Adrien Broner Breaks "The Rock" Rees, Gets KO in Fifth

BY Michael Woods ON February 17, 2013

Bronner-Break-rees2172013He took a round to get warmed up in the main event at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday night, but once he did, Adrien Broner's skill set was exceedingly problematic for Gavin Rees, a Welshman who had never been down, even in sparring, before this night.

Broner sent him down in the fourth, and the fifth. Rees got up, but ate shots and his corner halted the increasingly one-sided event. The time of the ending was 2:59 of the fifth.

Broner held on to the WBC 135 pound title.

The winner said after to Max Kellerman that he had to see how much gas Rees had, but knew he'd be a tough out. He apologized for not being at his best. And next? Ricky Burns? He said he didn't know who that is. He will go to the drawing board with advisor Al Haymon and promoter Golden Boy, he said. Broner then watched his knockdowns and complimented his own work.

In the first, the 5-4 Rees rushed the 5-7 Broner, and outworked him, landing some nice left hooks to the body. Broner got busier in round two, landing some clean rights. He clowned, winding up his right a few times. Rees' mobility, and active head movement surprised some folks who figured the little fella was a stationary sort.

The Welshman came in with a hurt elbow and had to curtail sparring early but his adrenaline covered up that injury thru three. Rees got backed up and bashed in the last third of the round, and his corner told him to move, not stand in front of the Cinci boxer.

The Welshman ate lead rights in the fourth, and as his legs weren't as active, he was there to get touched. Down he went with 2:05 left, but he was up at 4. A right uppercut he didn't see was the damager. His galpal actually bolted from her seat after that.

In the fifth, Rees landed a few sharp rights, and he looked to make a rumble of it. His work rate kept Broner from loading up like in the fourth. He went to a knee with 26 seconds to go, off a left hook to the body. He rose, but ate more, and his corner threw in the towel.


ADRIEN BRONER, WBC Lightweight World Champion

"I knew he [Rees] was going to come to fight. He's a world-class fighter.

"He [Rees] kept coming. He threw every shot like it was his best shot. I knew he would hang.

"When you have two world-class fighters going toe-to-toe, it's going to be a great fight.

"Thanks to everyone who came out. It's [NBA] All-Star Weekend and you came to see an All-Star.

"He's [Rees] tougher than a steak that's been well done.

"If I fought Ricky Burns, he would get burnt out. I want to fight him, but if he doesn't want to fight me. Oh well.

"There are high expectations for me to take boxing over after [Floyd] Mayweather and [Manny] Pacquiao hang up their gloves.

"Tonight was a nice fight. I have to go back and watch it. Overall I felt pretty. I just looked in the mirror and I still look good.

"I would fight 10 times a year if I could."

GAVIN REES, Former World Champion

"He's [Broner] the best I have ever been in [the ring] with. It's not a case of whether he will go on to be a super star... he is already there.

"I made a lot of mistakes and I believe I have a better skill set than that.

"I knew he [Broner] hit hard, but his power just stunned me. I got reckless and that was the end of the night, but I was always going to get back up.

"I would have gone on until I was knocked out cold. I disagree with Gary pulling me out, but he knows that I would have gotten hurt. We are good friends and he was just looking out for me."

MIKE STAFFORD, Broner's Trainer

"We knew Gavin was going to come in [to fight]. I wanted Adrien to take his time and pick his punches.

"He made mistakes and Adrien countered each mistake he made.

"Gavin was a great fighter for two rounds. I knew he was going to try his best to take Adrien out and Adrien capitalized on his mistakes and picked him apart.

"Believe it or not, you haven't seen the whole package deal. It's a secret that we behold in the gym."

GARY LOCKETT, Rees' Trainer

"I was going to pull him out in the fourth. I considered pulling him out after the third, but I knew he would say 'there is no way.'"

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SouthPaul says:

Comical watch. The ring entrance look like a mock parody of a buncha' obnoxious rap fools. Rees got mad heart, too bad he was like 6 ft too short and only had the reach of an infant. Lmfao

Radam G says:

Size doesn't mean Jack. Dude just didn't have Mack. Like Broner said, "He was a snack." And getting an easy Broner beatdown, he has join fhe pack. Holla!

DaveB says:

I want to see Broner again. Scratch Hopkins and Aerrola on March 9 and bring back Broner. There is something compelling about him. If all goes well I'll be very happy when he goes to 140. The only problem is that he will stay at 135 for awhile because it is so easy to make. I could see him beating everyone at 140 but by the time he gets there they probably will have beaten the h*ll out of one another. I want to see him fight them while they are live dogs.

ali says:

It's time for Broner to move up it's clear no 1 @135has a shot in hell at beating him.

SouthPaul says:

Broner vs Rios would be entertaining and interesting. Rios lacks skill but he got the heart and size to bring some real heat.

the Roast says:

Comical watch. The ring entrance look like a mock parody of a buncha' obnoxious rap fools. Rees got mad heart, too bad he was like 6 ft too short and only had the reach of an infant. Lmfao

I agree. Broner needs a true test whatever the weight. Rees was too small, he did look like an infant.

stormcentre says:

Lets see Broner V Gamboa or Rios. Rees, as much as I respect him, was never going to last the distance. Steve. (Hi Dave B. It's been a few years since we talked & I have posted)

deepwater says:

Umm little Rees landed a lot of punches and showed the blue print how to beat Broner. Little Rees one first 2 rounds no question. That body shot by Broner was cheap but you do have to protect yourself at all times. Broner will be taking the easiest fights he can against smaller guys or limited guys call it good business. Tupac is turning in his grave after that crap and in this day and age those Watson twins have every right to be homosexuals if they want to. Broner won't be fighting Garcia because they rap in the studio together. Broner looked 4 weight classes above Rees. Imagine rios catching him like Rees did.

amayseng says:

broner has skills for sure, offensively, but defensively he is an embarrasment to the shoulder roll floyd look alike D..
Rees easily won the first two rounds he just didnt have the size or power to even bother broner, broner decided he better try to get him out of there by using his advantageous size and height.
in two years we will be writing about what a disappointment broner is because when he finally went up to 140 or 147 he gets ktfo because he wont have his size advantages to beat up little guys... it will happen, broner will be knocked out cold.
reason being broner has skills but little intelligence....
anyone rapping their way into the ring the disturbing way broner did shows an iq of less than 80.
did you all hear what he was saying in his post fight interview?
broner is that tool at school who tries to be cool all day and everyone just annoys his dumbass...
"rock a bye baby"

DaveB says:

Uh-oh. It seems like only Michael Woods, the great Ali, and I are on the Broner bandwagon. It will be interesting when Broner steps up into the arena with the big boys. I think he will do fine but I want proof and I'm anxiously waiting for that time to come. I don't think he will be a bust because sometimes you come across the right kid. I think he thought of Rees with little regard and figured he was an easy payday. Against Rio or Garcia he would have to be more serious and start working in earnest a lot sooner. Even with those first two rounds I felt he was always in control and it was a matter of time before he took command. Only time will tell how good he really is but I think good things will happen for him. If they don't it will still be fun while it lasts. All his antics I don't take seriously. He is just trying to make a brand by being an a-hole. Not always the most popular way of doing business. Personally not the route I would take even if I were 23. @stormcentre, How are you doing? Good to see you here.

amayseng says:

daveb, broner has skills for sure, and i did think i would like to see him and andre ward carry american boxing in the future..
however, at this rate floyd was beating manfreddy and chico corrales, hernandez and castillo twice.....meaning broners level of opposition will derail his growth..
more importantly if broner fought at 140 today i along with al bernstein dont think he beats garcia, lucas matt, jmm, pacman, bradley and definitely not the ghost.......

that there says alot...
all those are losses to guys at broners true weight....
no way broner didnt out weight rees by at least 10 lbs last night i dont care what the fake hbo day weigh ins say.

ive changed my mind from wanting broner to carry american boxing, he is a straigh embarrassment with the GOd awful
rap entrance, the showboating after losing the first two rounds and the post fight interview, just embarrassing...
the dude has no clue what a putz he looks like...

i have news for him, he is not entertaining or an entertainer...

Radam G says:

Dangit! Amayseng, that was COLD. True! But COLD! Must always the truth be told?

I agree that Broner is talented hype that will be kayoed if he doesn't calm down and smarten up. But don't shake up his groupies. Guys just wanna have fun. Hehehe! Holla!

brownsugar says:

The litmus test I use to determine how much of impact an athlete has made on the sport is to sample the hate mail across the web.... Anyone who gets as much hate mail as Broner invariably has an inversely proportional ratio of fans who can't wait to see him in the ring again..... and the number of fans is always logorithmically greater than those who toil on the internet all night leaving negative responses.

I took a tour around the web and was amazed at the raw and very palpable hate being directed Broners way.

it's amazing to me that folks can get caught up with the most infantestimal minutia about the way Broner chooses to express himself..... Even the way Broner gives an interview seems to set fans teeth on edge.
It's similar to listening to a bunch a women talk about how much they hate Mary J Blige or Beyonce. They always starts of with "I can't stand her........." why make it so personal??

But it's clear by last nights performance that Broner obviously takes pride in pleasing the paying customers and must put in a phenominal amount of quality time in the gym to look so good on fight night. His dedication to the sport in undeniable.

I remember when fans rallied around the former thug Sonny Liston (in the 60's) in the hopes he would silence a fresh faced all American kid named Ali.... ultimately, Ali was far more brutal, disrespectful and politically incorrect in his prefight rhetoric than Broner could ever be.
It's also one of the reasons why he was so popular. (and why Broner will continue to be a must see boxer)

After Ali verbally abused his opponents,... fans tuned in because it was no longer a boxing match...... Ali made it personal... you knew there was going to be a fight, a grudge, and a vendetta to be resolved whenever he entered the ring.
(not making a direct comparison between Ali and Broner)

Gavin Rees a former 140 titlelist. Short, thick, and capable.......was a good intermediate option after Burns (who was previously discussed as a possible title unification bout) decided to face Vasquez instead.

Because of Broners prefight trash-talk, Rees came into the bout with something to prove. The prefight anticipation was tangible even though Rees was a huge underdog..... Rees to his credit, gave it all he had.... he fought valiantly and showed Broner a slightly different look while it lasted and landing some decent punches of his own before Broner turned up the intensity.

Despite the mismatch it was a highly entertaining fight... I had been looking forward to watching Broner again and was not the least bit disappointed.

... But I hope Broner can continue to do what he's been doing. Whatever it is... he's making a huge impact on the sport and fans want to tune in to see what happens next.

I don't think he'll get Marquez.... (Oh what a fight that would be) Marquez is hoping to get Brandon Rio who would be the perfect high-profit opponent. But If Rios loses to Alvarez, which is highly possible, Maybe an HBO PPV in Mexico would be enough temptation draw Marquez in...

But if he can't get Marquez I'd like to see him fight Miguel El Titere Vasquez,... and see how good he is with a slickster in his prime. (or as they call him in mexico "The Puppet") Vasquez is remarkably skilled although mayby not that exciting to watch. If they met...... His sublime technical skills would offer a revealing evaluation of Broners potential.

amayseng says:

Brownsugar I see too many fans trying to take up for broners embarrassing schtick

Ali was charismatic, funny, although disrespectful

he WAS entertaining.

Broner is a straight STOOGe.

Broner has no brand. He's not any of the entertaining values that ali was.

It's not hate or jealousy.

When a guy puts himself out there and does what broner did

then anyone has a right to watch and say what a dumbass.

DaveB says:

Hmm Amayseng. Just my humble opinion but I think Broner beats Mattysee (spelling) whom I don't hold in that high a regard. Yes he is very powerful but doesn't have much in the way of skills. Ditto for Maidana. I think he beats Garcia who threw a lucky, shut eyed punch at Khan that landed and started the end the fight. Khan would be interesting but he wears down after a few rounds and would be ripe for the picking plus his chin stinks. Rios is tough and that would be a test because Rios will there all night. I'd pee my pants to see that one. Pac I consider a welterweight and we'll have to see how he recovers from the knockout. JMM is another tough fight because of how he dissects a fighter so I would like to see that one to further assess Broner. Bradley would be a problem for the Problem. All though I could see Broner possibly losing to a few of these guys, and that's why they fight, I could see him winning too. If Broner wants to become as big as he does as quickly as he does he will have to jump in there with the sharks and can't continue to fight the soft touches. I do give him a lot of credit for fighting DeMarco. That was huge. Not only that he won the fight, it was the way in which he won. The biggest problem with him getting to fight a lot of these fights will be Bob Arum. But like he says they all can get it. Sorrry you don't like the guy, even a little bit. I know how annoying that can be. You'll watch to see him get beat to shut him up but you'll watch. If he loses you will gloat. If he wins you'll hate it. But I think he'll be around for awhile.

brownsugar says:

Amayseng,.. My comments were not directly address at you... Even though I must admit you seem to be a litte too obsessed about Broner sometimes.

But I'm fine with that because we come here to express opinions don't we? and it is your right to say anything you want.

I'm referring to what I found on "Lesser" sites all around the internet where posts aren't monitored.

very disturbing stuff, including death wishes for Broner and his family, Comparisons to Klitschko, and racial superiority debates... I'm talking about truly hateful stuff that you normally don't see on a daily basis even in a place as jaded as the internet. I takes something or someone special to make people respond that way.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Whenever I play a Broner fight video when company is around(from my growing Broner collection), the fairer sex, and I'm talking about female family members and friends, work associates etc.. They really seem captivated by this guy and truly enjoy every bit of his presenation. These young folks were able to inform an "old square" like myself the names of the dance he does in the ring... who his rap associates are etc... Ultimately I found out by word of mouth that there's a whole generation who "Gets" Broner.

Personally it's his performance in the ring that I care about.

By surprise I found out there are legions of fight fans (and non-fight fans) who see the total opposite of what ever it is you and his detractors are focusing on.

Personally I have no problem with what Broner says or does... he's an energetic kid that's feeling the power and hormones of his youth, probably feeling invincible. He likes to perform,.. he loves to please the crowd and he loves attention.

I'd rather Broner bring a little personality into the ring and spice things up than to see another "Cotto" clone or a Joe Louis type guy who just says " I work for the Company ".

you may not like or understand Broner... but he's like the Pied Piper to the younger generation of fans... and they're coming along in droves for the ride.

Radam G says:

I'mma just gonna put in my two cents. Broner is a "Pied Piper" of the disfunctioner ones of his generation -- five-years old to roughly 25. A generation is one score -. 20 years. All that I can tell you, is that Amayseng would be right about all the suburban kids around the world and B-Sug would be correct about the inner-city, province and poor kids around the globe.

For example in the province and super-poor areas of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Yemen and Bangledish, Broner is watched and loved. But in rich Singapore, Japan, Macau, Brunei, Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and now-well-to-do India, those youths hate Broner. Even in Hawaii, he is hated.

Me -- not in his G-raysun! No hate or love. Just a salute! 'Cause it's all about making dat MOOLA! But he may wanna quit making those young dames' booties do da hoola, hoola! Too many babies and dey mommas will have you broke. Holla!

amayseng says:

I love his skills in the ring. I enjoy watching him fight.

But he is an embarrassment out of it.

Like I said its all about selling your BRAND.

The failed entertainment he has provided

won't help sell his brand.

Carmine Cas says:

I personally like Broner, but he tries too hard and over does the a**hole thing a little too much. I was embarrassed for his ring intro lol the commentators were in silence; even roy jones who had stint in rap. But than he says random quirky things like "Max you can get it", which are kind of funny. I get it he's trying to promote his brand, to me some of it works and some of it doesn't. In the ring he's a great fighter, with some flaws. Like I stated previously the philly shell is susceptible to the left jab/straight left; Rees was able to some through along with hooks as well. Maybe Broner was just trying to feel him out and let him display his full capabilities. Broner did start catching him coming in with straight rights and uppercuts. I guess I'd like to see him against Miguel Vazquez but I've only seen him fight a couple times, not too familiar with him. Although Rios is tough and powerful he's tailor made for Broner. Straight forward, wide punching is going to be too easy for The Problem. Khan can give Broner problems until he gets caught coming or out because he fails to keep his hands up or use angles. Garcia and Matteshye shouldn't be difficult either, a good test would be Judah. Zab still has speed and can get to Broner, he's a southpaw and utilizes angles to get to his opponent. In conclusion although his antics are corny I am looking forward to him fighting at 140 & 147

amayseng says:

@carmine, i agree broner destroys rios within 3 rounds if he wanted too, he takes out khan as well, no chin, garcia has a good shot because he has a ton of power that would give broners shoulder roll a problem, matthyse is a straight machine and broner is not familiar with that type of power and caliber fighter, i posted earlier i think zab beats him as well, even todays zab who at 140 is still fast and powerful..

what is concerning is that broner didnt look quicker than rees, so going up yet again broner may slow down a bit, or just be the same.

Carmine Cas says:

If Jorge Linares were much more durable, I'd say match him up with Broner. He's got the talent and speed to potentially give the problem problems. Demarco's style was perfect for Broner, he stood in front of him all night. Demarco handed the right uppercut on a silver platter to Broner

brownsugar says:

Thanks for the Global perspective RG, but I'm not sure what Asian kids watch on TV, I hadn't anticipated taking the discussion that far east,... I'm also not representative of Poor inner city Kids..... For example, my daughter has her own business and a college education...and none of my Co Workers are relying on food stamps.

I'm speaking of youth in general, In and around my home State of OHIO,...But my conversation is not only limited to the young... I'm also talking about my co-workers and friends who have multi-ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Even the campus crowd is entertained... don't ask me why...

To Stereotype Broner as someone whose appeal is limited to saggy pants wearing, inner city African Americans does a disservice to your intelligence and to Broners core audience. My world intersects many different demographics.

Amayseng,... I understand Broner failed to entertain you with his musical performance and amateur jokes, But for most of us.....When Broner makes his ringwalk he creates spectacle... Love it or Hate it, Fans are rivited by his entrance and their anticipation of what transpires next is stoked by Broners youthful noisemaking... It's like a battle cry and it sets the tone for what is going to transpire next.

Being an adult yourself,.. and having been Broners age at one time... it just surprises me why you would react so negatively.. I know that your not alone in your view........ I just don't understand why so many folks focus on a 60 second ring entrance. This is boxing... it's always been a Circus.

As far as Broners brand is concerned. He's creeping ever closer to earning PPV status. .... If Broner can continue to win, he's already a Made-Man in the PPV World of Boxing...... Hopefully HBO will keep his fights free for a while, but as soon as Broner signs a fight with another big name, expect HBO to slap a hefty price tag on the viewing privileges.

brownsugar says:

Broner still has a ways to go,.. he's getting there but I don't think he would have lasted the distance with Mayweather when he was at 135,... too much movement.

amayseng says:

i was raised to be humble in your accomplishments....

i dont tune in to watch a young kid rap for 60 seconds to the ring...

i tune in to watch guys like broner put on a performance IN the ring...

i love fighting, boxing, sports....

just like i dont like the way a db in the nfl knocks down a pass and dances like a fool just to be burned for a 89 yard td the next series...

humility and respect is whats important to me..

like i said, i love broners skills and abilities,

but i pay homage to guys like ward who act like true professionals...

thats just me.

mosley never rapped his way into the ring and he did just fine...

neither did hagler or hearns or tyson....

DaveB says:

It is a new day. Everybody is different. Broner is a product of his day. Roy Jones used to rap on is way to the ring. Jones was stubborn and would showboat in the ring as a professional even though that is what lost him an Olympic gold. Ali used to be brash with the white robes, wild antics, throwing flurries, jumping around the ring and being a loud mouth. Leonard followed in Ali's style throwing jabs and dancing but very was much aware of having a good boy, smiling, sweet image. The young Foreman was a thug around fight time and kind of humble when he wasn't fighting although sometimes he was still a moron following in the footsteps of Liston his role model. The older, mature Foreman was very comical and gentle like a teddy bear with self effacing humor. Oscar was very humble and easy going. Tyson was a beast with no robe and his head and neck going from side to side, eyes looking like no one was home making it appear as if he was losing his mind. Hagler came to the ring punching himself in the head with his bald head steaming. There was something about all of them that exuded some kind of excitement. Hearns was the Motor City Hitman. How long was the "hit" going to take? Anyway someone that brings some extra excitement, that can be backed up (you have to have that) will move ahead of the pack to become a star and this kid knows that. Humble can work but Broner choose the bad boy angle. Of course not everyone is going to appreciate it. We all can agree on that. Some people will get it, some won't, all will watch and will be happy to do so.

Radam G says:

Ditto, DaveG -- I mean DaveB! That is why I don't hate Jack. And that everyone has his own type of swag and Mack. And the bottomline, it's showtime and making dat MOOLA! Oh, YUP! ,skills pay da bills. But everyone has his own gimmick to give that paying crowd to come a running. Hate cha, or luv cha, dey pay to see you play. And if they want your arse kicked that is okay. Money by haters or lovers spend da same way. And you that. It's all about da phat. Holla!

amayseng says:

Daveb thanks for the post and insight.
I totally agree
Like u said all those fighters added excitement.

My point exactly. Broners **** poor rap performance
And tool like interviews are not exciting.

Call a spade a spade. This won't sell his brand.

It is no brand.

The kid needs a PR rep ASAP.

"Rock a bye baby".

brownsugar says:

Excellent perspective DaveB, if any boxer ever got on my nerves with a ring entrance, it had to be Roy Jones... Jones made you listen to the WHOLE record before entering the ring. To put it mildly he wasn't that good that Rapping LOL... HBO allowed it,.. because they knew Jones attracted viewers.

Broner will only get this opportunity once in life...

Radam G says:

I don't know, Amayseng. Some pugilists are going to be disliked forever. PR and a gig on television and a couple of television commercials couldn't get haters to dig the late, great Sonny "Night Train" Liston. Broner has a face and smerk of hate just like old Night Train did. Holla!

amayseng says:

Radam alls he has to do is stay exciting in the ring

and he will be fine.

Win and win in exciting fashion and the road will pave itself.

Oh. And win against better competition.

ali says:

Amayseng his brand is selling at a rapid pace bah! and your your helping build it. At the end of the day you tuned in to watch his fight just like the other fans who hate what he does outside the ring.

Let's remember Broner is knocking people the F out and that also puts butts in seats. I think it's time for people to stop calling Broner a hype job its pretty clear the boi is the truth.

amayseng says:

Ali I tuned in because I am a fan of his skills.

I enjoy watching him fight.

My point his brand away from fighting is Fail

I don't tune in to watch him lose.

Rees had no shot, I tuned in to watch broner fight

Radam G says:

Nobody is calling Broner a hype job -- just rude dude. Dude is a true playa. He can fight. He's tight and is better than aight. He got game. He just have not a likable persona of the it. But outta most opponents, he will beat da sh*t and fans, haters and pundits have to give him righteous spit. Holla!

DaveB says:

What's so funny is that there are so many comments about Broner here. Most fights outside of Pacquiao and Mayweather get only a few comments, there a couple others. That says a lot about Broner especially since he didn't fight a sensational opponent. He is doing what he set out to do. I remember when he first came into the ring not to long ago with his brush my hair gimmick and I shook my head because anyone can act a fool and I didn't know whether he could fight or not. He has done a pretty good job of selling himself inside and outside the ring. Every site you look at there are articles and pictures of him as well as quotes of his. The folks at HBO love him too. The big fights will come soon and he comes to bring some pain.

ali says:

Amayseng damn u always got a good come back lol

the Roast says:

Broner is a good fighter, no doubt. Fighting Rees was a waste of time. Rees had no chance. Rees won the first two rounds but Broner needed only to pick up the pace a bit to get it done. Broner is just working a gimmick being the brash bad guy. Rapping his way into the ring has been done before. When a serious opponent is on the line I think Broner will make a more standard entrance. Roy Jones played in a basketball game before fighting a lesser guy but he did not do that before fighting James Toney did he.

the Roast says:

Alot of great posts by the Regs on Broner. This is why TSS is far and away the best. No disrespect just thoughts and opinions. Good stuff guys.

stormcentre says:

Looks like Broner has succeeded with what he wants. And that is to get us all thinking, talking and watching him. The boy is good and he will go far. He needs a signature fight with someone that we all feel will present him with Problems. So he can prove it. Escobedo, IMO, wasn't that hard for Broner; so that's not it. Escobedo had way too many gaps and holes for Broner's style and speed. Maybe someone like Matthysse, Rios, Alvarez or Gamboa. Anyway, as you said DaveB there has always been someone audacious and outrageous in boxing. Naseem Hamed was another one. It's how they make money and attention; which translate into the same thing in the fight game. @ DaveB. Thanks for the kind words. I am surprised you still remember me. Anyway, who would have won if Mayweather stopped off at light welterweight (rather than passing it by) whilst Kostya Tszyu ruled it undisputedly.

stormcentre says:

Actually, Guerrero is really who Broner should fight. That would show/tell us all we need to know.

Radam G says:

At this point, Broner busts up the Cali Ghost in my humble opinion. Holla!

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

Comparing Broner to Mayweather is like comparing Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan. Kobe has many of Jordan's attributes, but he is different and has created his own legacy. Broner is similar to Mayweather, but represents a different generation and will create his own legacy, which will be a great one! Broner is the type of fighter that is as good as he needs to be. He knew that Rees wasn't a threat and essentially carried him a few rounds. The better the competition, the more Broner raises his game. He is already a PPV attraction if he moves up to 140. I would pay the HD $69.99 price to see him tango with Garcia or some of the other studs of jr. welterweight division.

amayseng says:

The ghost has not only comparable physical tools for broner

but more importantly a high boxing iq.

That would be a fun fight.

Why th %*ck is broner not fighting at 140 or ww??

He's gonna wait too long to move up and miss his opportunities

U can't become a ppv attraction by fighting guys like Rees or burns.

deepwater says:

Broner is at the spot where Naseem hamed fought Tom Johnson . He still has a fight to go before he gets his Kevin Kelly. If Rees was bigger or had more firepower Broner would not be taking shots like that. Broner needs a test. Maybe burns can try . Rees laid out the blueprint . Head and body and mix it up rough in close.

ali says:

Shoulder roll that's what ive been saying there are a few 140 guys that could be PPV worthy.

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