Dunkin Senses More Deciding Bradley Win Not A "Robbery"

BY Michael Woods ON June 21, 2012

PacquiaoBradley Hogan 10Cameron Dunkin is OK, really he is, if you don't think his guy Timothy Bradley beat Manny Pacquiao, as two of three judges said on the night of June 9. But it burns his buns when he hears, to this day, people who think Pacquiao won ten or eleven rounds.

"It's insane to say that," said the best pure, real-deal boxing manager in the business today. "And people are saying, 'Let's change boxing.' They're so full of (expletive). That was close, say Tim won it, say Manny won it...but to say it was blowout, it's the ruination of boxing, the worst decision in thirty years..Duane Ford was right, CJ Ross was right, Jerry Roth was right. But to have it 119-109!"

Yes, Dunkin is biased toward his guy, Bradley. But he told me he senses that more and people are coming around closer to his way of thinking. Even if they don't think Bradley won, more and more media and fight fans are re-thinking their original stance. They aren't so inclined to so quicky attach the word "robbery" to the controversial--lord, that's an understatement--decision.

Dunkin referenced a YouTube video which is now a viral sensation. He said he watched the presentation, which attempts to build a case that Bradley didn't get much benefit of the doubt from the HBO crew on fight night, three times, and had sent Bradley the video for his perusal as well. "That video was pretty professional," Dunkin said. Wait, he didn't have a hand in producing it, did he? He laughed; "I wish," he said.

Dunkin said that two weeks on, Bradley was still a bit edgy, still not having embraced the decision, and the post-fight flak. "That video will make him feel a lot better," the manager said. Dunkin said Bradley was concerned that promoter Top Rank is down on him. "Is Top Rank done with me?" Bradley asked Dunkin. No, Dunkin assured him, things will smooth out.

So..will Bradley get a rematch? Dunkin said he is assuming a rematch will not be next, for Manny or Bradley, so he is looking at other foes, and for Bradley to get back into the ring sometime in October, November or even December. "Arum said they couldn't sell the rematch, but a lot of people are waking up, and that may change it. I think Bob and Todd want Marquez, but does Manny want Marquez?" And we've all heard Freddie Roach say he's not thrilled with the idea of a fourth Marquez fight. "It's all Manny's call," Dunkin said. But, Dunkin and Bradley are putting forth a united front, maintaining their pride, and one gets the sense Dunkin would like Top Rank to reach out to them and do a bit of smoothing over, show Bradley a bit of love, if they decide to go ahead with a fight to render that Decision less relevant. Me, I'm for it. You guys know I rewatched the fight a couple days after, and found that most of the rounds could plausibly be scored for Bradley in the mind of a judge.  Not really the criteria I normally use, but plausible is the key word. Using more super slo-mo, I saw Bradley slipping a lot more than I did on fight night, so yes, I think the kid deserves the opportunity to prove that he can win without controversy. Yes, I'd buy it..and so would you, so quit the discerning consumer tough-talk. The hype for the rematch would be immense; people are still arguing this fight weeks after it went down, even more than the last Pacquiao-Marquez fight, so yes, I do believe Arum can sell the fight.

Bradley doesn't need convincing; he was just telling Dunkin how little Pacman touched him on June 9. "He hit me four times, I can count the times, he hit me four times solid," Bradley told Dunkin.  Not on the face, but the side of head, Bradley maintains. He thinks Pacman has pop, but his hand speed isn't anything stellar. So, has Manny slipped? Dunkin doesn't think so; he was up close and saw the Filipino have some success on June 9. More so, he thinks Bradley is a slick defender. Yes, Dunkin concedes, we did see Manny lose steam, not like the Manny from a couple years ago, so, I guess, that does count as slippage.

At press time, we hear Manny is inclined to want a rematch. So...what say you, readers? Have you softened on the stance of The Decision as a massive robbery? Would you buy the rematch? Has Manny slipped? Weigh in!

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amayseng says:

uh, i dont understand this, "bradley doesnt need convincing" ???

after the bout bradley is on video stating to arum that he tried but couldnt beat the guy

then to his trainer that mayweather cant beat pacman that pacman wont stop coming...

the fix was in....


the judges gave round 7 to bradley, a round in which pac had bradley hurt and out

landed him 22 to 9 in power shots....

now bradley is quoted as saying he would get arrested for fighting bailey because baily is old and tim would hurt him in his old age...

he is also running his mouth about khan and others..

bradley being humble and respectable was all a FARCE.

he is a punk, or he is mad he married a FAT girl

ya i said it.

deepwater says:

wow more nonsense . dunkin is alot of things but he is not ok. another snake around the sweet science. you writers on here are sure looking to kiss some arse to the industry players.whats in it for you? a better seat at a fight or do you feel good about yourself when you see one of these idiots. grow a pair.

deepwater says:

bailey would decapitate that big head with a lethel right hand. tim is just acting like a confused thug now that he gets no props.

Radam G says:

Dunkin Donuts -- I mean Cameron Dunkin -- is all fudged up from that bad food in his system. Da muthasucka would not tell the truth about his weight, health or his sorry-arse fighter Bradley. Dude screwed Bradley's last promoter Gary Shaw, so why would anybody expect honesty out of Dunkin.

He is like boxing -- naturally crooked like a banana, and goes apesyet pretending to believe his own bullsh*t. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Dunkin thinks he's advocating for Bradley and so be it but you also rubbing it in and pissing fans off. Jerk.

SouthPaul says:

LMAO at the crooked banana comment. Holla'! LOL

ultimoshogun says:

The fight was close enough to warrant a rematch...lets lace 'em up and do it again in november to settle it.

Kamaong Bakal says:

Did Cameron just admitted that Bradley did lose the fight? I watched the fight like 4 times and I still came out with Pacquiao winning 8-4 from my original score of 9-3 in favor of Pacquioa. I personally think that if they have the rematch that Pacquioa will beat the hell out of Tim. You can on his post fight interview that he was very upset and steaming but he was just being civil about it. " I can still fight ", I will be a warrior out there during the rematch. I think that he had mentioned this during his interviewed................

deepwater says:

forget bradley. make mayweather vs pac asap b4 it loses anymore appeal. even fans of pacman dont want to see rematch. i really would love it if pac said who needs the rematch, who needs arum and fights mayweather and gets it over with

The Good Doctor says:

forget bradley. make mayweather vs pac asap b4 it loses anymore appeal. even fans of pacman dont want to see rematch. i really would love it if pac said who needs the rematch, who needs arum and fights mayweather and gets it over with

Look for it in 2013. Pac's contract is up with Arum then. Cotto was the first to leave Arum and get a Mayweather fight, Pac should be next.

Radam G says:

Da Manny is staying with Da BobFather. GBP already tried some separation jive a while back. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Yea, Oscar tried getting Manny to sign a contract and take a bag of money at a LA taco stand. Or was that another fighter? Either way De la hoya must've been high on cocaine pulling some nonsense like that. I mention the cocaine addiction because I beleive its valid thing to bring up. You got this cat blasted out of his mind on cocaine and booze... crossdressing... yet we are blamming Arum for every other thing that goes wrong in the sport. Imagine how hard it is to put a fight together with a CEO/promoter who is high out of his mind and also has a grudge agsainst you? C'mon now, folks.

ali says:

Amayseng I agree with everything thing u said. And he's mad he married a fat girl LMAO!!! Another thing he says Mayweather is too arrogant but he's been sounding more arrogant then Mayweather SMH.

Radam G says:

Let it go, guys! Get off the likes of Tim Bradley. I disagree. He married a "fat girl," because to him she is beautiful. Of all people, you know this, SCLA Ali. A lot of brothas like their women "THICK!!!"

Bradley is a loud-mouthed hypocrite and braggart and BIG LIAR! But there are a lot of jokers like that in da game. But, trust me! He ain't mad at cha!' Or about his wifey being THICK! His mother is that way. His sister is that way. And he has a few aunties and cousins who are that THICK -- I mean that way.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Let's be REAL MEN, and let a man have his choice of what is beautiful to him. SCLA Ali, you like da damsels with big a$$es. Some guys don't like all that a$$, because big syet comes with a big a$$es. And just imagine when she has gas. Hehehehehe! Some cats like the big breast action. And some dudes like the big legs action. And ME! Yall kno' ME! I down with O-P-P! Hahahaha! Holla!

amayseng says:

@radam i made that fat girl statement because bradley sees it is ok to

disrespect an aging fighter who won a belt just because he is older...

no one can control aging, but we can control how many twinkies we eat each day.

so ya i said it to make a point since bradley and his big mouth have no problem

putting a guy down for aging

Radam G says:

Not always, amayseng. There are people with certain types of genes that make them fat, just like there are those with certain types of genes they make them tall. Nonetheless, Bradley likes his wife FAT. It is just some men who like what they call "THICK" women.

Everybody is aging, even Bradley. He was just talking syet. Da Manny will probably KAYO him in fight II. Bradley is a lucky scary-arse man just wolfing now. He was scared sh*tless of Da Manny. And Bradley did indeed thought that he lost that fight before the decision was announced. It is only a matter of time before the world hears exactly what he said. Technology is GRAND! Holla!

rizzle says:

I gave a lot of credit and some respect for Bradley and his "crew" for Tim's achievements and great pre-fight salesmanship. But for Bradley to still think he won and say that he only felt four solid hits from Manny makes me laugh and loose all respect and credit to the desert dweller. I guess it only took four felt punches from Manny to hurt and scare Timmy for the remainder of the fight and run away hesitant to go toe to toe after feeling only "four punches". I now officially dislike the Bradley crew, especially the Dunkin Donuts guy.

rizzle says:

@ amayseng, your comment had me rolling at the end about Bradley and the fat girl, mean but damn I couldn't help but to lol.

First of all, I would like to say I had a lot of respect for Bradley and gave credit where it was due for his accomplishments pre pacquiao fight. but for him to keep thinking he still won for him to say he only felt four solid punches from Manny is laughable. I guess it only took four "solid punches" for Bradley to realize he couldn't hang with Manny that sent Bradley running away the whole fight. And what's up with the fractured foot and both ankles hurt from the fight? Looks like he needs to workout his ankles and more and stop focusing on the rest of his useless muscles that we're clearly of no use against PAC-man.
Anyways, as for Bradley and his little crew, I lost all respect for the desert dwellers. Oh and also that Dunkin Donuts guy should Keep his mouth shut, he keeps trying to justify that it was a close fight.....really?

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