Congrats to 2011 TSS Reader of the Year, Mortcola

BY Michael Woods ON March 07, 2012

IMG 6745From left to right: Randy Gordon, TSS 2011 Reader of the Year Mortcola, and Gerry Cooney

Confession: It is with the slightest hesitation I bestow the honor of TSS 2011 Reader of the Year. Because the communication skills shown by the 2011 TSS R.O.Y. is of a caliber that can put a "pro" fightwriter, a full-time practitioner, to shame.

I suppose it's the same feeling that a singer, even one of some renown, feels when they tune in to "American Idol" and see some barmaid from Biloxi, or cruise ship crooner from Kansas belt a rendition of a tune that blows them out of the water. Well, time to get over the bruising of the ego..because the contributions "Mortcola," the 2011 TSS Reader of the Year, has made to TSS over the years have, quite simply, lifted the site to another level.

When he weighs in on the Forum, his wisdom, both on the technical aspects of the sport, and the mental and emotional facets, is obvious and immense.

You'll get a hint as to how and why Mortcola is seen as an integral part of the TSS Universe when you check out his bio in the Forum. "Psychologist, musician, former amateur boxer, currently training with a great bunch of former and present fighters and world class trainer and referees." Under interests, he lists: "Music, boxing, writing, loving my family."

To me, it's clear this guy lives an examined life, and that's the sort of person I'm so pleased is attracted to TSS, because I know that when Mortcola weighs in on a post, and leaves a comment, his take won't be trifling, or flip, or condescending. It will be reasoned, and well-structured, entertaining and useful.

He joins Radam, El'Feroz and Brown Sugar, past winners of Reader of the Year.

Mortcola, thank you for taking the time and energy to help make this site a much better place. Congratulations on this honor,

Editor Mike

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donputo69 says:

I got robbed in 2008....I could of easily won it that year....Holla back!!!

Radam G says:

First congrats to Mortcola. The East keep having a feast. Whaddup wif dat? C'mon, WEST, we have to put that to rest. That East Coast U.S.A is dominating. They remind of the K-docs/bros. Hehehehe! I'm ust shootin' the ___ ____! Maybe the Roast will win the paid award. Right now the East got us Westerners beat like muthachumps. The score is not 3 East 1 West 1 quasi East.

Okay Westerners, all hail to Mortcola. He is follows a great trails. Your's truly, the quasi-winner Da Don, El Fe'Roz and B-Sug. Hey, but we Westerners are coming hard for 2012. Holla!

the Roast says:

That stings. Not sure what to say here. Make a joke? Claim I was robbed? Truth is I knew as soon as I read Mort's entry the judges would go ga ga. Comedys never win Best Picture. Congratulations Mortcola on winning an essay contest in 2012 to determine the Reader of the Year for 2011. Sour grapes? Yep.

MisterLee says:

Congrats Mort! We still love you Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal... AKA- "The Roast." One day one of Will Smith's blockbusters WILL get an OSCAR (minus the fishnet!). Good stuff man! Keep it up! BTW- What new name does Gamboa get? "Yur Not Gonna Fight Him" Gamboa?

deepwater says:

the fix is in. woods and mortcola are drinking away the $500. Don deserves it on principle alone

Radam G says:

Hehehehehe! The Roast and Deepwater, whaddup wif dat? You dudes are trying to get on your hitmen assassinations with comedy. You comicutioners gotta stop. No death by causing the BIG giggles, PLEASE! Holla!

gibola says:

Congratulations Mortcola - I've enjoyed reading your comments and responses, even when you disagree with me! Congrats again, well deserved!

mortcola says:

Hey guys! This is an honor, awesome....(signal for wrap it up....tears are flowing). My regular friends don't care about boxing, it has been so beautiful to be back around the ring and knowledgeable, enthusiastic boxing people, and I can honestly say I love this community of scoundrels and experts. Cheers!

deepwater says:

hey Mort do you still box or compete in the masters division?

mortcola says:

Hey deep, I train three times a week, spar now about once a week with some good amateurs and beginner pros, and made a promise to my deceased friend Wayne to do the masters thing, because he kept insisting I had more talent and better fundamentals than the other old guys in the gym. I promised him I would, and got a lot of support from the guys (and women - its a great women's gym), who keep telling me the only thing between me and wins in the masters is better cardio - I don't have much boxing trouble during the two and three round sparring sessions I manage to get, but the wind sucks. I keep making the excuse, a good one, that I work a sixty hour week and have a small kid, and keep falling short of the training to get my cardio where it needs to be and lose the last 15 pounds so I don't have to be a 5'10" cruiserweight. But, yeah, its gonna happen. In a lot of ways, I'm slicker and better than when I was young and quick but raw. But that last bit of dedication isn't there yet. You sparring with some really good guys, right?

ali says:


ali says:

The Don is back say it ain't so..

dino da vinci says:

Congratulations are certainly in order. Along with looking forward to reading TSS's journalists and writers, there are a handful of guys I look forward to hearing their comments. None more than mortcola.

We do get some great insight here, and mortcola is a large part of that.

Again, well deserved.

deepwater says:

cool Mort. get to gleasons in ny may 31. they are having a masters tournament. they will match you right. and its only 3 1.5 min rounds. you got 12 weeks to have a camp

DaveB says:

Congratulations Mortcola. You are so good. Thanks for sharing your insights within the free flow of ideas (okay I stole that line from you but it is so true).

MisterLee says:

Mortcola has a family! I'd say it's right for him to "Gamboa" on this tournament. Pc!

the Roast says:

Well, I'm going to move to Italy and make movies. For future reference, nobody's posts should be "trifiling, flip, or condescending." we need to suck all the fun out of this place. I wonder how many of those whopping 288 post were spent running FighterforJC out of town. Over 900 posts and 1200 visits to one's homepage were not enough in 2011. I should have used my thesaurus more. So Donputo69 was never the reader of the year in 2008? We should have an essay contest to name the '08 winner! Bad decisions are a big part of boxing history. One more won't make a differance. Caio bella.

mortcola says:

Hey Roast, are you saying I danced and only wrote 30 seconds of every round? You want a lot of flashy, shoe-shine words, or a few well-placed combinations? Besides, all I really did was cut the ring off on F4JC until he fouled himself out of the game. He was like Golota, except he wasn't landing any punches except the testicle shots - to himself. But, all kidding aside, there are guys like you who know some deep boxing and put a lot of time into this, and THAT is why I hang out here. I lurrrv, luhluhluhluh, (facial contortions) looooooovv, uuuh, I can't say it.... you guys rock.

mortcola says:

Only Mexican tribes of a certain origin run better on beer Mort. Put down the brew until after the workout and watch that heartrate begin to sustain it's climb. lol

My methods are unconventional, but also ineffective.

brownsugar says:

Excellent choice for ROTY, Congrats Mort.

mortcola says:

Well deserved from afar (LA) Mort and long overdue.

Thank, Fe'Roz! Where are you?

ultimoshogun says:

Congrats mortcola!! Keep your head up roast, you'll forever be the resident ladies man & life of the party here at TSS!

Radam G says:

Everybodeee and dey momma know how da games is crooked like a banana and makes people go ape sh*t! Well, since Mortcola is a great fan of Docs/bros K in this era of many alphabet champions, we are moving him up to 2011 TSS "Super" Reader of The Year, and given the Roast "Regular" Reader of The Year. And why, we are at it, let's give da Don 2011 TSS "Reader in Recess" Reader of The Year. Holla!

mortcola says:

Hah! As long as you keep your corrupt paws off my endorsement deals.

Radam G says:

Hehehehe! No chance of that. Every joker and his sidekick want a bite of everything. And endorsement deals are where the real moola is. Holla!

dino da vinci says:

Everybodeee and dey momma know how da games is crooked like a banana and makes people go ape sh*t! Well, since Mortcola is a great fan of Docs/bros K in this era of many alphabet champions, we are moving him up to 2011 TSS "Super" Reader of The Year, and given the Roast "Regular" Reader of The Year. And why, we are at it, let's give da Don 2011 TSS "Reader in Recess" Reader of The Year. Holla!

And this is why I love this crazy fella.

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