Do We Need A New Weight Class In Boxing?

BY The Sweet Science ON September 20, 2012

TRPressNYC41789"If they create a new weight class, I volunteer to fight for their title!" (Ed Diller photo, in NYC)

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an article over at Russia Times today claiming the WBC was working with other sanctioning organizations, specifically the WBO and IBF, on creating a new weight class division for fighters in-between the 200 pound cruiserweight limit and heavyweight (unlimited).

“There are some fighters who are somewhere in between the cruiserweight and heavyweight classes. So the WBC, WBO and IBF are negotiating over establishing a new weight category, and it could help that kind of fighter bring out their full potential,” said Mikhail Denisov, WBC Vice President.

Weight classes have more than doubled since the original eight divisions of the early 1900s (fly, bantam, feather, light, welter, middle, light heavy and heavy) were expanded to seventeen in 1979 by (you guessed it) the WBC.

Taken in context, Denisov appears in the video to be talking about how his organization can help build up Russian fighters to a point where their careers match those of some of their more renowned international counterparts. Still, his nonchalant discussion of the matter through a media outlet leads me to believe the negotiations for yet another weight class may be a very real possibility.

Fight fans often seem frustrated over the amount of title belts and divisions in the sport already, so I wonder how well received something like this could possibly be.

I’ve reached out to the WBC, WBA and WBO to see if they can offer further comment.

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amayseng says:

well i do not disagree with it, a fighter at 210 fighting a fighter at 260, doesnt sound fair..

ok Radam, let me have it!!!

ali says:

I agree with u amayseng heavyweight nowadays are so much bigger then they where back in the day. Also i worry about the safety of a fighter fighting someone so much bigger. Eddie Chambers weighted what 205 against and Wlad weighed about 245 that like welterweight fighting a cruiserweight it just too big of a gap for professional fighters to be fighting.

brownsugar says:

There already is a new weight class and it's called "Catch weight"

... def: catchweight, adjustable weight class designed to increase the odds of victory for the athlete who isn't challenged to make, catchweight: the artificial manipulation of a weight class designed to allow lighter challengers the opportunity to compete in a division they would ordinarily be outclassed in.

And of course we need a new weight class to accommodate the Nimrod Sized warriors who will continue to dominate the heavyweight division like the KBrothers did...referring to heavies like David Price and Deontay Wilder..for starters

Never since the days of Ancient Babylon when giants...the offspring of angels and men populated the earth...... have so many Leviathan sized Behemoths decended upon the heavyweight division.
For the future of the sport and the health and safety of the participants, a super heavyweight division is mandatory.

Radam G says:

WTF! No! No! Do we need bigger animals? The dinosaurs' big sorry arses couldn't stand the heat of the world's kitchen, so they got da double fudge extinct. In natural selection, homo sapiens won against the big-@ss Neanderthals -- more proof that little men have always dominated the biggies and tallies.

Humans are not getting bigger. Tallies and fatties have always been around. Muthasuckas who are not in da know, just didn't know. Regular sizes and smallies just have been whuppin' their big, slow arses from da jump.

Quit making bigger weight divisions to protect turtle slow, butt-sorry, lazy oversized chumps. Just look at how boring and worthless the heavyweight division is nowadays since it sized out the a$$ whuppers of 176 to 200 pounds. Only three tallies, and not a single fatties won a world title before then. Holla!

ali says:

Radam how do u think Pac would do against the cruiserweight champion of the world?

Radam G says:

Criuserwieight is a phony-a$$ division, FIRST and FOREMOST. Nextly, if it were still the old days of boxing' when all the money was in the heavier divisions, Da Manny would kick much butt. Instead of challengling me, SCLA Ali, you need to do your research. Jack Johnson refused to give a 140 pounder a shot who routinely beat him down before he got the belt from 168-pound Tommy Burns. Holla!

Radam G says:

Nobody can sell me the myths about big a$$es and tallies, and the need to have another division of sorry, slow lazy CHUMPS of fat arses and over-tall arses. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Yea, I feel you, and Brownsugar makes a good point with the catchweight. If anything... Remove some.

gibola says:

I have always though that the big welters who aren't quite lightmiddles are unfairly treated by having to fight at 154. Don Curry and Milt McCrory only lost to Mike McCallum back in the day because of this anomoly. The seven pounds is far too much of a jump. I propose the Light Light Middle / Super Duper Welterweight division, fighters weighing no more than 151 pounds. We could have Cotto, PBF, Pacman, a comebacking Ricky Hatton....

In an era when you have seven or eight titlists who are really only contenders (and some of them not even that - see the middleweight division) you just think the sanctioning bodies can't get any more ridiculous - then they do. No. No. No. No. No.

Heavyweights are getting bigger, not better. Ali dealt with Terrell, Tyson dealt with Tucker and Biggs, Haye beat Valuev. Size is not always an asset thats why Butterbean, Tiger Williams, Lee Canalito and Mike The Giant White never became champs. Watch this carefully because these idiots will up the cruiserweight limit to 220 and cram two or three divisions between lightheavy and cruiser. Oppose new divisions with everything you've got (not that they'll listen).

deepwater says:

We need less weight classes not more.

deepwater says:

boxing needs to go back to the olden days of 8 weight classes. same day weigh -ins. too many weight classes,too many champions, too many excuses. rip mickey walker and the rest of the fighters that would fight any man.

donputo69 says:

Wut it do my peeps....Shout out to my peeps still holding it down in here....Ya know who ya are.....Anyway....Lets talk boxing....Shall we....I think they should make another weight class....I say 164lbs limit....160-168 is a big difference for boxers to either move up or move down....Holla Back!!!

deepwater says:

nice to see ya don. I think 19 weight classes is more then enough. its practically every 3 lbs to 5lbs or so.

ali says:

What's good Don? Boxing should only bring one thing from the old days and that's having 1champion for each weight class. But we definitely need more then 8 weight classes and boxing does not need to go back to 15 round fights. We have to remember the heavyweight are so much larger nowadays the Klits, Price, Tyson F, Wilder, we even had a 7 0 300 lbs fighter I know he sucked but still. It only a matter of time that someone is going to be that big but skillful and powerful then people will start asking for a new weight class

brownsugar says:

Good to see the one an only DP69 in da house. Wow it just gets better and better.

Spot on Ali... even Price and Wilder are capable of cracking heads.

Could you imagine a 300 pounder with the skill of Frazier?... Deadly.

Radam G says:

WRONG, SCLA Ali! Gravity will not allow it. You keep forgetting physics and varies ____ ____ _____! There are certain that a lion can do, but not an elephant. There are certain things that a mouse can do but not a rhino. BIG-ARSE and TALL-ARSE human are limit because of the pull of gravity. And that is just the way that it will always be.

Wish upon a star, but you won't get far. Bull you will in your car. You can get somewhere faster than wishing, hoping, saying and believing dumbshyt. Gravity pull the heck outta too big or tall things for certain disciplines. You can reject it all that you like, but know that it is what it is. Holla!

Radam G says:

WOW! Even when Superman Roy Jones Jr whupped JL Ruiz, Jones only weighted 193lbs -- not a heavyweight by nowadays standards. Heavyweight is now over 200lbs. And that pseudo-arse criuserweight division is now 176 to 200 pounds. When that fake syet started back in da day, it was [176 to] 188-pound max. WTF! And like I noted, dat ___ ____ has sneaked always the way up to 200 pounds. Pretty soon that sneaky ___ ____ will be 225lbs or more. Holla!

Radam G says:

And the heavyweights are not LARGER nowadays. The sorry-arse champions and main contenders ARE, because the big money in every division and the fake-arse cruiserweight division gave big, sorry, lazy, softy giant a safe chance to shine against one another. And that is a fact JACK!

Don't act like history is not backing me up. Biggies and tallies got their arse torched 95 percent of the time before the cruisers and big money in all the divisions. It flicking propaganda that heavies are gettin' bigger. Bigger bytches are fighting in that weak division. And since there are no little heavyweight to kayo their arses, the optical illusion bullshytology is working on da know nothing and haters. Holla!

Jpjaco says:

I think the bigger fighters are stronger, quicker, and more coordinated than they used to be. Not sure if its modern sports science or evolving genetics, but the tall guys are far more competitive - no dominant than ever before. Is it because all the great heavyweights are trapped in the cruiser weight division? I say no. Name me one cruiser or light heavy weight who is a would be giant killer. I don't know why, but the modern 6'2" 220lb heavyweight doesn't stand much chance against the top big men in the division. it would be interesting to see how some of the past champs would have done inst the likes of Lewis and the K bros.

Radam G says:

Jp, I 100 percent disagree wth you. They look swell against each other. Let 'em tangle with the little men, like back in da day, than you will see the obvious. They can run optical illisions and mass confusion on the naive and da know nothings. But they cannot fool Mother Nature or Poppa Reality with an ounce of that automagical bullsyetology. Holla!

Radam G says:

BTW! One hundred-and-68-pound Andre "SOG" Ward would fudge up heavies just as 168-pounder Tommy Burns use to do over five scores ago, if there were still no big moola to be made in Ward's present-day made-up weight division of super middleweight. (As far as I'm concern, Burns is literally a P4P great.)

The corrupted alphabet sanctioning commissions that be have made tons of divisions to collect bling-bling from sanctioning fees. Holla!

Jpjaco says:

Tommy Burns was great, but who did he fight? The average heavyweight back then was 185 to 190. Do you really think Andre Ward, as good as he is, could get inside the Klitchko jab and rough him up? I think it's normal to be skeptical of another weight class and the sanctioning fees that go along with it. I'm with you in that. But when you've got 6'6 250lb guys with fast hands, coordination, power and talent dominating a field of 225 pound guys, I can't see the downside of a 225 weight class. The champ here could always step up and challenge the big men.

Radam G says:

Maybe you should holla at Fightfax or Boxrec and see the actuality of the reality. The division was littered with HEAVYWEIGHTS and fatties and tallies during the days of Burns, who fought the best of his era. He ducked nobody. This why Jack Johnson got a shot.

There was no need to take out the 176-200 pounders to get sanctioning fees from the giants and fat arses. The game today is double fudged up with even more corruption and protecting the likes of Pirimo Canera. Holla!

Radam G says:

The K-bros/docs are fast against people their size. I suggest that you attend sparring sessions when they are working with middles and light heavies. They aren't fast then. You are apparently fasinated with size and reach. It means little to those in da know. It is just a talking point for talking heads to bamboozle and hoodwink fanfaronades and groupies.

I, and all seasoned boxers and trainers, know da deal. The game is full of optical illusions for those who don't know how the magic is done. Once you know how the tricks are done, you are never tricked. Holla!

Jpjaco says:

No disrespect to Tommy when I said who did he fight. I was referring to the size of the guys he fought, not their talent or credibility. Having said that, some of the defenses were against guys with questionable records.

I've seen footage on the two biggest guys I know of from back then, Jess Willard and Primo Carnera, and they looked pretty clumsy and slow, not like some of the big men we see today.

Radam G says:

Large parts of the game's magic has always been WTF are fighters' true records and ages? Da game flows with bull$h*tology and optical illusions like any gang of magicians. Holla!

Marlon Estacio Pagtakhan says:

This would be unfair to smaller Heavyweights (or even Cruiserweights) who are questing to become the "Supreme King of the Ring". Ultimately size (including reach) doesn't matter as there are smaller fighters who have just as much punching power as these new bigger fighters. Obviously many who've earned their shots just lack the confidence & skill required to take down their bigger opponents. It is not impossible for a 205lb. fighter to take down the likes of Wladimir Klitschko.

Should Wladimir Klitscko be hailed the Supreme King simply because a smaller fighter can't make weight to fight him? I do not believe this will be fair, nor "enhance other's potential" but "handicap them from proving that they are the best".

The Heavyweight Division is considered to be the Sport's "Glamour Division". I pray they do not destroy that glorified scene 'simply because there aren't any true challengers to take down the likes of Wladimir Klitschko' (which is only temporary). Boxing doesn't need a new weight class, it needs more talented Heavyweights.

Otherwise, you might as well name the class that would take place inbetween the Cruiser & Heavyweights the "reject-division". There has to be a line drawn in boxing.
If smaller Heavyweights can't cut it, they should "drop down in weight & stay there"!

Let the climbers & unknowns have their shot. Boxing will take care of itself, specifically in this case, the 'Heavyweight Division".

Jpjaco says:

I know Tommy was the first and only Canadian born heavyweight champion, that he traveled the world fighting the best, 11 or 13 defenses wih 8 kos and was straight up enough to give Jack a shot, in which Jack played with him for 14 rounds before the police stopped the show.
I know the history of boxing but I'm no front row viewer. I haven't been lucky enough to see many professional fights let alone sparring sessions. Always wondered how history would've sheen written had Roy Jones stayed at heavy?

Jpjaco says:

I know Tommy was the first And only Canadian born heavyweight champ, travelled the world defending his title 11 or 13 times depending on how you count them, and was straight up enough to fight Jack Johnson who lifted the title from him. I did check boxrec, confirmed what I thought re size of heavyweight back then. There were a couple of guys over 195.

I haven't been lucky enough to be around boxing much, never mind champion sparring sessions. I'm no insider, groupie or fanfaronade, but I like to study the sport a little. You may be right abiut no new weight class, but the blatherskites out there always need to be questioned!

Historically middles and light heavies haven't had much luck challenging the heavyweights. The best Roy Jones could do was beat a contender, but I always wondered what he could have accomplished if he had stayed at heavyweight.

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