David Haye Stops Dereck Chisora In Round Five; Hopefully Haye-Vitali Is Next

BY Michael Woods ON July 14, 2012

93603730-haye-chisoraChisora had never been down as a pro, but Haye ended that streak. Chisora was never in it, so anyone saying this was a great bout, well, it was a bit one-sided for that. What should Haye do next?

He will not win any sportsmanship, or Good Guy awards from the BWAA, but David Haye can box, it must be admitted. Haye severely outclassed Dereck Chisora in the main event on Saturday in Upton Park, London, England, sending him down twice in the fifth, and forcing a stoppage. A wicked left hook hurt Chis badly, and spelled the end for the underdog, who looked slow, a step behind, and never in the bout against a more skilled pugilist.

The men hugged it out after, a site to see after Haye made Chisora eat glass a few months ago. There will be a push in certain circles for Haye to meet Vitali Klitschko, who wouldn't stop Chisora when they met in February.

A persistent rain fell on the fans as the bell rang to start round one, and Haye had a lackey hold an umbrella over his head as he strolled casually to the ring. He got to work right away, and controlled every minute of the bout.

Chisora (15-3 entering; age 28; born in Zimbabwe, lives in London) was 247 pounds, while Haye (age 31; 25-2 entering; lives in London) was 210 pounds. This fight came about because they scuffled after Chisora's loss to Vitali Klitschko in February, at the postfight presser. Haye smashed Chisora with a beer bottle, and wasn't able to fell him, so we wondered how he'd do with no foreign object. It turned out, he did better than when he used that weapon.

Haye, not having fought since last July, when he stunk the joint out against Wladimir Klitschko, in the first round looked rust free. He was busy with the jab, looked to be first, and used solid ring generalship to take the round. Chis tried to land hard hooks but Haye some them coming. In round two, Chis was coming forward but not in an effective manner. Haye was busier, and controlling it all, pace, ryhthm and spacing. In the third, Chis landed a left after the bell, a good shot, but he was again outboxed. When he got close, he allowed himself to be tied up, and his footwork isn't the variety to get himself into better position in close. Haye did good work with a lead right, and more good work up from underneath, though Chis did land a couple power shots midway through in round four. Then he faded and gave away the round.

In round five, Haye sent Chis down off a left-right. He was sent down again, off a combo, and arose in time, but the ref halted the event. Chis didn't protest the end, which came with one tick remaining in the round.

After, Haye said he thinks Vitali Klitschko would not want to fight him, but he'd like a go. "Ready to win that heavyweight title back," he said. He gave Chisora props, and said he would be a champ some day. "I'll be back," Chisora said, after giving Haye props, and saying he enjoyed the fight. The crowd seemed to enjoy the two men getting along after their vitriolic path to the scrap. Trainer Adam Booth said Team Klitschko had sent Haye a contract, not specifying when that was, but said the terms are not what he thought they would be. Booth said Haye isn't interested in anything other than a Klitschko fight. Promoter Frank Warren said Chisora looked a bit green, and said he wasn't done, and that he will stick by him.

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ali says:

Besides the Klits David Haye and Kevin Johnson are the best HW period

michaelabii says:

A better fight than I expected. I think we continue to underestimate David Hayes punching power which really was the equalizer in this fight. David Haye can punch with either hand and thats a fact. Some sort of redemption for Haye as he just beat a legitimate Top Ten Heavyweight fighter who just fought for the world title. Hayes performance against Vladimir Klitchko cannot easily be forgotten as bad as it was but he remains a threat to anyone in the top tier Heavyweight division. So whats next for Haye?

mortcola says:

Props to Haye. After a sloppy and inaccurate first couple of rounds, he showed me some sharpness and integrated offense-defense, combined with dynamite power. Can't really compare to how Vitali did against Chisora, as K had one functioning arm. But Haye was better than I gave him credit for.

deepwater says:

Easy work for haye. Haye Vs either klitco . I rather watch haye vs a klitco even if he can't win. Khan next with a nice ok

deepwater says:


amayseng says:

despite some sloppy early rounds as Mortcola explained, haye has the athleticism to come with some crazy angles and rip those hooks with blazing power...
it was a good and entertaining fight and it does say a bit
about how chisora took vitali 12 rounds and haye blasted him out in half that..
haye vs vitali is very intriguing..
will vitali make the fight or opt out for various reasons..

mortcola says:

Amayseng - Vitali had one functioning arm in that fight. Also, as they say, styles make fights. Helenius, massive puncher, also couldn't dent Chisora. But, Haye did one of his best jobs yet, and I haven't exactly been a fan.

amayseng says:

true mortcola, but didnt vitali injure that arm mid fight? or was it earlier?
styles always make fights, haye has the ability to make it very interesting...i think haye would have a better shot against wlad personally, but haye was gun shy and wouldnt take a chance...

deepwater says:

Helenius has raw strength punching power, haye delivers knock out blows. Haye couldn't use distance or counter punching against klitco because klitcos size and tactics won't let him. Vitali will stand and trade and maybe haye has a shot against vitali

Grimm says:

Good comments on an entertaining fight - just sucks to once again having to hear the same old tirades from Haye about a Klitschko hiding from him, just for the sake of marketing. It'll be a long road of words before that fight night.

Chisora have to go back to the gym, work on some details, and lower the class of opposition so he'll get back to winning ways. I like the guy.

What I would like to see is Haye vs Solis, in a rematch from their amateur days.

the Roast says:

Haye is too small for either K bro. It will not happen. Haye will never beat a K bro. It is what it is. Despite what RG says, size does matter.

brownsugar says:

Agreed on the last comment ROAST.

Hell of a fight. I enjoyed it immensely, Chisora ran right into the counterpunching Haye's artilliary,...this is what a heavyweight fight should look like.... blow for blow agression and consequences.

I don't know if that means Haye beats VK.
But VK is held together with bubblegum, duct tape and wire clothes hangers. He didn't suffer an injury against Chisora by himself.... pressure busts pipes. If it wasn't the shoulder, it could easily have been something else.
The Ancient Warrior has had an illustrious career and should continue his fight in politics.

Haye shouldn't go near Wlad unless he can develop the necessary athleticism and aggression to get past WK's height and weight advantage. And that may literally be too TALL of an order for Haye.
I don't want to watch a rematch of two scared fighters go the distance again. I felt either fighter could have scored a KO in that fight if they had the will to do so.

brownsugar says:

or die tryin'

Radam G says:

Size matter only in the illusions of confusions. Boxing, as life, is 75 to 85 percent mental and maybe about 10 percent physical. Physical syet has been getting it arse kick from time immemorial.

He, who rules, rules with MENTAL size STRENGTH, not physical JACK! How many giant heavyweight title-belt holders are retired undefeated? THAT is WHAT I THOUGHT! Absolutely NONE! How many over 6-foot-5 greats in any sport, have there BEEN! That is what I thought.

The so-called small men dominate it ALL, even in basketball. Oversize has not and will not rule in professional pugilism except in this K-bros/docs' era, because the bros/docs got it made because of the flow of money to the little cats. The little cats don't need or want their sorry arses because MOOLA is good down in smaller weights.

If it were not for money and that pseudodivision of 168lbs, Andre "SOG" Ward would have been done double da fudge up both tally K-bros/docs. And GOT PAID!

Some people just can see syet for looking and being tricked and d*cked by Big-man hype jive. Big-man hype and fear are for "suckas born every minute." The Tallies, biggies and fat arses cannot beat small size cats in reality, mythology or religionology -- just in the K-bros/docs' era because the best Davids and Jack in the beanstalk, I mean fighters, are no long seeking the fame and money of being a heavy. The Goliaths, Bunderbores, Osama bin Ladens and bro/doc Klitsckhos [sic] have all been TRIPLE FUDGED UP by the peddles, beans and guns of the midgets. Hehehehehe! Holla!

Radam G says:

BTW, Wuzzy Hayes is no smally. He is a traditional big heavy. The K-bros/docs are not. The ___ ____ ___ Hayes is 6-foot-3, 210lbs. The ___ ___ is bigger than in-their-primetime Sonny "Night Train" Liston, "Big" [Rev.] George Foreman and "GOAT" Muhammad Ali. No credit or excuse for David "Bytchmouth" Haye. If he ever find his cojones, he may just do sumpin' sumpin!' Holla!

the Roast says:

Haye already had his chance with Wlad and he fought like a scared rabbit. He's a con man. He talks a good game. He talked his way into this fight with Chisora. He got that KO because Chisora had his head in Haye's wheelhouse, his effective swing area. Wlad and Vit arent stupid enough to bend down and leave there chins right there. They both fight tall and Haye is to small to get there with his power shots. Lennox Lewis got knocked out twice. Anyone can get knocked out but the brothers K styles make it highly unlikely. Size will always matter(that's what she said), thats why we dont see fighters from welter challenging 168 pounders or feathers challenging jr welters. Weight classes make for fair fights. The heavyweight division is the toughest because it is unlimited. Wlad or Vit have roughly 30-37 pounds on Haye. That's just too much.

gibola says:

I'm a Brit and came on last week saying there was huge overreaction to Haye's Wlad performance and that he was the 3rd best heavyweight in the world. He went some way to proving that Saturday night. His defence, power and athleticism are awesome and I felt the need to defend him last week because people seemed to label him a con-man on TSS. Wlad shut him down and Haye (a counterpuncher who loads up) couldn't get to Wlad. Despite his words Haye has never been a come-forward pressure fighter and he was always going to fight Wlad on the back foot. He couldn't land, he didn't win. Haye has done and said some stupid things but he's no con-man, remember he beat Mormeck in France on a Don King show, beat Valuev on his turf and challenged Wlad on his - this is not a fighter who is afraid of challenges. I understand why a lot of people are turned off by him (opinion is split in the UK) but Haye has talent and given the right matchmaking could still be in some very exciting fights. I don't think he can beat Vitali but he has more chance than anybody else around. Haye v Povetkin, Arreola, Fury, Huck would be must-see fights and far more interesting than anything with a Klitschko in the ring. Well done the Haymaker but please stay in the game and stay active, you bring a bit of colour to this heavyweight mess!

deepwater says:

I said it before and I'll say it again. I rather watch haye lose then a klitchos win. Why? Haye has great skill, I watched him clean out the cruisers and he has pop. Klitchos have size and stay on the Backfoot and never make an exchange. Haye all day. Klitchos please go away.

gibola says:

Deepwater you're so right! A Klitschko-less Super 6 would be great. Chisora, Haye, Povetkin, Huck, Fury, Arreola (for US TV). Not a bad matchup among them. Haye-Chisora follows Huck-Povetkin as a clue to what the heavyweights could be like with the Ks and I likes it. HBO/Showtime/Sky/RTL - get on it! Huck-Haye is my new dream matchup!

deepwater says:

That would be a great matchup. Klitchos championship reign will be known as the lost decade. Lol

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