Thoughts On Floyd's Request To Do Time At Home?

BY Michael Woods ON June 14, 2012

MayweatherCotto Hogan 91The minimal time I spent in jail was by no means a pleasant outing for me, though the downside was minimized by the knowledge that it wouldn't be a sleepover, that I'd be released in a few hours. I guess I figured Floyd Mayweather would sort of see things the same way, and since I see him to be a person who does possess a good deal of mental discipline, as evidenced by his training regiment, his superb record, his long run as a superstar in the sport, I thought he'd do his 87 days or less in the can without a fuss. Thought wrong..Mayweather reached out to his counsel, and had them on Wednesday petition the court to shift him to house arrest, or at least move him out of his solitary station, and into general population at the Clark County (NV) Detention Center. The boxer's counsel said the food and water at the facility where Floyd is staying is subpar, and that he has been unable to exercise, to the point that his skills as a boxer could deteriorate irrevocably.

"It's jail," the prosecutor, Lisa Luzaich said to the AP. "Where did he think he was going? The Four Seasons?"

The sarcastic tone of Luzaich has been shared by some weighing in on social media. They find it surprising that the boxer, who has boasted about coming up the hard way, and pals around with gangsta rapper 50 Cent, didn't do his stint without a fuss. Others note, in his defense, that doing time is not easy for anyone, and that he is something of a sensitive soul, that much of the hubris seen before his fights is merely a front, to promote the bout.

I checked in with Attorney Keith Sullivan, who is geared up because client Andy Lee gets a crack at WBC middleweight champ Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Saturday in Texas (HBO will televise), because he has expertise about the justice system, and the fight game, to opine on the development.

"Jail is the great equalizer," Sullivan told me. "It has a way of humbling men who think they are the baddest of bad. It's a place where anger, violence and noise are the norm 24/7.
Of course Pretty Boy wants out sooner than later- who wouldn't. Sure people will bark that he loses street cred for seeking confinement to his mansion to serve out his sentence, but come on, who are we kidding, did he even have an once of real street cred to begin with? He is a multi-multi millionaire and has been for most of his adult life."

The court denied Floyd's request--the arbiter didn't buy the overwrought argument that the fighter might have to retire because of his decline due to detainment--and Sullivan applauded the move. "They rightfully should," he said.

Readers, what are your thoughts on the Floyd request to shift his detainment?

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Radam G says:

WOW! Can we ever get rid of this Floydeligion jive! _____ HIM! This is what da bytch get for whuppin' his babies' momma.

I'm reminded of when I thought that I was all tough and stuff and was down with "The Asian Boys" of Southern California. Everybodee and my momma and pops weren't having it. I got sent to the boarding school in Manila, Philippines, but was still out of control. And use to sneak off from the school and ditch like a bytch. And I be double da fudge d&mn that some U.S. Navy air pilots set me up after I paid them to fly me to American-occupied Cubi Point, NAS. WTF! My parents and my U.S. Army colonel brother-in-law and big sister were staring me right in my eyeballs and had my arse shifted to Hong Kong ASAP. Holla!

deepwater says:

cheap *** 50 cent cant respect floyd anymore after this. i mean government witness 50 cent sure likes jail in his videos. 50 cent is a fake. floyd is a fake. do your freaking bid like a man floyd. stay in your little cell and be thankful you are in that little cell and not in a dorm room with the black section,white section,spanish section. you would be shanked in no time if you were not in protective lockdown. the reality is floyd acts like a tough talking street gangster like government witness 50 cent when they are safe behind their security teams. 50 cent wont even go to queens anymore because there is still a hit on him for being a rat. so see ladies and gentleman , the gangster life is all an act from these guys. real gangsters do their jail term and shut the f up about it. and woods going to a drunk tank for a dwi has nothing to do with jail.

amayseng says:

fantastic boxer, yes he is.

a man, not a chance.

real men raise their children without violence and are against roughing up women.

floyd is straight looking pathetic, seriously.

the scott van pelt show, two days in a row has been making fun of him about this....


man up, grow a pair and do your time. he is lucky he isnt dealing with the cruel details and situations of real jail, which is other inmates...

he is dealing with being stuck in his room with no one to play with and his nintendo confiscated. meaning his punishment is like a 14 year olds, its more of being stuck in a room with nothing to do and no where to go.

and 12 days and he has had enough....


SouthPaul says:

Hard for me to get on board with calling Floyd a vagina or sissy or a punk for not doing his time quietly and patiently. I will clown him all day everyday till he's released and some but my overall true feeling is he isn't having that tuff a time .. doing his time. Mouthpiece like him never shuts up. He's likely for the most part just advertising his product. He talks, we react. Cycle of chatter. And truthfully, unless you're doing life, one should never get too comfortable in that environment or you're likely to find yo' self back in it. Be you, Commissary Floyd, it's all very entertaining at this point. DING DING---- If I am not mistaken it's chow time on the West Coast. Bon appetit, Pretty Boy! Pretty Boy... great jailhouse name.

brownsugar says:

How can anyone call Mayweather or 50 cent a gansta,...50cent made his money on rap then diversified to bottled water and straight to video movies. Mayweather has been chasing celebrityship since the beginning. Getting a gig on Dancing with the stars and some VHS dating show.

All the real gansta's are dead or in prison,... and nobody who lives as comfortably as Mayweather wants to be one.

A gansta is a fool that doesn't value his own life.

but I get it....

have your fun... the time is ripe for it. but who will have the last laugh.

Mayweather should have shown up in court smelling like feces, slinging snot and drizzling tears. then he would have made an impression.

As it stands, he's come to realize there's nowhere to go and adapt like everybody else.

he'll read his fan mail and reflect on his life. and out of boredom he'll start working out hour apon hour in the wee hours of the night.

and if the stars are aligned right.... Pac will be the first one he'll want to take his frustration out on.

Radam G says:

First of all, Curtis Jackson was a real gangsta, who got his arse shot. The doctors took nine slugs out of him. Finally, Commissary Pretty Boy Lil' Floyd JunJun won't mess with Da Manny. Da Manny will take his frustration out on the convicted woman whuppa and KAYO him EARLY! Hehehe! Holla!

Radam G says:

YUP! Lil' Floyd is a great boxer. But an upside da flozzie's-noggin punk. Holla!

SouthPaul says:

Yea, wordddd, Fiffffty isn't that far removed from who he once was and that isn't meant as an insult. On the contrary. A compliment. He's a real street dude. Step to that nugga' wrong and I'll bet the house he'd break one down like a fold up cane. Commissary Floyd most def needs to keep 'em in the circle. He'd be the first to blast and last to dash.

JabNGab says:

Remember that Floyd probably loves boxing most, of all things in his life; also, he probably is obsessed with working out and keeping his body in shape. If he truly is getting out of shape in jail...I reckon it is making him miserable to just sit and think about it all day everyday. However, Floyd knew what to expect going into jail so maybe his lawyers were just trying everything to get him out of jail.

I listen to Floyd talk; he comes from a single parent low income home. Floyd has drank tap water before. Floyd has done without food before. Floyd has dealt with shame before (being poor is embarassing so often). To call Floyd spoiled given his background is ridiculous.

Floyd talks a lot of trash and brags alot, but something about him does not seem like a mean spirited person. I think it has to do with how positive he is when speaking about opponents after the fight. It is really astounding the hear sometimes...

amayseng says:

JabNGab dont forget floyd has been a pro since he was 19 and wealthy since he was
21 or so and a multi millionaire since he was 25 or so.

he is 35 now, that means he has had money and been a spoiled brat for 15 years.

from what i hear he has another mansion and cars like the ones in vegas in miami.

he gets what he wants when he wants it for 15 years now.

most of us can not relate.

SouthPaul says:

He been paid for a while... 4sho'. A king amongst us every day folk. But today that doesn't matter because its noon time in Las Vegas Nv and Commissary Floyd is having a sack lunch that likely consist of a peanutbutter/jelly sandwich- small container of milk-- and maybe an orange or apple. Today he is less common than both you and I, brotha'.

deepwater says:

Curtis Jackson is a government rat who ratted mcgriff from the supreme team it

deepwater says:

Floyd is getting a slice of bologna with a packet of mustard and 1 stale milk. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

RoanJay0407 says:

For Floyd to feel happy, he should just think that whatever he eats are still a luxury for most people in this planet!!.. You are such a lucky guy Floydie.....hehehehe!!

amayseng says:

Floyd is getting a slice of bologna with a packet of mustard and 1 stale milk. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

hey its saturday, isnt that stale plain donut day???

its his lucky day!!!!

brownsugar says:

Thanks TSS for expression your heartfelt comments.
Please share your inspirational concerns with Floyd at:
ID# 01363917, Clark County Detention Ctr, 330 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89101, via U.S Mail.

Radam G says:

I would sneak Commissary Lil' Floyd some balut and betamax and a jug of tuba, but he doesn't eat ducks or chickens while they are babies still inside the eggshells. He just beat his babies' momma in front of them and just ducks opponents and is a fudging chicken and love drinking "Mountain Dew." And he doesn't eat fried-up, cubed-up chicken blood. Hehehehe!

He ought just eat the food and drink the tap water at Clark County Five-Star Hotel and STFU! Holla!

SouthPaul says:


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