Arum On Fox News: I'm Fine With Federal Commission, IF It Doesn't Over-Regulate

BY Michael Woods ON June 21, 2012

PacquiaoMarquezIII Hogan 8Promoter Bob Arum went into the lion's den, and appeared on Greta Van Susteren's Fox news show on Thursday night, talking about The Decision, and the move by some DC pols to take a stab at "fixing" the sport.

Reporter Griff Jenkins told viewers that the WBO's five judge panel all said that Manny Pacquiao beat Tim Bradley on June 9. He spoke to WBO prez Francisco Valcarcel on the phone and he said that the WBO is "sure" Manny won.

Arum, a diehard Dem who worked in the Justice Department under Robert F. Kennedy and has stumped for Nevada Senator Harry Reid a bunch, then talked about the decision, which he termed horrendous. Jenkins asked Arum if he supported a federal boxing commission, as has been floated by Senators Reid and John McCain (R-Arizona). "Don't overregulate," Arum recommended to McCain, reminding him that he's not Barney Frank.

Pretty slick, that Arum, busting chops on one of the GOP's favorite targets, the Dem Congressman from Massachusetts, Frank. One would never recall that Arum said, "Manny Pacquiao reminds me of Barack Obama," back in 2008, as Obama was chugging towards an election victory. Yep, here was another example of why Bob is the best in the business, light years, I'd say, beyond the rest of the promotional pack when it comes to working the political angles of the game.

deepwater says:

even sherlock holmes would say arum is guilty. the one who yells the most about corruption is hidiing right in front of your eyes. the federal gov is a beauracracy that is inherently in-effective. a subcommitee to report to the commitee to call a meeting to discuss appointing meetings and ect ect ect. its a ploy. how effecient it the post office vs ups. hold the commissions to account. vote with your wallets. thats the only way. look at the millions wasted on the inability to convict roger clemons. we the tax payer payed for it. the government makes no money they only take it from one group and give it to another. fed commission= bad. dont buy arum pay per views. call top rank and tell them you want judges replaced.

deepwater says:

barney franks boyfriend got busted for running a gay prostitution ring out of barney franks basement that specialised in 18 year old boys for dirty old men. barney frank and chris dodd bill is nonsense that does more harm then good. the security excange commission was in place at the time of illegal activities. they did not do their job. the regulations were in place but people connected to the government usually break the laws when they can get away with it and make a profit. more regulations from a corrupt government represented by the likes of crooked john mccain, harry reid, and the rest of the crooks will bear no fruit. these guys should be tarred and feathered as our economy gets worse and worse. these keynsian economics have brought more pain and suffering to the world. repudiate the debt, bring back glass steagall act, and bring back free market capitalism instead of the keynesisn crony capitalism we are operating under this present government. buy gold and silver to protect yourself from the coming hyper inflation.

deepwater says:

the 2 theories. which 1 do you support???? Keynesian school – All recessions are bad and must be suppressed by government actions. This protects established businesses and jobs. The methods are elaborate and costly, but a benefit to the public overall.

Austrian school – When markets stray too far from reality they must be purged by adversity. This clears unneeded or failing enterprises so capital is not allocated wastefully, and new businesses can emerge. Periodic small recessions are the price of a healthy economy.

Radam G says:

I get it now. Whenever you have a Jew working for a Catholic, just PLAIN the Jew of every crime under the sun. WOW! Next the assassination of Robert Kennedy will be BLAMED on Da BobFather. Holla!

deepwater says:

barney frank and bob arum corrupt no matter what religion they claim to be.

SouthPaul says:

I get it now. Whenever you have a Jew working for a Catholic, just blame the Jew of every crime under the sun. WOW! Next the assassination of Robert Kennedy will be BLAMED on Da BobFather. Holla!

Humourous minds think alike. I too ran the Silly Kennedy conspiracy thru my crazy head. Had thought if one was zealous enough he could see Bobby Arum sitting ringside on the grassy knoll. And thakfully that old school video camera had no sound so no interence from any bias conmentary. But yea, next behind the brotha.. Jewish folk still got it racially toughest. The power of suggestion is an evil mechanism. In that regard Neo Nazi Germany and the Hitler propaganda machine succeeded to the fullest. Then and now. Back to boxing. Disturbing how all roads lead to Bob Arum. He's only a road in maze of highway ifastructure that needs repairing. He isn't the only cat making in-house play. Some focus needs to be directed over the Golden Boy Promotions. If anyone benefits from in-house business it would be them. They're infants in comparison to Top Rank in terms of business and estasbliment. Its them who likely need to keep their money amongst the circle of fighters and partners. What needs to happen is a mediator come in and get both promotional companies to contractually agree to co-promoting a variety of events in a sensible time frame. All profits after fight purses and expenses then divided up equally between the two promotional entities. HBO and Showtime need to consider it. They have the power to lean hard on these stubborn suckas.

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