The Watson Brothers, Explained

BY Michael Woods ON October 18, 2012

BronerPerez Hogan21There he is, that guy, grinning, while standing behind of the sports' bright lights. Who is that guy? (Hogan Photos)

He has one of those faces that you see, and you say, I know that guy...wait, who is that guy? What does he do? I see him on HBO shows, and Showtime shows, in the corners of the best and brightest, but...who is that guy? And what he DO, besides be present at big fights, and grin broadly and frequently?

Marcus Watson, the guy with one of those faces, was at Crunch Gym in downtown NYC on Tuesday, so I indulged my curiosity, and asked him to fill me in on who he is, and what he does.

We chatted for almost 15 minutes, and I walked away understanding why we always see him in the ring on fight night, standing behind, or whispering in the ears of fighters who are advised by deal-maker extraordinaire Al Haymon.

Watson told me that he, and his older brother Brandon, age 31, another guy with one of those faces who we see in the corners of the sport's bright lights, work for Haymon. And what do they do? "Everything behind the scenes," said the 27 year-old Woodland Hills, CA resident. "We make sure the fighter is taken care of."

That means in the leadup to the fight, on fight week, and on fight night. The Watsons got to this place because their dad, Sam Watson, is a Haymon business partner. Sam was in the music biz, like Haymon was, and when Al shifted to boxing, Sam did too. Vernon Forrest was their first fighter, so the Watson boys have been around the game for many moons.

In chatting with Marcus, I figured out why he is entrusted with the role he is in. First and maybe foremost, he does something well that many, if not most of us, do not. He listens. While I went off on tangents, on politics, on this fighters and that, he listened intently, and proved that by countering with responses germane to my thoughts and topics.

So there you go folks; that guy, with that familiar face, has a name, and real-deal role in the game. Now you know.

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MisterLee says:

Lucky guy!

deepwater says:

lol these clowns just talk junk into the camera and try and look tough when walking fighters into the ring. these two bums are al haymons secret weapon. they get to talk about money watches cars and hoes all while influences the fighters that work with al. hey lets get a bentley son! heres some money fronted from your purse , love al. lol. now you know these clowns are bad for fighters that dont know economics.

tlig says:

It's funny but I always used to ask the same question of their dad Sam- who's that guy? He was everywhere and with every fighter. Somehow without figuring who he was I knew they were both his sons.

Radam G says:

About TIME! What took TSS so long? Ev'ybodee and dey momma and two of dey ugly cousins and dey crackheaded friend in this Universe were asking me who were those brothas. And I was not going there because some peeps like to hide in plain sight. I do it all the time. Danggit! But my days are limit. Nothing lasts forever. But what has been and death.

I'm talkin' about real death, not dat weak Roman syet where you walk outta a cave and holla at yo' helpin' ho, and kick Doubting Thomas's @ss for having doubt and tellin' her to shut double fudge up. Hehe! Holla!

JOe Dwyer says:

Father, and two (2) Son's who do a good job for the Fighters.

SouthPaul says:

Yea, they seem to be very respected by those they help and represent. They're always visible but they aren't doing It in a smothering manner. I ain't ever seen them trying to walk hard or grab the Post fight interview mic and take over in any sort of foul manner. In fact, they stick to the script in this above photo. Keep their distance ... Letting the fighters do their thang'. Its all very Al Haymon like. They manage; the fighters fight. The Watson trio seem chill as hell, imo. There's a YouTube piece with Sam Watson explaining more less what this article covers.

deepwater says:

Father, and two (2) Son's who do a good job for the Fighters.

is this THE Joe Dwyer ? the boxing judge and all around nice guy.

deepwater says:

I ve heard good things about al haymon and bad things. from what I remember he was a huge r+b music promoter that went into promoting hip hop but got the hell away from hip hop due to violence and ect ect. he is a boxing gangster which you must be at the top of the game but he is unlike king and arum because he stays in the shadows. these 2 watson bros are the face of haymon and they get the fighters ear and requests. some positve some negative.

brownsugar says:

Wow,.. I had no Idea those guys were in their early 30's,.. it's like I watched them grow from teens-to-adulthood in the blink of an eye. Personally I thinks it's great that their father lets them bask in the limelight,

.... Oh,...What I wouldn't give to have been able to grow up schmoozing and rubbing elbows in the corners of some of boxings most Elite Events. I'd have the most awesome photo album and autograph collection ever.

Much like the nepotism we witness with hollywoods greatest stars,.. the siblings and offspring of our most famous celebrities often grow up in the public eye to replace their parents on the silver screen when it's their time to shine.

What's the point of being in a place of influence, priviledge and power if it can't be exploited??
That's all that Sam Watson,..(Al Haymon's Frontman) is doing.
Just passing it on to the next generation.

Radam G says:

Hum! You guys have never notice the young lady that has always been present along side those brothas. Wow! I guess some types are just meant not to be notice in plain sight. Danggit! WTF! Nobody asks who she is, like nobody asked who was the Asians toddler/young kid saw in dat squared jungle back in da day of non-cable television bouts.

OOPS! I musta' fo'got! They musta' thought that I was a wandering Mexican kid sneaking in the ring after every televised major bout. Haha! Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Funny you mention her. I was going to mention it. Sort of heavyset blonde/brown type hair? She looks white but I believe shes Mexican. My guess is she's some sort of pr girl. Saw her also down at the Mandalay Bay pool the day of Cotto vs MAyweather.

SouthPaul says:

I ve heard good things about al haymon and bad things. from what I remember he was a huge r+b music promoter that went into promoting hip hop but got the hell away from hip hop due to violence and ect ect. he is a boxing gangster which you must be at the top of the game but he is unlike king and arum because he stays in the shadows. these 2 watson bros are the face of haymon and they get the fighters ear and requests. some positve some negative.

Going all the way back to the first fighter to ever mention Haymon's name..that being the late great humanitarian Vernon Forrest ... Since back then I ain't never heard or read anything from any fighter that said anythinng negative of Al and his management team. To this day it's only boxing writers I see being critical of the man. And of course then you'll have readers burping and regurgitating that info. Steve Kim is pretty consistent with his Al Haymon criticism. Seems to grate his nerves how Al is able to get his fighters their Hbo dates. For the record, I enjoy Kim's articles.

Radam G says:

Everybodee and dey momma get on invisible-like Al Haymon for doing what Jesus was like. Hands all up in syet, but never gettin' syetty. Al Haymon is the Jesus of da game. Fighters be coming to dat lamb. And dude be turning penny-making fighters into main-attraction, money-making __ __ ___!

And Haymon has more Ds than Peter, Paul and John and the other nine Ds that Jesus had; Haymon has a guy and the guy's two sons fronting for him and an invisible-in-plain-sight damsel marching fighters to the promised squared jungle. And just imagine all the other support crew that Haymon has that are outta people's mind and sight.

Da back in da day mafia ain't got nuffin' on Al Capone -- I mean Al Haymon. Dude got spiderweb syet catching 95 percent of the fly fighters. Haymon make fighters get paid, like Jesus made Semites, Hamites, good Samarians and Romans drunk on dat wine that he was making outta water -- probably the red sea. That is probably why Judas sold Jesus out. The Romans wanted the secret to that Jesus juice. Haha! Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Had you left the name blank and I read that half crazed assessment of Al Haymon, I'd have no doubt you were describing Suge Knight type business and management. I ain't offended by it but your comments could he offensive to a lot successful straight shooting businessman of the business world. You say Mafia like management ...I say smart chain if command professionally ran management. Why you need to see Al all up in the ring anyhow? Let managers manage... And fighters fight. Si or no?

Da' hell with everyone and their ugly Momma opinions . Baseless gossip is for the birds. I openly challenge you to cite one fighter who was unhappy with way Al Haymon Inc managed their careers. And Manny Pacquiao don't count! Lmao.

Radam G says:

Hehehe! Da game is full of optical illusions. You won't find many boxers voicing complaints about Al Haymon. Fiddy tried to move Money May away from Haymon. Money May said, "HELL NALD!" And sailed away from his pal Fiddy.

These cats were tight for five or six years. Money May spent two and a half months in Sin City jail, and tossed that friendship the next day. For the word, Pops Joy May has been at odds with Al Capone -- l mean Al Haymon -- for a few moons. PJM's arse would even turn into an ugly-@$$ wolf and go on the Vegas Strip and start howling at everybodee and doze ugly ho mommas. Hahaha!

I just keep bursting bubbles. Da game is seedy and the "threatre of the unexpected." And those Suge Knights come a dime a dozen. Now I'm shuttin' da heck up before those crooks figure out who is spittin' and not bullsyetin!'

I'm reminded of a long line of appear-to-be-clean black cats -- no pun intended -- like Don King, Harold "Barney Ross" Smith and Muhammad Murad Muhammad, to name a few.

Boxing is like religions, those prophets, promoters and partners are secret winners -- I mean sinners to the inattention blind and naive. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

I was tight with the pair of owls perching in my pine trees for 5 or 6 days until they swooped in and ate one of the stray kittens living under my house. Too bad FIddy and his solider ain't as slick as those owls. They tried running a half assed coup while Floyd was in jail but in the end shot themselves in the foot. Props to Dino because he predicted this break up a couple months ago when we were discussing FIddy and FLoyds new venture. Or, should I say Curtis Jackson and Floyd's ex lackeys new venture. I actually like FIddy but truth be told he's a trouble making bully. His MO is to start playfully clowning then quickly turns into punking. He done pulled it on a many of folks. Ask Puffy. He's the latest to get lured into Fiddy's immature nonsense.

Don't trip, though, I totally get what you're saying. If Al and his team are faking the funk then there ho curtain will get pulled. Boxing has always had the great ability to eventually expose the fakes, frauds and front runners. Has anyone seen Naseem HAmed?

Bernie Campbell says:

Keep this Idiot and his two sons out of my sight! I know Sam Watson is bucking for GQ but I dont want to be privy to it. I am paying 15 per month! Keep his Chubby butt off!

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