2012: The Fall of Two Idols

BY The Sweet Science ON December 23, 2012

pacquiao ko marquezTwo idols fell off their pedestals in 2012.

It was a terrible year for Filipino Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KO's) and Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto (37-4-0, 30 KO's).

Both suffered defeats that brought them down from their virtually fixed spots in the pound for pound boxing's Top Ten.

Pacman, who was considered by many as a holder of the first or second spot on the list of active fighters in the world, lost this place when he suffered two upsets this year, the unpopular decision that favored the undefeated Timothy Bradley (28-0-0), and the knockout loss to Mexican Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Márquez (54-6-1), who got KO number 40 of his career by sending "Pacman" to a deep slumber.

"Junito" Cotto was ineffective against two undefeated fighters. On May 5th Floyd Mayweather Jr.(42-0-0), who many consider as the number one pound for pound fighter, got a clear unanimous decision win over the Puerto Rican boxer.

And on December 1st, the unexpected happened at the Madison Square Garden, where Cotto had been up until then invincible, Miguel Cotto succumbed to Austin Trout (25-0-0), who got a UD win and retained his title as WBA World light middleweight champion.

Pacman, who was also unable to validate his previous invincibility at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, lost his WBO Welterweight belt to Bradley, and on his fourth fight to Marquez he unleashed the demons of speculation on whether he was really deserving of the two wins and one draw on the previous three fights with the Mexican.

At the same time, Marquez became worthy, in all fairness, of the symbolic belt of "Fighter of the Decade" granted by the WBO.

Cotto didn't only lose his WBA World light middleweight belt to "Money" Mayweather but also the WBA Super World light middleweight title.

Pacquiao, at 34 years of age, must be inactive for at least 90 days, per the WBO rules, due to the spectacular KO that he suffered in the hands of Marquez.

It is possible that Pacman, who has given a lot of his attention in the past three years to his political career as a congressman in his country, will give serious thought to retirement as a possibility.

But the experts say Pacman is not done, he could still have a glorious comeback (and make money of course) in possible rematches with Bradley and/or Marquez (for a fifth time)

Cotto, at 32, is also facing the dilemma of possibly giving up the fist sport, at least as an active fighter, although as with pacquiao, a lot of analysts consider there is still a lot of ring history to write on Cotto's career.

2012 was a terrible year for these two idols, who fell off badly from their symbolic pedestals.

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Radam G says:

Here comes 2013. ____ ____ _____ is gonna get KTFO, no matter if he's dirty or clean. Da Manny is coming back hungry, vicious and mean. And the next sucka he fights, he's gonna crush him like a jelly bean. Da Manny won't like his purses being lean.

"FALL!" But rise again standing TALL! You had it ALL! And again that time will CALL! The end of Da Manny is splendide mendax. So all you haters, busters and ___ ______ ______, CHILLAX!!! Holla!

ali says:

Radam like I said you praying like hell Mayweather gets KTFO stop being a pu$$y and just admit it.

Radam G says:

SCLA Ali, quit being deadbrained. Why in da double fudge would I want Money May kayoed? He and I are boys. You are just a nuthuggin' fanfaronade and Lil Floyd gΔy groupie. Just admit dat yo' big @ss is on da way down low. Hehehe! Holla!

ali says:

U smile in his face and talk **** behind his back what kind of friend is you smdh

Radam G says:

Boys talk smack. We have it like dat! We don't need to do a-behind-the-back attack. Or be pesty like a gnat. C'mon South Central LA cat! Hit yo'self with bat. Hahaha! Holla!

Radam G says:

Go ride the tiny cojones of the Cali Cranium Crusher. Make you catch a gusher. Y'all excell in the downlow. Yoôooou KNOOOOOOOW! Hehehe! Holla!

Radam G says:

Wow! Dude comes back wif da same old tired game. Off you's truly, he tryin' to get 15 minutes of fame. We know what he lost. And we haven't seen her.

O' whhhhhy, O'WHHHY, did she leave him? He goes for a walk to da park, to picture show. He misses dat ho. Hav' ya seen her, seen her? YUP! She ain't goin' back ta him. She had light green eyes like lil' Kim.

Marquez suffered a win. His nose got broken with a deep cut on it. Both of his eyesockets suffered hairline fractures. He suffered bruised-up ribs. And torn skins on the outsides of both of his big toes. All of this equals evidence of harden fat, skin and bone drying and roughening caused by EPO usage. This is why you see athletes on dat syet using ton of lotions and oils on their dryed-out skin.

Marquez is a basket case now. All for a tainted victory and a ton of moolah to be made in bout V for a severe beatdown. Holla,

Radam G says:

And we all know what happened to the big-@ss feet of Bradley. See that Roids-and-PEDs syet make your bones brittle and oldish. EPO has put the brittle effect on Bradley's big-@ss feet, on Marquez's eye lids and nose, and on Money May's brittled-@ss hands.

Let all these bytches get tested by VADA, and all dat roids-and-PEDs will show up in their systems. And they use it for aesthetic appeal and to quickly heal. Holla!

Radam G says:

YUP! Of course Da Manny lost. Not because of roids and PEDs, but because of a skillful fighter. The crybaby was on roids and PEDs because he wanted the body look that is in style nowadays. Ectomorph bodies are not eye candies. Ectomorph is the shape of body expected during the old school days. Marquez kayoed Da Manny. And you are playground juvenile bytching because of your personal lost in life. No need to cause cyberspace strife. Holla!

Radam G says:

In 2013, Da Manny will kayo Marquez. And if Bradley can stop from losing he will get some. Anyway, nice playing tag with you.. But I'm going to put you on my blockout list. I don't want an acting wild gorilla in da mist. Your dog-eating nonsense shows clearly your intent. And on that, I'm not bent. In my psyche, it doesn't put a single dent.

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This looks like a youtube fight

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dino da vinci says:

You leave for a few seconds and all heck breaks out.

Radam G says:

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Mexicans and blacks run boxing but at least y'all still got karaoke


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I would expect a "Lmao" from you SCLA Ali. Tell me the Filipino who was world champion a hundred ago when you just had one black champion and no Mexicans? People just say syet in cyberspace and think that it is going to stick. Holla!

ali says:

In 2013, Da Manny will kayo Marquez. And if Bradley can stop from losing he will get some. Anyway, nice playing tag with you.. But I'm going to put you on my blockout list. I don't want an acting wild gorilla in da mist. Your dog-eating nintendo shows clearly your intent. And on that, I'm not bent. In my psyche, it doesn't put a single dent.

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Da girl is gone. Change yo tone. Let it alone. She ain't gonna talk to you on the phone.
Hilarious!! Lmfao!!

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Shoulder Roll Defense says:

I want to wish all of TSS a happy early New Years. I've been busy and haven't been able to post during the last few weeks. Manny will come back strong in 2013 and will be the first to stop Brandon Rios. You heard it from SRD first, holla!

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