BY David A. Avila ON December 27, 2012

MayweatherCotto Hogan 70Readers, feel free to fire up your own pound for pound list, in our Forum.

No sense wasting time. Here’s the new pound for pound list:

Floyd Mayweather (43-0, 26 Kos) – Now 35 years old, “Money” Mayweather is close to a fight date with fellow pound for pound fighter Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. More than any fight in his career, this showdown with a younger rival will prove exactly how much left the king of the ring has left. Though he’s slowing down, he’s still a level above the rest until somebody proves otherwise. Mayweather is the mountaintop.

Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1, 40 Kos) – The ageless warrior from Mexico City is now 39 and showed with a single right cross that he’s still among the best. Beating his rival Manny Pacquiao might have been his last fight unless a wheelbarrow full of money convinces him to step inside the ring again. Very few prizefighters can match his brains. He’s been on this list seemingly forever and cemented his place with that knockout earlier this month.

Tim Bradley (29-0, 12 Kos) – Few give credit for “Desert Storm’s” victory over Pacman last June in Las Vegas. But the 29-year-old showed that Pacquiao was indeed slowing down and it’s probably the reason that Bradley wasn’t given a rematch. The Palm Spring’s prizefighter has all of the tools to remain on this list and give anyone the fight of their life. Just let him prove it. Anybody who sleeps on Bradley will have to pay one way or the other.

Sergio Martinez (50-2-2, 28 Kos) – Argentina’s middleweight sensation is now 37 and looking to cash in on his fame while he still has gas in the tank. His near flawless victory against Mexico’s Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. nearly came undone in the last round. A rematch has been talked about but Chavez has a year-long suspension. Martinez needs a fight before that. Don’t expect him to fight Gennady Golovkin. Not yet.

Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 Kos) – Of all the fighters on this list only “The Ghost” fought twice against opponents that he was given a 50/50 chance to beat. No one else on the pound for pound list can say that. The 29-year-old from Gilroy, Calif. moved up two weight divisions after a 15 month layoff due to injury and still dominated a pair of welterweight contenders as if they were lightweights. It was the most impressive year for any prizefighter. Don’t even argue about it.

Nonito Donaire (31-1, 20 Kos) – The “Filipino Flash” fought four times this year and dispatched all four with ease. Now 30, Donaire would love to fight fellow 122-pound champions Abner Mares and Guillermo Rigondeaux in 2013. There really is no one else at 122-pounds that can give the speedy knockout puncher a decent fight. If those fights can’t be made, then a move up to featherweights should be made.

Andre Ward (26-0, 14 Kos) – Injuries to “S.O.G” have put the 28-year-old on the injury shelf, but fans are getting to know just how good Oakland’s Ward really is. After cleaning out the 168-pound division in the past two years, there really is no one else for him to fight. The light heavyweight division beckons the speedy Ward, who has become a great all-around fighter. Can he clean out the light heavyweights too?

Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 Kos) Now 34 years old, Pacquiao has lost back-to-back fights and should be looking to retire. He carried the boxing world on his shoulders for the past five years and made millions of dollars. The Congressman has plenty to do in his native country. As a professional boxer he accomplished incredible feats. He had a great ride and took fans along with him, but I’d hate to see him hurt like this last fight with Marquez.

Wladimir Klitschko (59-3, 50 Kos) – The younger Klitschko has improved every year since losing the title to Lamon Brewster back in 2004. He was 28 years old then, and when the late Emanuel Steward brought him back to prominence, he looked unbeatable. Now 36, who knows how much Klitschko has left and what effects losing his trainer Steward will have on his performances. Those are some big questions to answer.

Roman Gonzalez (34-0, 28 Kos) – Little “Chocolatito” of Nicaragua wowed the crowds in Los Angeles when he battled Mexico’s Juan Estrada for 12 rounds. The 25-year-old has all of the tools to remain on top including a very under-rated chin. He may be able to move up a weight division soon. He’s very strong and has power and accuracy to go along with all of the other attributes.

Danny Garcia (25-0, 16 Kos) – Philadelphia’s 24-year-old junior welterweight phenom caught a lot of people by surprise in 2012. That won’t happen in 2013. But guess what? Danny “Swift” Garcia seemed to improve even more once he got that world title belt. Back-to-back knockout wins over Erik Morales and Amir Khan were huge. Those were not easy conquests. Garcia has Zab Judah next and that fight won’t be easy either.

Carl Froch (30-2, 22 Kos) – The Nottingham prizefighter is not flashy or dominant in his weight division because there just happens to be a guy named Andre Ward. But aside from the Oakland fighter, Froch has beaten up all of the others and shown to be one heck of a warrior. It’s a shame that at 35, Froch is just getting accolades. Knocking out Lucian Bute several months back proved that Froch is a cut above the rest of the super middleweights. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the English prizefighter move into the light heavyweight division too.

Honorable mention: Abner Mares, Brandon Rios, Saul Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, Adrien Broner, Amir Khan, Leo Santa Cruz, Chad Dawson, and Austin Trout.

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tlig says:

Looking at this list I guess it's fair to say boxing's no longer a young man's game. Only one guy under 25 (Garcia) and many (5 in total) over the age of 35. Wow.

tlig says:

Looking at this list I guess it's fair to say boxing's no longer a young man's game. Only one guy under 25 (Garcia) and many (5 in total) over the age of 35. Wow.

ali says:

How is Smith Khan on the honorable mention list? He lost to Peterson- got KO by Garcia and then got a win against a little a$$ fighter named Molina. It took him 10 rounds to stop and he couldn't put him on his a$$ or hurt him thought the fight.

Carmine Cas says:

Andre Ward should definitely be top 3, Bradley beat Pacquiao yes but before that he beat an old Casamayor. Ward has dismantled every fighter in his division and just dominated the light heavyweight champ. It's a toss up between him and Marquez at 2. Sergio at 3

dino da vinci says:

Bradley-Guerrero-Garcia too high. Ward-Froch too low.

All tremendous though.

Radam G says:

My only comment is that there be some serious exposing of some of those pugilists on that list. I wouldn't be surprised to see half of them lose their next bout.

Right now, I will say that three will lost their next bouts. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Bradley-Guerrero-Garcia too high. Ward-Froch too low.

All tremendous though.

Agreed (mainly on Bradley being too high in the rankings, specially if Mr Avila scored it for Pacquaio, which I believe he did? So now you want to give a guy credit for winning a bunk decision ...and doing so over an aging fighter? Smh like wtf?).

deepwater says:

Get Bradley out of that spot. Sergio -never seen with a female- Martinez is above him for sure. Froch deserves better . Marquez earned his spot. Guerrero deserves to be on list but down lower. Other then that decent list.

deepwater says:

Chad -i had enough-Dawson should not be mentioned near any list. Bad chad will fire his boy scully soon. It's not the trainer son.

ali says:

Vatali just keeps wining if I gone put his brother on the p4p list he can't be to far behind.

Real Talk says:

Andre Ward top 3 all day in the paint. Bradley is too high but I know why. This is controlled by top rank and it's blatantly obvious. Dueces

maromero says:

Abner Mares is more proven than a couple fighters on this list

dino da vinci says:

Andre Ward top 3 all day in the paint. Bradley is too high but I know why. This is controlled by top rank and it's blatantly obvious. Dueces

What in particular is controlled by Top Rank?

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