Congratulations To Award Winners Toledo, Woods and Fernandez

BY The Sweet Science ON April 09, 2014

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Congratulations to the TSS writers extraordinaire who received love in the "Bernies," the Boxing Writers Association of America writing contest which selects the best and brightest text from the inkstained wretches/keyboard tappers chronicling the sweet and savage science, and the rich bounty of situations and characters which comprise the rich milieu.

Our man Springs Toledo's craft was rewarded with a first place nod for "Joe," a piece which ran on Nov. 12, 2013 and impressed judges looking at the Feature Over 1750 Words category for its deft and heart-felt wording about Toledo's friend and mentor--and TSS contributor--Joe Rein.

Toledo won second place in the Feature Under 1750 Words category, for the story "Kid Chocolate," which ran Feb. 5, 2013, and shared some history on the old-perennnial ring moniker.

Our Boston-based wordsmith also snagged a silver medal for his News category entry "Boston Beats the Count," which examined the horrific terrorist bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon, which was carried out by two brothers, authorities say, one of whom had a boxing background (April 21, 2013). Toledo also will take home an Honorable Mention for his Event Coverage story titled "Canelo!" which dropped on Sept. 16, 2013.

Editor Michael Woods took a second place honor, in the Column category, for "He's Still the Most Handsome Man, and Everything To Me," his piece written off a visit to fallen heavyweight Magomed Abdusalamov, which posted on Dec. 24, 2013, and examined the toll exacted by a fighter being injured in action, and the admirable love and caring exhibited by family of the damaged man.

Esteemed journalist Bernard Fernandez was lauded, with Honorable Mention status for his piece "Later, Gator," an homage to the late one-legged pugilst Craig Bodzianowski, which posted July 29, 2013, as well as in the Investigative Category.

Congratulations to those receiving salutations.


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Radam G says:

Congrats, superscribe guys! You guys are all of dat and 10 bags of chips and a thousand-and-one glasses of lemonade. And we appreciate you. Holla!

amayseng says:

yep congrats and much appreciated writing from all above

the Roast says:

Nice work TSS writers. I guess my work is too recent for consideration.

Radam G says:

Hehehe! Nominate tR for wise cracking comedy. It will be no contest. All contenders, he will best. Holla!

leon30001 says:

Hold it, hold it...Woods got an award...for his writing???! Damn! What a world. What a world! Only in America!!!!

Radam G says:

Hehehehehe! Leon thirty thousand and one, where did that come from? Only in America!!!!

Woodsy can hang with the best of boxing scribes. Holla!

Radam G says:

OOPS! I musta' fo'got, L-30001, you are competing with tR for the outstanding comedy award. Holla!

leon30001 says:

Yeah that's right...and I must have a better shot at it than you! Actually to be fair, you did say something funny, once...I think...although I can't quite remember...maybe it wasn't you on reflection. No, seems unlikely. Sorry, false alarm!

leon30001 says:

I'm joking of course. You're a riot.

the Roast says:

OOPS! I musta' fo'got, L-30001, you are competing with tR for the outstanding comedy award. Holla!

Gotta take a point away from Radam, blaspheming against the Roasterator.
(takes glove, turns to each judge,"one point, one point, one point")

Radam G says:

Wow! Now I have to knock all these muthasuckas down. I got so much G pops GOAT Ali in me and love to clown. Hehe!

I can hear Drew "Bundini" Brown now shouting: "DOWNTOWN, DOWNTOWN! Go DOWNTOWN, lil' champ!DOWNTOWN!... Holla!

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