K-9 Bundrage KOs Spinks; Lara & Russell Win Too in Indio

BY David A. Avila ON June 30, 2012

SpinksBundrage Waters3aINDIO, CALIF.-IBF junior middleweight titleholder Cornelius “K-9” Bundrage knocked out former champion Cory Spinks to retain the title on a fight card filled with junior middleweights on Saturday.

Bundrage (32-4, 19 KOs) proved his win over Spinks (39-7, 11 KOs) a year ago was not a fluke in front of several thousand fans at Fantasy Springs Casino. Fans also saw a few very talented southpaws in Golden Boy Promotions stable.

Bundrage landed an overhand right bomb that plopped Spinks in round one in a roughhouse type of fight. The Michigan fighter wasn't about to allow Spinks to hold and hit.

Round two saw Spinks resort to holding and Bundrage tried his best to wrestle out of the clinging fighter from St. Louis. Both were warned for their tactics.

Spinks began to shoot his jab and combinations freely in round three. Bundrage had his moments with double right hands and some winging right sledgehammer type blows that missed. It was Spinks' best round so far.

During one of his clinches Spinks was tagged with a vicious uppercut and then three more followed from Bundrage as he took advantage of the lapse in protection by the St. Louis boxer. Spinks tried to rally but those blows were telling in round four.

The next few rounds went back and forth between the two foes but in round seven a sidewinder right hand sent Spinks down through the ropes. He got up and was sent down 40 seconds later with another right hand bomb. Spinks got up and was looked at carefully by the referee and sent out again. Bundrage took his time as Spinks held every chance and the fight ended with another right hand. Referee Ray Corona ended the fight at 2:32 without a count.

Bundrage retains the IBF title he took from Spinks last year.

Other bouts

Featherweight shooting star Gary Russell Jr. (20-0, 12 KOs) knocked down Mexico's Christopher Perez (23-3, 14 KOs) four times before referee Pat Russell stopped the fight at 1:41 of round three. Russell dropped Perez first with a right hook during an exchange in round two. In round three a straight left came blazing like a laser guided missile and down went Perez again. Another right hook put Perez down again in round three and he got up. Finally a one-two combination dropped Perez and the referee had seen enough. It was total domination by Maryland's Russell.

Cuba's Erislandy Lara (17-1-1, 11 KOs) used his speed, slick movements and a couple of head butts to gain a unanimous decision over Mexico City's Freddy Hernandez (30-3, 20 KOs) after 10 rounds of a junior middleweight decision. It was mostly Lara but he infused energy into Hernandez by head butting the Mexican fighter who was very angry by the move. A point was deducted from Lara in round seven by referee Wayne Hedgepeth. But Hernandez never could land enough power shots through Lara's guard. Most expected Lara to run right over Hernandez but it didn't happen. Judge David Denkin scored it 95-94, Fritz Werner 98-91 and Tom Taylor 99-90 for Lara.

San Diego's Antonio Orozco (15-0, 11 KOs) swarmed past Puerto Rico's Albert Cruz Jr. (9-4, 8 KOs) like an early summer hurricane and stopped the taller fighter at the end of round three of a junior welterweight bout. Orozco never let Cruz get his footing and attacked the body and head mercilessly. Cruz tried to counter the many combinations coming from Orozco but just got in more trouble for his efforts. By the end of round two it looked like the fight might be ended, but Cruz was sent out again for more punishment. After absorbing numerous uppercuts and a punishing left hook to the body, the fight was ended at the culmination of the round by referee Pat Russell on advice from the ringside physician.

Comment on this article

brownsugar says:

The promoters should have dressed Spinks and Bundrage up in Cowboy hats and Cowboy style boxing boots... They should have decorated the Ring with breakable bar stools and poker tables while they had some old dude in a neutral corner play a lively Western ditty as the boxing commissioner pinned a badge and put two 6-shooters on the referee.

And at the end of the bout the ref should have cuffed Spinks and thrown him the Hoosegow for being drunk and disorderly as he held and staggered about the Ring in one of the most chaotic bar fights ever to masquerade as a Title bout.

In the interview, Bundrage should have chewed on a wheat shaft while explaining to the announcers how the Wild, Wild, West was won.

Somewhere, if there's a Cowboy Heaven, John Wayne just spit a wadof skoal into a brass spittoon in celebration and approval of one of the ugliest and wildest melees ever to be televised by a major cable company.

brownsugar says:

The undercard was one sided.. it appears that in whatever state the fight was held... they sure hate stopping fights. They have no shame in milking as many knockdowns as possible while the bravest corner men in world hold out hope that their over matched fighters will get it together in the next round. Somebody give Steward a shot of whiskey and a shoulder rub... haven't seen Emmanuel that angry since Wlad let Chambers enter the 12th round.

Still it was an entertaining night of fight.

Time to move up Gary Russell, time to see what that blinding hand speed can do to a ranked contender.....bring on JuanMa

Canello (GoldenBoy)...... man up and take Lara on Sept 15th...he's the only worthy challenger left.

mortcola says:

Hey B-Sug - I really think Spinks is close to neurological damage. That holding and flopping was lack of motor control assisted by stunning clubbing shots from K-9. Spinks must retire.

brownsugar says:

Without a doubt Mort, Spinks was a shell of his former self. It was a sad display made more pronounced by Spinks vigorous denial after the fight.

DaveB says:

Good work B-Sug. I really enjoyed your commentary on the fight. Very funny.

the Roast says:

I think Lara would outbox Canelo. Lara is very smooth in there. Moves well, the little half step back to move just out of range, the head movement. I doubt Golden Boy will put Alvarez in with Lara.

Radam G says:

Wow! I disgree with TSS Super ROTY Mortcola and TSS Regular ROTY the Roast. NOPE! Cory Sprinks was overtrained and malnutritionized. He has never learned to eat an elite boxing diet. That drunk-man type of fighting and neurological damaging look were just from a fighter who was worn out from dropping 45lbs or so in three months.

You hang at a gym of super champions and cats, Mortcola. So you should not be surprised that often boxers with the lazy bug won't ever get it into their hardheads to be on da reality and actuality with diet and training. Too much or too little of both will make even the greatest of pugilist look neurological damaged and fighting drunk like ___ ___ ___!

YUP, @the Roast. Lara is good and so is Canelo, though a mountaineous overhyped. However, STILL, I'd pick the redheaded boywonder to set it off with the Cuban magician. He's tricky, but not that tricky.

I see Canelo stopping him in mid to late rounds, or at least running away with a decision. And da redheaded muthasucka better not catch judges Daune Ford or C.J. Ross. Ford's darkworld ties got him blinded to victory reality, and Ross's love of "Jungle Fever" got her blind to victory actuality. AND you KNOW that those muthacheat would shake up the world again, and have people want to harm Lara as the halfwits and triple nitwits are doing Timmy Bradley. Holla!

Radam G says:

Huh! BTW! Just so you will know. A lot of interviews, after a fighter get taken down like that, should be banned. FYI, about 25 percent of the time, REAL FIGHTERS who has been in DA REAL SQUARE JUNGLE, and got da double fudge hebejeebeez knocked out of 'em don't rememember SYET!

And I'm just going to name one example -- because it is long past. Go to Youtube, Daily Motions or whatever is your poison of reality film search, and holla at Marlin Starling gettin' KTFO by Tomas Molinares after the bell, and after referee Joe Cortez was gettin' one of his cheats on. Listen to Marlin's interview. He didn't remember ever gettin' KTFO. And that goes both ways.

One time a muthasucka from the Windy City hit me so hard that I didn't remember the bout, knocking his arse out in the first round or the day of the week. I was just asking for some lumpia, some balut and my slow-arse turtle -- Quickslow.

See Radam G -- the one and only -- is FOR REAL! And he KEEPS it REAL. Holla!

amayseng says:

great review brown sugar

also, why the heck is spinks fighting once a year?

or bundrage?

45 lbs in three months is insane, 45 lbs ever is too much let alone a professional

canelo vs lara would carry alot of hype, the fighter vs the boxer, gbp needs to man up

and make that fight...

show some confidence in canelo

mortcola says:

Respect, Radam. Time will tell. But that's the problem - if I'm right, Spinks is like a small Quick Tillis - a slick, light-hitting boxer without the teeth to hurt the big guys, and who then loses the only edge he has, his reflexes and coordination. Diet and weight loss makes it worse - but he looks to me like a guy who has been in the gym and in major fights for too many years, didn't take good enough care of himself, and now can't protect himself or absorb the damage anymore.

Radam G says:

I agree, Mortcola. It is a combination of lost reflexes, coordination, diet and weight loss. And that combo indeed makes it worse. Just as I thought about Ricky Hatton, I think about Cory Spinks. He should move up to light-heavy -- at least up to the pseudo-division of 168lbs -- or retire from the game YESTERDAY!

dino da vinci says:

I agree, Mortcola. It is a combination of lost reflexes, coordination, diet and weight loss. And that combo indeed makes it worse. Just as I thought about Ricky Hatton, I think about Cory Spinks. He should move up to light-heavy -- at least up to the pseudo-division of 168lbs -- or retire from the game YESTERDAY!

Radam, with all respect, if he moves up in weight he'll get electrocuted.

brownsugar says:

thanks Dave, Ameseng.... me thinks Spinks is done.

the Roast says:

Radam, with all respect, if he moves up in weight he'll get electrocuted.

Decapitated even.

Radam G says:

Probably, DdV. But losing the type of weight that Cory Spinks loses to fight at light middleweight is causing him problems regulating his body heat and hormones. Well controlled and well regulated body heat and hormones are essential for a combatant in any science or art of kicka$$. The torso and noggin getting too hot, and unable to cool send a pugilist into that drunken, shaky moving that Cory was doing.

Hehehehehe! Leave it to the Roast to come up with the shortest, funniest post of the year, while he has a dame's hot hinny pictured below his pseudonym. There is only one the Roast. Hahaha! Holla!

ali says:

Lara is boring *** hell to watch fight and hasn't really earned a title shot. K9 is horrible but at least he has a belt and his style will make for exciting fight Canelo although I don't think it will go pass 6 rounds cinnamon will beat the breaks off of him

undisputed34 says:

I have to say I was shocked at the outcome...stupefied even. Lol just joking. I think I could watch k9 fight every day of the week. For some reason he just reminds me of Mr T's character from rocky. Like a boxing body builder. Looks like spinx has completely lost his jinx. In a perfect boxing world I would pay to watch a fight between brundrage and katsidis, then it would be Rocky and Clubber Lang for real..

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