of the other countries are going to let the United States or any other one country centrally control its boxers or rules. As I have indicated, human nature is not geared to take or support oneness. If The Maker had given us more than one life and one death, we would be doing that umpteen times. And the fact that we cannot do that, don't halt people from claiming to have had former lives throughout the ages. One chick told me that she was my wife in five different lives, and that she wants me again. I ran away like a mutha. I haven't seen her since -- going on 10 years. I hear she is going to fudge me whenever she spot me, lmfao! She is one fine mamajama, but nutty as heck. Holla!

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