Now 50 Cent Says Floyd Twitter Beef Was Staged

BY Michael Woods ON November 06, 2012

xxl-coverSo now it looks like The Beef was all bread, and no meat.

50 Cent admitted that the Twitter tussle between him and Floyd Mayweather, in which he accused Floyd of ducking Manny, and being terminally broke, and Floyd accused Fiddy of being a mere boxing groupie, whose street cred is suspect because he was merely the recipient of bullets, not the provider, was staged.

I write "looks" because truly, who knows for sure. We keyboard tappers are merely pawns in this orchestration for attention, and it is up for debate what is real, what is faked, and frankly, why we spend so much time writing about it and why readers are so attracted to such small-ball stuff.

"I'm sick of all this nonsense Floyd asked me to act like were fighting cause no one was paying any attention after his 60 days," Fiddy Tweeted late last night. "I know some the thing we do in hip hop for shock value are wrong. He just wanted some attention Floyd is like a brother to me. I always tweet thing for him like follow his fiancée and help promote him but one, I'm done with please don't ask me about it."

Seems like, from the tone of that, that if indeed Floyd and Fiddy are "like brothers" the relationship isn't what it once was. Fiddy in his latest Twitter release said Floyd didn't like a Tweeted reference to his stint for assault on his ex galpal, and took true offense to that. Fiddy last night made clear that he doesn't condone domestic violence, and that his grandma busted his chops for making light of it.

So far, there has been no counterpunch from Floyd. He sometimes zigs when we expect a zag, but you might expect that he keeps stirring this pot, keeping him relevant.

Me, I'm not fully accepting that this was a staged beef. If it was, the material used was so grounded in reality, I think, that it slid from staged to real-deal quickly. I guess we could view it like so many "reality TV shows;" sorta staged, sorta real, and sadly, sorta entertaining. It would be nice if we could get more fixated not on such soap operatics, and more so on compelling fights being made. We can continue to hope.

Now go out and vote, friends.

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Bernie Campbell says:

Personally these two clowns wont make me or break me! Its a poor mans soap operah! Personally I dont give a fu ch!

SouthPaul says:

Ain't the only thing been staged on that side. Team MAyweather been lost In their "'Money" script every since that WWE appearance. Hardly can even get real conversation from Floyd these days..refuses to step out of his silly Money character . Big obnoxious and exaggerated talk. The silliness pays well!

aljamieson says:

C'mon Mike. Writing about Mayweather these last few years is like writing about the Harlem Globetrotters and saying your covering the basketball...

ali says:

50 cent still snitching smdh!!

brownsugar says:

Your suspicions about the beef not being kosher are well founded.

First of all,... For Fiddy to render a fake admission that his beef was staged in order to push Floyd back into the limelight is more insulting than all the tweets and negative comments by every Floyd hating internet poster combined.

Floyds regular routine is to drum-up internet hype about his next opponent,.. fight,....celebrate,..... then go back into seclusion where he's not seen unless it's a TMZ post about making-it-rain ritual in some strip club...

Floyd drums up hype all by himself by merely dropping off a bag of workout gear at the gym in anticipation of getting in shape for the next fight. (or just merely having a sparring session)

Have to admit,.. I didn't see this coming...

After numerous magazine adds,.. commercials... expensive birthday gifts and previous business ventures between the two... who woulda thought things were about to down and dirty in Vegas.

(with the exception of that wonderfully astute sage and boxing prophet... Dino De Vinci)

I don't own a single Fiddy cent album,.. and every tune he ever made is like more painful to listen to than someone scraping their nails against a chalkboard.

But I have nothing but respect for a guy who was ostracized from the Rap business for making a song that offended Muslims(no I have nothing against Muslims),..then forced to go underground in Canada selling CD's out of the truck of his car..... Songs that blatently stole the hook from other hits overdubbed with his own gangster based lyrics and parlayed into a success that spawnend several hit albums followed by successful business ventures in diverse catagories from bottled water to direct-to-home videos to deoderant and panty-hose.

Fiddy should write a book about "how-to-grow-up-broke-in-the-ghetto-and-go-directly-to-your-first-$300 million$$$$$".

Folks hate that his Street Credibility isn't up to snuff but Street Credibility is a dissallusioned metric for disallusioned people who feed off of what everbody else is doing.

Street Credibility only carries weight at a funeral.
(Doing something that benefits the community or yourself in a positive way is impressive, the rest is a show of vanity and empty of subtance)

This time however Fiddy did a bad thing.

Fiddy finally made a bogus move when he tried to usurp whatever remains of the Mayweather Empire from reclusive advisor, Al Hayman and GBP. (even telling Oscar that he'd never promote Floyd Jr again,.. ouch!!)

The only evidence we have has it's origins form a letter scrawled(by somebody named Tommy in the Mayweather Camp) on what looks like a brown paper bag with a black marker to Floyed while he was serving time prompting Mayweather to leave Al Haman and Golden Boy to align himself with Fiddy to create the newest hottest boxing promoter combination in the business. Sounded great but it was never authorized by Floyd personally.

The real reason (in my humble opinion) Fiddy tweeted this so called confession is because of his poor insight on how to conduct business with the powerbrokers of todays boxing establishment. Fiddy's rush for more fame and power caused one of his newly signed boxers (Billy Dib) to be cast off of the Cotto vs Trout undercard.

Remember when Fiddy announced that he was going into the promoters business??

Del la Hoya wished him luck but warned Fiddy that the business is more difficult than it seems on the surface.
Fiddy responded by referring to Del la Hoya as a "Girl" when he posted his hasty and derogatory retalliation to Oscars comments.

Meanwhile Fiddy didn't forsee that he'd have to deal with Al Haman and Oscar (GBP) when he initially installed his newly signed boxer,..Billy Dib to fight on the Cotto undercard.

Of course the Haman and Golden boy are looking to bounce Dib from the card in response to Fiddy's lack of foresight and crass twitter-prone mentality.

Basically this is an attempt by Fiddy to make a last ditch attempt to suck up to Haman and Golden Boy in an effort to get his boy back on the card. This shows the a lack of insight of Fiddy's part and a lack of character that he thinks he can be absolved for this indescretion on the strength of Twitter post. (good luck with that).

My main concern is the fighter who signed up with Fiddy.
Will they rot in inactivity like Kotelnic did with Don King,... forced to retired because the astutely vocabularied Kind couldn't get him any work??

that would be a terrible fate for fighters as gifted as Direll and Gamboa,.. (not to mention Dib).

Also Fiddy showed a real lack of concern for the wellbeing, respect and future of his boxers by tossing them into his beef like scraps of meat to a doberman pincher at mealtime by having the audacity of challenging Floyd and SOG to fight Gamboa and Dirrell (who are in no ways ready). how does this speak to the age-old concern of treating fighters like human beings ????

This has not been Fiddys finest moment. He needs to take a look at real promoters operates, promoters like James prince,.. Al Haman,.. and Oscar Del la Hoya.

Even Del la Hoya when faced with extreme accusations (true or otherwise) like cross-dressing, whore mongering, and 8ball smoking,..Oscar just keeps his mouth shut... appologizes and minimized his profile until the heat dissapates...

Oscar is the first to backdown and appologize,.. and shut up,.. because he know's how prolonged beefs can turn into stiff lawsuits and eventually hurt the bottom line. (you see how he got out from under the Pac lawsuit didn't you).

Astute Promoters always let the fighters trainers and managers do all the talking... A promoters job is to sign the deals and distribute the cash.

Fiddy has just learned the hard way that the gangster persona favored in facillitating a following in some genres of Rap music has no place in the life of a Boxing Promoter.

Floyd may keep silent until to see if Fiddy can patch it up with the two boxing powerhouses,.. but rest assured there will be a response.

Bernie Campbell says:

Get these two imbiciles and their publicity hounds out of my psuedointellectual face!

the Roast says:

Just how in the Hell is 50 Cent relivant anyway? I'm not a fan of rap music but he just had that one song right? In Da Club? 50 is a coat tail rider.

SouthPaul says:

Just how in the Hell is 50 Cent relivant anyway? I'm not a fan of rap music but he just had that one song right? In Da Club? 50 is a coat tail rider.

What type of music you a fan of?

SouthPaul says:

Just how in the Hell is 50 Cent relivant anyway? I'm not a fan of rap music but he just had that one song right? In Da Club? 50 is a coat tail rider.

What type of music you a fan of?

the Roast says:

What type of music you a fan of?

I am a rock/metal guy SP. I do not dislike rap music. I have a few DMX CDs and some PE from way back in the Tyson era.

Radam G says:

Hey, SouthPaul! The Roast likes anytype of music that makes those booties of those dames, dolls and damsels MOVE! Now you know that he wants to see 'em shaky SHAKE whad dey momma gave 'em like salt shaka! And if dey have on pumps. We alreadeee KNOW whad on Da Roast LUMPS! Hehehe! Holla!

the Roast says:

You know me too well RG!

SouthPaul says:

Lmao at Radam. If one doesn't like rap it's usually because their primary music is country or rock or...both.

Radam G says:

SouthPaul, you got it! He likes country and rock rap music dat -- like l posted -- move doze hinnies of da bad mamma jammas. And with pumps on -- Da Roast goes ____ ____ 'bout 'em hammas. Hehehe! Holla!

the Roast says:

Ok lets get this straight. There are two kinds of music that the Roast CANNOT listen to. Country AND western.

Radam G says:

C'mon, the Roast! We know that you are a lady's man. Let it go and fess up. Whatever type of tune that causes xx-xy connection is jazz for the Roast because dat @ss he will straight toast. Sound like another luv TKO! Let it go, the Roast. We got your number from coast to coast. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Lmao. Solve the mystery. What's your primary tunes?

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