Source: Heredia NOT Working With Rigondeaux

BY The Sweet Science ON January 03, 2013

Rigondeaux Kennedy 120609 001aRare is the case, where a person not previously working with a fighter STILL not working with that fighter becomes newsworthy, but such at time is now.

A source within junior featherweight Guillermo Rigondeaux’s camp insists reports from various media outlets linking known (and hopefully reformed) ex-PED peddler Angel Heredia to his camp are false.

“Someone masquerading as a member of Team Rigondeaux has been saying Rigo is working with people he is not working with,” the source told me. “Rigo’s strength and conditioning trainer is DJ Montanocordoba. He’s like a brother to him. It’s not going to change anytime soon.”

Meanwhile, an article posted today suggests TBRB junior featherweight champion Nonito Donaire would request for Rigondeaux to submit to random PED testing should the two meet as proposed in 2013. While Donaire has been the unparalleled leader of the sport in submitting himself to year-round voluntary anti-doping testing, this would seem to mark the first occasion he would be requesting an opponent do likewise (though it remains unclear whether or not Donaire would take the fight regardless).

“Not a problem,” the source told me in regards to the testing request. “He’s did it his entire amateur career. It would not be a stumbling block to the fight at all.”

While random PED tests in this increasingly disturbing era of PED suspicion should be commended, it is equally important to recognize all the facts on a case-by-case basis. If Rigondeaux truly is unaffiliated in any professional way with Angel Heredia, it would be only Nonito Donaire with a former PED peddler in his corner, Victor Conte.

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deepwater says:

no way! that source sure does have the inside scoop doesnt he? lol an unnamed source is as reliable as a 3 card monte dealer. the 50 year old cuban or whatever he is sure cant control his camp. he had one clown from his camp insulting donaires family female friend. well little donaire heard about it and went to the hotel room to smack some sense into the clown. Rigo should be swimming back to cuba to escape communism once again pretty soon since R castro relaxed the state monopoly on business. cuba and her brand new private sector increased big time.(legalize the damn cohibas) watch the capitol flow free as it reaches the hand of the people in cuba. watch the capitol here slow down into the beauracratic abyss know as THE STATE. most cubans that came here the illegal way, lie about their age and excuse themselves for the cheating they do. they left their prime years in the hands of the state so when they finally taste freedom they do whatever they can to cash in.

Radam G says:

WOW! Everybodee and dey are on to the falling Angel Heredia. And Victor Conte is reformed. And besides -- and I'll keep spittin' it -- that PEDs-and-roids jive does not work in boxing. Boksing is about skills to pay the bills. And if you don't have that, only mad talent - for a little while -- will gecha over da bumps and hills. Later for injecting, rubbing and pills. If you ain't game, dat turkey jive will not help you get fame.

NEWS FLASH: That jive is for making lacking-natural-development-muscles bodies into eye candy. For whuppin' arses and knocking 'em out, it is not handy. Just ask any light-punching boxer who got on dat poison.

You muthasuckas need to do some research. Starting in the 1980s, a whole lot of less skilled-and-talented pugilists got on PEDs and roids because of the hype. But that syet didn't improve them in a single fight.

That's RIGHT! I said IT! Managers, trainers, promoters and dey ugly silver-haired great grandpappies were sponsoring, babysitting and feeding fighters that syet. YUP! I'm snitchin!' Straight-UP!!! Like Super Sugar Ray Leonard said he'd feed a fighter dat jive and whup his arse for the right prize. He did whup fighters' arses who were on dat junk-science jive. He just didn't feed 'em.

PEDs and roids have a long history in our seedy legal mayhem sport. Y'all oughta ask somebody. C'mon TSS Investigative Pugilistic Journalist S-To, I'm callin' you OUT to go and do what you do -- FIND THOSE DEEP-HIDDEN SECRETS, and bring 'em light, and OO, SH*T responses outta those who thought and thinks it was never SO! Holla,

Radam G says:

Wow! Yall muthasuckas heard Deepwater! Scrolled up! He scribbled what I was saying six and seven years ago about the Cubans coming to mainland USA and de-aging. I guess boating from Cuba to the USA makes 'em have more miracles than "The Miracle on 34th Street." Hehe! Holla

SouthPaul says:

Hell, I'm sitting here still trying to figure out the correct pronunciation of Montanocordoba? Wtf.

Radam G says:

C'mon, SouthPaul! Dude is doing dat name tricky wicky. Normally he'd drop his pops's name of Cordoba and just use his mother's name of Montano. But that would not get him that "HELL" reply that he hoped for, and that you gave. Dude pull an optical illusion on you without spiking your drink with that Cuban rum. Holla!

TotoyBato says:

Rigo will need more than PEDs EPO, Testosterone, Adderall, etc. to be able to compete with The Filipino Flash.

brownsugar says:

In 1980 Castro emptied many hospitals, and prisons, while rounding up political dissidents and economic refugees to be sent to the United States on a flotilla of boats and barges and various watercraft piloted by Cubans from Miami. A decent percentage of the so-called felons were political activists and revolutionaries who didn't fit in with the communist regime. Over all 125,000 refugees made their way from Cuba to our shores even though the Coast Guard and Navy was deployed en masse to intercept them. and this was only one of the exoduses from Cuba,

everybody in this country comes from somewhere else except the indians.

(just a little history since the subject popped up).... back to Rigondeaux..

According to reports some truly bad blood is continuing to building up between Donaire and Rigo, Partly due to Rigo constanly referring to Donaire as a scared fighter (he recently toned down the smack talk as not to talk himself out of a fight by being disrespectful) and partially because a female member of Donaires entourage was allegedly harrassed by someone from the Rigondeaux Camp......

This promped Donaire to call Rigo's hotel room after hearing about the incident, was Montanocordoba who appologized to Donaire profusely (because of the language barrier) saying that Rigo and most of his entourage don't even drink or hang out with loud rowdy packs of inebriated trouble makers..
But no doubt something happened and whomever the guilty part was.... is more than likely associated with Rigo's camp.

When and if the 2 fighters meet,... I wonder how Rigo is going to negate Donaires wicked left hook,.. which is blinding fast and capable of debilitating anybody within 20 lbs weight range I'm sure.

I also wonder how Donaire is going to cope with Rigos laser-like straight left... They say he's a one-arm fighter but apparently he's so good with it,... it's all he needs. This is going to be a fight for the boxing purists... the mutual respect they have for each others skills will probably create a slow tactical confrontation early,... between spurts of heavy artillary being fired when somebody slips-up.. Don't expect Kirkland vs Angulo or you'll probably be dissappointed. Expect a masterful display of boxing while it lasts.

Radam G says:

Nice work, but even the "INDIANS" are not originals of the U.S. mainland. From Asia, they crossed the Bering Strait doing the Ice Age to become the first human settlers, according to written history. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

I need a Puerto Rico history lesson, Radam. You ever give anyone a mouth tune up on that island ? I'm asking cuz I pulled the trigger on some flights for weekend of Juanma's return. Never been. Holla', son, and don't make me wait too long else I'll commit boxing forum adultery . Don't force me back to my old flame!

Radam G says:

Hehehe! The late, great Macho Time taught "Lil' Pinoy Time" that Puerta Rico was a fantasy land of the Caribbean. A ton of tuning up and down on bodee parts get freaky wifh it. And maybe a bit too leaky with it. Hehehe! I refuse to go XXX in the forum. Y'all know me! I'm down with O-P-P! But Imma let my XXX be. Hehe! Holla!

deepwater says:

Deepwaters abct tip of the day = while the U.S. Federal Government continues to expand in size and scope; unemployment continues to increase; new weights are created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to control*unemployment statistically; our country continues to be in a state of perpetual crisis; and the private sector continues to shrink, a surprising neighbor to the south is taking a play from the Austrian economic playbook.*

In the past two-years, the Cuban government has cut over 450,000 government jobs. With the lack of capital and liquidity*available to Cubans, many*economists*would argue the reduction of government*employment*would cause an economic crisis. Meanwhile, the*entrepreneurial spirit, or what the most famous Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, would call Human Action,*continues on, and Cubans have found unique ways to become producers and expand the capital available to their communities:Mises would argue the driving will of an individual's condition is to better one's state. We are now seeing individuals in a country that have been indoctrinated, conditioned, and controlled by central planning unleash their*productive abilities. The private sector in Cuba grew by 23% in 2012.

While this is very exciting news for our neighbors to the south, Cuba is still controlled by a one-party system. Everyday human rights and civil liberties are abused and not*recognized*by the Cuban government. Everyday the Cuban government continues to crack down on freedom-loving political activists.

The free market economist, Milton Friedman, argued economic freedom is a precondition to political freedom. Maybe Cubans will see freedom in their lifetime.

brownsugar says:

Good post,.. I'd have to write a political thesis to top that one Deep... so I'm gonna leave it alone.

@Radam... yes,..... I googled your comment and most archeoalogists do agree that the original American Indians did in fact cross the Bering Straight to enter the Continental Americas over 10,000 years ago.
I'd say anybody who's ever occupied a land mass for that long has the right to call it their own.
Wow, ten thousand years.... there should have been 100 million Indians waiting on the shores by the time Columbus dropped anchor..

But they were so much in harmony with their invironment (in an alchohol free community)... living..... while letting the earth live in self-perpetuation and in mutually benefitting ways. They didn't even consider the possiblility there were other nations and peoples breeding armies and building amorment factories... nurturing an appetite for power.

Why would the thought even cross their minds when they lived in a near perfect Eutopia?

Anyway, The Press keeps talking about Rigo vs Donaire, or Donaire vs Mares... how about Rigo vs mares???? I like that one too!

If the Indians were the only people on the planet... it would have conceivably taken them another 10,000 years to build their first public transportation system (given the slow growth rate of the population)... in addition to that it would have possibly been fueled by water and buffalo manure and would have been capable of breaking the sound barrier.
call it the RoadRunner Public Transit System.

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