Team Malignaggi Still Salty At Adrien Broner "Gift" Win

BY Michael Woods ON June 23, 2013

005 Malignaggi vs Broner IMG 2380Adrien Broner and his trainer Mike Stafford before the Saturday clash with Paul Malignaggi said they thought after the dust settled, the combatants could, if not be best buddies, then find some common ground. Broner said he'd whup Paulie and then take him out for a steak. After the fight, in which Broner didn't whup the Brooklyn-bred fighter, and won a split decision, with one judge heavily rewarding Paulie's considerable volume edge over Broner's power edge, Malignaggi was in no mood for hugs, even figurative ones, from Broner.

The Cinci boxer didn't exactly move the mood in a direction of serenity when he announced that he beat Paulie and took his girl, which was a reference to the seamy and unseemly brouhaha during the buildup to the fight over a woman who supposedly canoodled with Paulie, but then took up with Broner afterwards.

During the postfight presser, Malignaggi, who bless his soul can't help himself but speak truth to power, didn't back off tremendously from what he declared int he ring after the fight, that the judge who saw Broner a 117-111 winner was too enamored of Broner's advisor, Al Haymon.

Malignaggi did reduce the directness of his assertion at the early-morning presser, but not by much. His advisor Anthony Catanzaro hadn't been imbued with an overdose of acceptance by the next morning, either. He told TSS: "We saw the flaws in Broner before the fight, which is why we took it, and Paulie exposed those flaws," he said. "We were called crazy for making the fight from so-called experts and we along with the gladiator Malignaggi proved everyone wrong. The politics of boxing won last night, nothing or no one else won!"

Catanzaro said that Broner threw kidney punches and tried to knee his fighter and should have been penalized. No, sleeping on it didn't lessen his belief that his guy won. "The so called future face of the sport got a gift," he said.

Indeed, Malignaggi was the better and busier man in many minutes of many rounds. He threw more, 843-524, and judge Tom Miller rewarded that, with a 115-113 score in favor of Malignaggi. But judge Glenn Feldman (115-113 Broner) and especially Tom Schreck (117-111 Broner) liked that Broner landed more 246-214, and liked his power punching (214 to 94 for Paulie). I Tweeted as the cards were tallied at Barclays that we'd see scores in the 117-111, 116-112 range, simple because I knew that the judges would be swayed by that two or three times in most rounds when Broner connected on an obvious power punch. PauIie's sweaty head sends a spray signal that rewards his foes, that tells judges that the other guy landed clean. I wouldn't say Broner got a gift, as the two "Broner" judges were within their bounds rewarding his "effective" aggression...but I came away more impressed with Malignaggi than ever before. He's said that he thinks he is an underachiever, because he didn't get the promotional push he deserved early on in his career, but I think I'd still label him an overachiever, because what he managed to do against the super-skilled Broner, with the lack of power he is saddled with, is immensely admirable.

The Malignaggi crew, including Catanzaro and partner Steve Bash, do deserve some mea culpas from people who called them crazy, and stupid. Their guy got half a million more to fight Broner than he would have gotten to fight Shane Mosley, Mosley's style and the fact that he isn't shot could have resulted in a loss, and Paulie came pretty damned close to knocking off the next big thing. If he'd beaten Mosley, nobody would have been impressed, anyway. And what's with the ball-busting on people who decide to take the biggest challenge? People play fantasy advisor and hammer them when they take the toughest fight available, and the same people would have crapped on them for taking on a "shot" Mosley. I guess it's best course of action to ignore it, be secure if you can in knowing you did the right thing by your heart and taking some small solace in a healthy payday.

I continue to be amazed and impressed with Malignaggi's inability to filter himself. Watching the tightened lips on the faces of certain people at the postfight presser as Malignaggi talked about the supposed extra love Al Haymon fighters get, and how he shouldn't have gotten paid less than Broner and how irked he was that that he wasn't allotted more prime tickets at Barclays is marvelous theatre of discomfort. Malignaggi is a certified character, as an entertainer, as a boxer, and the sport will have lost something when he exits the stage.

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SouthPaul says:

No gift here, simply that kind of fight.

I don't like bringing much attention to it because it's partly designed for that but Team Broner is truly a genuine obnoxious, antagonizing group of people. It goes past entertainment into downright absurd distasteful nonsense.

Broner's obese midget father should spend less time brushing and more time doing cardio. Fat punk....

amayseng says:

Broner is a strong tough talented kid

but he better learn to box in all sense of the word

because if he thinks he's gonna stand stand in there and take shots

from guys like Matthysse, Garcia , khan , rios,

Alvarado, pacman, jmm and so on then he'll be asleep faster than

I was Friday night off of 7 Crown and Cokes.

SouthPaul says:

Totally agreed. One of two things will happen in a Garcia match up. Danny will outright dipusting ....beat Broner's hair brushing gimmick into full submission or.....he'll force him to quit the bullshitting ....and take his game to another level. Either way, I got Garcia handling 'dat azzzzzzz'! Too good-- too mature-- just enuff experience. War Team Garcia. His Dad can be a bit much but gotta love Lil' Danny....

amayseng says:

His da is a bit crazy and disrespectful it is annoying.

But u gotta hype to sell fights.

I'd take Garcia as well.

Among many others.

Broner reminds me if that jv player who has

been playing with less competition for a year and then when he steps up

he is overwhelmed and out of his league.

This was paulie who most can say took 5 rounds legitimately.

With an elite ww or jr ww broner is in trouble.

Radam G says:

Also blame the powers that be. They are letting Broner clown as he does. It is the greedy-@$$ GBP that is allowing this. Like in other sports, when a playa got too darn silly, he got docked for misbehavioring. GBP doesn't give ant's @$$ about Broner. When he is exposed and taken down, GPB will then criticize his wild, juveniled behavior. Holla!

amayseng says:

And Paulie should be salty it's only been a day.

That's what competitors do.

**** I'm still salty of a state tournament game we blew

my senior year.

It's when a fighter or athlete stops caring is when he's in trouble.

MisterLee says:

I felt Paulie dipped and slipped, threw 3-8 punch combinations, gave angles, used footwork to keep his range and distance, and when Broner closed in he would smother him, hold, or give a forearm or shoulder shove. Very good game plan. He used range and offbeat timing to never let Broner find his distance and timing. Broner looked fat, slow, and one-dimensional in there. Paulie saw everything coming. Great article EM.

Carmine Cas says:

The result is disputable it could have gone either way depending on how you look at; it all comes down to subjectivity. But Broner did not land 241 punches, he didn't control the ring, and he should have been penalized. As for Paulie's post fight comments, I hope he is not penalized. Someone speaking the truth against the system should be rewarded. Broner is classless, when he gets knocked out by the elite WW GB better not give him any special treatment. But we all know they will

kidcanvas says:

broner is crap. what is everyone so juced about ? it has to be because you all werent around 30 / 40 yrs ago . even a cream puff like paulie stayed with him and to me won the dec or at least a draw.. broner and that slob father of his ought to take some lessons in class .. what a crew of bums..

Radam G says:

I'm about ready to rock 4-0, kidcanvas. So I hear you about Broner. His behavior is crap, and that is a rap. His punching was flaunting slap, slap! Paulie exposed him. He should go down. Holla!

spit bucket says:

broner and that slob father of his ought to take some lessons in class ..

Some things you can't teach

The Good Doctor says:

broner and that slob father of his ought to take some lessons in class ..

Some things you can't teach

His dad looks like somebody dropped an anvil on Bruce Bruce.

Be that as it may, I do find it interesting that Paulie has beef when many would argue he just recently got a hometown "gift" decision in his last fight.

Radam G says:

That is the way it rolls, TGD. When it goes your way, NO BEEF! When it goes against you -- "BEEF LIKE A muthapucka," my Tio Mamoy said. Darn live is so topsy-turvy. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Lmfao@ the Tio Mamoy comment . I totally heard his accent as I read that. Hilllllllllariiiious. Good mention too about Paulie getting his gift. Like I said, don't forget also how obnoxious and crude Paulie himself once acted. Followed this cats career since the jump... Got plenty of his early bouts on VHS... Homey was an annoying Jersey Shore type character himself. To his credit ..he's matured ... He's aged like fine wine ....kinda sorta.... Lol..... But make no mistake about it the guy use to be a an over the top clown himself. He was showing bits and pieces of it in the build up... Also during the fight itself. He looked like a eeffffffin' moron sticking his tongue out and making those funny faces. So yea, to Paulie I say...stfu and take your loss like a man.

amayseng says:

Ya paulie was obnoxious enough to embarrass me back then.

I'm a fellow talley, half talley they call me but his behavior

years ago was embarrassing at times.

We all grow up, usually and it's nice to see paulie mature

and grow to a sense. He fought a good fight and he's right about

boxing we have witnesses corruption for years.

That's the game Although its tough to stomach at times

no matter who is wronged.

Broner is an idiot, more so for having5 kids from 5 women than his antics

in the ring an out of it.

Yes those antics are tiresome and dudes jokes bomb.

I ignore it now.

He's good enough to let his fighting do the talking at this point.

MisterLee says:

Paulie was complaining about the 117-111 scorecard, not the loss. The fight did NOT go 9 rounds to 3. Nope.

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