WHO DO YA LIKE? Bradley or Provodnikov?

BY The Sweet Science ON March 13, 2013

Bradley arrives LA 130312 001aMarch 12, 2013, Los Angeles,Calif. --- "TEAM BRADLEY HITS LA" --- Undefeated WBO World Welterweight champion Timothy "The Desert Storm" Bradley Jr.(2nd R) arrived in Los Angeles with his team: James Rougery, father Tim 'Big Ray' Bradley Sr. and trainer Joel Diaz for his upcoming World Welterweight Championship against top-rated contender Ruslan Provodnikov of Russia. Promoted by Top Rank®, in association with Banner Promotions, Tecate, Bradley-Provodnikov will take place, Saturday, March 16 at The Home Depot Center in Carson,Calif. and will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing®. --- Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Rank (no other credit allowed) copyright 2013

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tlig says:

In the wake of his fight with Pacquiao I guess it's fair to say no "likes" Timmy The Head but as far who'd win this weekend? Most, including myself, would pick him largely based on not knowing a whole lot about his opponent. Plus, Bradley's undefeated(!).

SouthPaul says:

Bradley returns from the abyss with an unknown boxing creature. Way to go Bradley management. I'll pass on making a fight prediction.

deepwater says:

if no one is there and a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? if either of these guys win ,will we even notice? I hate mma but I will be watching gsp vs diaz because diaz might try and box gsp for a bit

Spinach Chin says:

Bradley UD Provodnikov in a rough , mauling fight. Bradley's stock will continue to fall should he win in dull fashion.

kidcanvas says:

and i say who cares im still in the Bradley got his *** whipped by pacquiao mode and lost big ..

amayseng says:

Who cares.

Im with south Paul

SouthPaul says:

Here's the dilemma for a fight fan. Appears to be a stale card but it's an outdoor Southern California event. The weather is lovely, the seating arrangement at the Home Depot Center is such that there's not a bad seat in the facility (held in the tennis court). 27.00 for the cheap seats. However, there's a 10.00 service charge per ticket.. An extra 6.00 if you choose to pick them up at the will call. And, parking is between 10.00 and 20.00 if my memory isn't failing me. My main complaint is the added service fees. Left, right, uppercut nickel and dime combo for fight fans.

Radam G says:

WOW! WTF! That was SCARY! The EAGLE has landed. Somebodee and dey LA crackheaded cousins shoulda told me that Tim Bradley and his one-seeing-eye [Joel Diaz's words, not mine] Aztec trainer had arrived to the City of the wannabes movie stars -- I mean the City of The [sinning] Angels.

My plane was coming in and getting ready for a landing then shot back up into the high-blue yonder.

"MAY DAY, MAY DAY," the chief pilot started hollering over the speakers. "Godzilla is on da loose, and destroyin' syet! Dat big-headed, long-footed mutha____ ____ is causing havoc. The City of the [sinning-@ss] Angels is doom, because King Kong cannot take dat bytch Godzilla down because King Kong is gettin' his vacation on in the P-Islands where we just left. The Roast tell those Cardinal fools in Italy to hurry up and pick a new Pope, and you quit girl and nun watching." Hehehehe!

I looked out my first-class-seat window and went: "What double fudge? Dat ain't Godzilla BIG @SS! Dat is a mirage champion boxer named Tim 'Desert Storm' Bradley gettin' on his early morning roadwork. Look how short he is."

"Well!" the scary pilot said. "Why is his big-arse cranium knocking over buildings, and his big-@ss feet pancaking limos, car and trucks and syet?"

"C'mon, dude," I spitted to the cowing pilot. "Don't you see the size of the cranium on dat 'Cali Cranium Crusher' and those big-@ss dogs?"

'His big, ole wobby noggin cannot missed jive, and those big dogs need some room -- OMFG there go another limo and a d@mn mack trunk." Hehehehe!

"Dat muthasucka mirage champion is gettin' ready to fight Saturday. And he busts opponents' eyelids open with dat cocoa-puff dome, while bambilizing like a bytch with those long-@ss dogs. Didn't yall hear about the coming bout against a long-name Russian?

"I ain't heard syet!" everybodee and dey momma and the pilots and three-superfine stewardesses said. Yall know dat the Roast woulda been gettin' on his watch in flirt. He is single in cyberspace, and probably up in a flying-in-space jet plane with a load of stewardessing dames, damsel and dolls. Hahaha!

Wow! Since few people know that this bout is even take place in the falling-angel city, than I guess Deepwater is spot on and straight righteous for taking muthasuckas to deep waters again and making 'em learn to swim in boxing knowledge or drown in their ignorance. Then he will get his peep on at the MMA. Hehehe!

Da BobFather, Top Rank Promotion and HBO and the WBO have/had to pay a lot of Cali-Cranium-Crusher-fans, fanfaronades, Pac-haters and falling angel local suckas and a few devilish fools to come to this bout. Nobody wants to pay to SEE a ___ ____ _____! But diehard fans. Hehehehe!

If you guys think that I paid, I got some land on the not-considered-a-planet-anymore Pluto for free. And if your arse is beautifully challenged, my green-fine-@$$ midget cousins on the planet Mars are looking for husbands. Hehehehe! These Marsays -- that would be Martian Pinays -- will marry your arse and give you a trillion Martian dollars. And you know that is worth more than the U.S. worthless-@$$ paper currency. Hehehehe!

Time for me to slide and ride down to Diego and Barona Casino. Hahaha! I'll see ya' at da fights sa Sabado! Sigi! Holla!

Burkous says:

I'm with spinach chin as far as the result - Provodnikov won't be able to keep up with Bradley's "movement" - and by movement I mean jumping in head first, uloading three or four indistinguishable punches and then either holding or jumping out. Usually the Russian makes good fights but Bradley makes such bad fights I don't think this has a chance, unless of course you're into forehead cuts and street fights.

Radam G says:

Dangit! I'm really going to have to straighten up now. The new Pope is a Jesuit! God@mn Jesuit are lefty @ss whuppers. Wow! I'm leaving my gambling tablet and I'm going straight to a special Mass and give a BIG donation and take my @$$ in the closet and say: "Father, I have sinned and I enjoy dat syet." Hehehe! White smoke is in my eyes. WTF! Holla!

the Roast says:

I don't even know if I've seen Provonikov fight before. He looks familiar but I won't remember until I see him in the ring. I'm getting old. I cant remember all these fighters anymore. When I was a young Roast my Dad would ask me, "Any fights on this weekend Champ? Who's fighting?" I'd be like, "Yeah Pop, Donald Curry is fighting Marlon Starling for the USBA welterweight title." He'd answer, "Oh, are they any good? Have we seen them before?" Young Roast would roll his eyes and say,"Yeah they're both good and we've seen them before a few times!" Now I dont recognize a Provonikov from 12 guys named Diaz or Thompson or Garcia. Sorry Pop, I didnt know any better. Thanks for steering me in the right direction with all those stories and 8mm films about Louis, Robinson, and Ali-Frazier.

SouthPaul says:

Classic post right there. Fun read. Roast reminding us know it all's and blowhards that there is truly truth to quality over quantity.

brownsugar says:

Can't wait..this will be a brutal fight ...bringing back the best Bradley we've seen since Bradley vs Peterson...don't miss it!!!!!! I give Bradley the edge..but Provodnikov carries a game changer in both fists.

Radam G says:

The big-headed best Cali Cranium Crusher Bradley is going to be hit by karma, nailed by sweet poetic justice and swatted by CREEPY AMRAK-- da-double-fudge-you mean first-step cousin of karma. Holla!

jzzy says:

These are two fighters of suspect goods. This card should be on ESPN for free, I do like Bradley's work ethic and atitude though, he'll probably out hustle

the Russian if he doesn't reinjure his legs.

SouthPaul says:

I just envisioned Radam going Muntadher al-Zaidi on Bradley at the post fight conference.. With a size 13 boxing shoe.

McHomer says:

I've seen Provodnikov quite a few times on FNF. He was certainly one of my favorites on the series as he always fights aggressive and throws a good volume of punches. Ruslan used to go to the body all of the time but I noticed he becomes a headhunter and gets wild when he gets into a tough fight. Who knows, if he stays busy and Tim doesn't get his respect he might be able to slow Bradley down with some big body shots. My brain says Bradley but I'm definitely rooting for Ruslan.

Radam G says:

Wow! Hehehe! Bradley would just butt that boxing shoe, and it will boomerang in my face and cause broken orbituals, cheek bones, nose and knock out my whole-shinning-white grill. I would have a baseball catcher's mask and be behind a steel-bars cage at a Bradley's post-fight conference. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Lmfao. Hilarious.

amayseng says:


Great exchange.

the Roast says:

I've seen Provodnikov quite a few times on FNF. He was certainly one of my favorites on the series as he always fights aggressive and throws a good volume of punches. Ruslan used to go to the body all of the time but I noticed he becomes a headhunter and gets wild when he gets into a tough fight. Who knows, if he stays busy and Tim doesn't get his respect he might be able to slow Bradley down with some big body shots. My brain says Bradley but I'm definitely rooting for Ruslan.

Oh THAT Provodnikov, from FNF! I have seen that guy a bunch of times too. He's gonna get his azz kicked. Its basically a tune up fight for Bradley.

Radam G says:

Wow! Don't be surprised to see this real-life fight immitating a reversal of "Rocky IV."

The Cali Cranium Crusher, with his big-arse cocoa-pops dome, will be the Rocky's movie "Drago," and the regular-size headed Ruslan Provodnikov is the Russian Rocky in wilderness of the City of [fallen] Angels.

Just WATCH! At the end of the bout, the crowd will be cheering for the Russian Rocky and booing the heck out of the stanky -- I mean Yanky -- Drago. Hehehe! I can see it all now. The camera will be cutting to the crowd to do a cameo on my fedora-wearing, big-grill grinning high-yellow @$$.

It is a wonderful life, YALL! Hahaha! Now WAKE da double fudge UP! But if the above happens for real, I will be flying back to the P-Islands believing in America, Hollywood, false religion and real magic. Holla!

Radam G says:

Does anybody know the shoe size of the Rocky Movie "Drago?" I bet bambi -- I mean Bradley's dogs are bigger. WOW! I never thought in my lifetime that I would see Siberian being cheered in "The City of the [falling] Angels," U.S.A. We all know the size of the dogs of the stanky -- I mean Yanky -- Drago. Hehehe! Holla!

Real Talk says:

It aint Bradley's fault Pacquiao ducked that wreck. Bradley UD. Get busy Bradley. Dueces

DaveB says:

So much hate for Bradley. You can only do what you can do. He didn't do anything wrong. Anyway I think he will put on a good fight Saturday. I don't know much about his opponent but I'll definitely watch.

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