Showtime's Espinoza Talks Mayweather PPV Numbers

BY Michael Woods ON May 11, 2014


Rumors are kicking around the internets about the pay-per-view buy rates for the May 3 Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana fight/card.

The promotion did under 900,000 buys, I heard.

Same as the fight versus Robert Guerrero, I heard.

But I wanted it from the mouth of the horse, or, in this case, the lead dog of Showtime sports, Stephen Espinoza. What about it, are the numbers out, just in time for Mothers Day?

"No numbers yet," Espinoza told me. "Cable hasn't even reported yet. Any numbers floating around are pure speculation."

So, anyone Tweeting about Showtime losing their shirt off this fight, that's bunk?

"By nature of our deal, no outcome is possible in which Showtime suffers significant losses," he said.

There ya go. Now go out, and take mom to Red Lobster, or whatev.


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oubobcat says:

My thought all along was that the PPV numbers were going to come in light due to a variety of factors. However, what was going on today on twitter were just rumors and no hard evidence has been produced as to the actual numbers. It will be interesting to see when the actual numbers are reported as to how this PPV fared.

cliccmade says:

Maybe they can locate the Pacman / Bradley numbers

Radam G says:

Maybe they can locate the Pacman / Bradley numbers

They have also located Da Manny-Bradley's numbers. They were around 780,000 PPVs in the U.S.A. Holla!

El Dude says:

The fight of the "Decade" is priceless. The money is not important for what is, was the "Moment" that none of you saw coming but El Dude. I forever will remember the day when the whole world overlooked Marcos the underdog Maidana BUT when the messenger of war came knocking it was to deliver El Dude's Boxing news like a piranha. The BIG $ is in the rematch now that you know who El Dude is and who he was talking about, Marcos "The Bee-Hive" Maidana. Floyd is the Alpha P4P Wolf of the ring but anything could happen in Boxing.
El Dude Delivers.

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