Alexander, Broner Notch Wins on HBO, Over Maidana and Perez

BY Michael Woods ON February 25, 2012

alexander vs maidana posterIt wasn't always pretty, but what Devon Alexander did to Marcos Maidana in the main event which unfolded at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday night was pretty darned effective. Alexander never let the bomber get in a rhythm. He launched, and then tied Maidana up rather than sticking and moving quite often, leaving Maidana frustrated with no Plan B by midway. Alexander stayed smart through ten, and had his hands raised, recipient of a unanimous decision, by scores of 100-90, 100-90, 99-91. TSS saw a shutout win.

Maidana didn't look the bomber at 147 that he does 140, so perhaps he'll head back down. Alexander won the stats war, going 168-493 to 93-419 for Maidana. After, Alexander told Max Kellerman that he did better on this night than in some recent bouts because he felt better at 147, most of all. He said he is still working on relaxing, because he looks to hurt his foe. He thought he deserved a knockdown, as well. Up next? "It don't matter," he said. "I'll continue to learn, I'll fight whoever." Kellerman told Maidana he got dominated like he never had before. The loser said he was very fast, and a lefty, and that the division is not for him.

 Alexander (age 25; from St. Louis; 22-1 with 13 KOs entering; ex junior welter champ) was 146 1/2 pounds Friday, while Maidana (age 28; 31-2 with 28 KOs entering; from Argentina) was 146 3/4 on Friday.

Maidana, holding wins over Victor Ortiz and Erik Morales, looked to see what Devon had for most of the first. The lefty Cunningham, two fights from his lone loss, to Timothy Bradley, looked to poke and move. Trainer Kevin Cunningham told Devon to take his time, and that he was looking good. He did look comfy at 147. Corner Cristian Rodriguez told Maidana that his D looked solid.

In the second, Maidana recalled that the fight was set for only ten rounds. He got busier and looked to stalk more. Alexander landed and then grabbed, as noted Harold Lederman, who had Devon up 2-0.

In the third, Alexander tried to land and spin out, or clinch. He had a cut on his right eye, caused by a punch, and not unexpected since it happens almost every fight to him. Cunningham told his guy to relax, and he said it with a curse word, which maybe isn't the most relaxing way to hear it. The fight was a bit chippy, with grinding heads, some late shots, and the like.

In the fourth, we saw more wrestling, but then Devon looked to throw and maintain a distance. He did eat a counter right coming in, but wore it well near the end of another round he won.

In the fifth, Maidana, still plodding forward,  still wasn't in a flow. He kept getting wrapped up by Alexander. Cunningham demanded his kid relax after another round he won in effective if aesthetically pleasing fashion.

In the sixth, Alexander landed and then grabbed. It wasn't pretty but it was pretty effective. A right hook had the crowd amped. Maidana then went to the mat off a straight left and a shove but ref Steve Smoger said no knockdown.

In the seventh, Alexander scored high and low, and it was hard to see Maidana changing the game. Maidana threw late, his frustration showing. "You're waiting too much," Maidana heard after. In the eighth, combos added up for Devon, who was clearly in a mode. The crowd sensed stoppage. In the ninth, Alexander, fresher, feeling in control, mixed low and high. Devon stayed sharp and smart in the tenth.

WBO junior featherweight champ Adrien Broner showed the goods in the TV opener, as he discombulated Eloy Perez in round four of his title defense. The Cinci-based boxer, age 22, threw a lead right which put the 25 year-old Perez on the mat, his brain cells buzzing hard, leaving him unable to gain his feet, and the end came at 2:24.

Broner (23-0 with 19 KOs), who used his A-grade handspeed to nice effect, went 58-189 to 26-160 for the California-based loser, who went to 23-1-2.

Broner talked to Max Kellerman after. He was shown the KO, and he said he wasn't trying for a KO. He talked up his footwork, and said he should be on "Dancing With the Stars." he said he could fight at 130, or 135. "They call me the problem, but you can call me the can man, cause anyone can get it, Africans, Americans, Dominicans, Mexicans, anybody can get it."

Readers, who would you like to see Broner fight next?

SPEEDBAG Bob Papa chatted with Lamont Peterson before the main event. He said he's blocked out Amir Khan's sour grapes in the last couple months. The DC-based boxer said he'll jab more and move his head more. "I honestly think I can knock him out this time," he said.

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brownsugar says:

You Should read Woodsy's article on ESPN(a nice piece),... I picked Alexander because I knew he'd be bigger, stronger and too mobile for the Argentine Terror. no surprise. 147 is a different world for Maidana but Kudos for his willingness to follow Alexander into his home town, the stinkin Lou.....(and I'm not talking about the bad sewage system) As many bad decisions that have occured in that state... the prospect of fighting there had to be worse than the prosepect of fighting Devon. Maidana had to go there with the sole intention of winning by KO. The all action hero still gets my vote for the boxer with the most balls in the sport.

gibola says:

Agree - Maidana not effective at 147, why he took this fight I've no idea. Alexander did not impress me, a strong welterweight will walk through him. Maidana needs to get back to 140, he didn't look stronger, he just looked fleshy.
Broner very impressive again but needs to cut out the ridiculous showboating. Humiliating outclassed opponents is not impressing anyone, let your skills speak for you Adrian.
PS - Has there ever been a more blatant PBF impression in the ring than Broner's? All Broner needs to do is burn dollars in a club, hire a load of yes-men, take violent exception to anyone who isn't a yes-man and avoid tough opponents like the plague and he could be the new P4P leader of our sport.

amayseng says:

It's nice to see that Alexander finally knows how to sit down on his punches.
What a difference that makes. He looked good.

Broner looked good too but I can do without all his
Ridiculous antics. He was dancing while Perez was on the canvas.

Boxing is a sport a competition.

What if we woke up today and found Perez died
Over night from a brain bleed? And broner
Was dancing while this guy was headed for death.

Class is an important human characteristic.

ali says:

Im starting to think Broner is the next Floyd Mayweather he looks like the real deal to me. I personally love all the show boating he's having a good time whoopin people *** I have no problem with all the dancing he's putting on a show before, during, & after the fight. If Gamboa is able to beat Rios at 135 I would love to see Broner fight him next. Right now I would pick Broner to win that fight but I might change my mind after I see Gamboa fight Rios can't for April 14.

brownsugar says:

I've seen flashy, but Broner took the cake last night and was at his Peacock-Struttin' best,... rappin' his way into the ring and dancing his way thru the fight...tassels flying, and shoulder rolling as he put on a flawless, and patient performance against the unbeaten Perez. the only thing missing was hearing Broner calling for his Dad to comb his hair. (It was a little sad to see Perez get crushed after inviting a child cancer patient as his special guest, too bad sentimentality doesn't win fights)

boxing and self promotion go hand in hand... like it or not folks will feed off it like they feed off the bodacious and raucous ring entrances contrived by professional Wreslers.
who can forget the austere yet regal entrance Vitali K made as he exited a fabricated 4 story high Draconian Tower as if he were the Count himself(scarry stuff). (I still remember that entrance as it was yesterday although I forget who he fought that night.... was it Sam Peter??)
who can forget Prince Naseem riding a real elephant into the ring during his ring walk.
or Floyd mayweather being transported to the ring on a roman carriage being carried by 4 to 6 men wearing Roman armor.
I'm sure Broners intrances will get flashier and more expensive as he becomes a greater attraction... as cheesy and undignified as his entrance may have seemed to most of the TSS, Broner will continue to rise in popularity and profitability if he can punctuate those entrances with potent wins like he did last night. Can't wait to see this kid do it again. Full of youth and full of talent, what a potent combination.

brownsugar says:

Ali,...I think Gamboa is going to carve up Rios like a honeybaked spiral cut ham, Rio is crazy for taking that fight. and maybe Gamboa's current tragetory of 135 to 140lbs will probably remove any opportunity for Broner to meet him. Although Broner is big and rangy for his weight class he seems very comfortable where he's at (130). Personally I think Gamboa would be too much for Broner at any weight right now....... too fast, too mobile, and he lets his hands go more. but it's a very intriguing fantasy fight.

Radam G says:

WOW! SCLA, you are being quite hyperbolic. And Broner is good, but nowhere near Money May's good. If he is not continue to be match friendly for his style of stiffness, head straight up in the sky and legs spreaded too wide, he will bit the metaphoric squared jungle's dust. And will be gone like a seven-seas' gush. Holla!

Radam G says:

Marcos Maidana is not effective against any boxing fool. They will always use him like a foot stool. IMHO, it was crazy to think that he was going to beat "Alexander The Great" with anything, but a lucky punch. Holla!

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

Alexander is a lower tier Welterweight at this point. I think he gets taken to school by a Mike Jones or even a Kell Brook. On the other hand, Broner is the closest thing to Mayweather in the game style wise. His "shoulder roll" defense and ring savvy closely resemble Money Mayweather's style. A couple of fights ago the HBO commentators said that he spends hours watching Mayweather fights on DVD; which is obvious after watching him fight. I would like to see him move up to lightweight and fight Gamboa. I think his length and ring IQ would carry the day against Gamboa. Gamboa has fast hands and I expect him to beat Rios, but I've seen him touch the canvas against fighters less skilled than "The Problem." He is only 22 years old and the main question that I have about Broner is, how much can he go up in weight? Do any of the TSS posters see him eventually filling out into a welterweight? Holler!

ali says:

Shoulder roll hell yeah I see him filling out to a welterweight in the future he's only 22
..Im_ with u on Kell Brook I think he would beat Alexander with ease but im not sold on Mike Jones yet

ali says:

B-sug I don't think Gamboa is going to fight @135 or 140 after the Rios fight...He's little guy what is he "5 5" I believe he's doing this just for this fight then he's going back down to 130 or 126 to fight the likes of Broner or maybe Donaire, juan Manuel Lopez even the other Cuban guy that just won a belt at 122...fighting top guys at 140 I think would be a mistake he would do better at the the lower weight classes if u ask me

ali says:

Radam triple OG im not saying he is as good as Mayweather but I think he has the potential to maybe get there. He looks to be getting better and better after each fight and the sh*t he does in the ring reminds me of Floyd...The way he counter punches and sets up his shots is right on point but that's against average comp...I want to see can he so the same thing against the top guys is what I want to see only time will tell.

Radam G says:

There goes the catch-phrase of "ring IQ," again. IQs don't win syet in real life nothing but IQ tests. Winning what counts is from intuition, dedication and hard work.

I'm reminded of when I was a little fart. Howard Davis won the Olympic Games and outstanding pugilist in it, and had been the only Yank -- at that time -- to win the World amateurs championship. He was said to be the baddest amateur ever turning pro. His first pro fight was for $100,000. Sugar Ray Leonard only made $50,000 and some change. The Spink brothers made less. And O-Game gold medalist 106-pounders Leo Randolph made even less. Probably not enough to buy some nice toilet paper to wipe his hinny.

Anyway, all the Yank gold medalists, who made less in their debuts than "[high] ring IQ" Howard Davis won world title belts -- all undisputed. Howard [with his ring IQ] did win jack syet. So don't spit to me this "ring IQ" bullsh*tology.

Broner is the latest HYPE! Alexander The Great can FIGHT! He's the second best pound-for-pound lefty in the world at this stage. And it is LEFTY TIME! Yall bettah ask somebodeee! And I super, super doubt that Broner moves up to welterweight without several DEFEATS. I can think of three fighters who will kick his arse at 130 right now. Holla!

DaveB says:

Wow Radam, that brings back memories. Yeah Howard Davis, I remember meeting him just before he went pro. He couldn't even beat James Who, as he used to call James Watt. Davis' jaw always betrayed him. He could give a fighter a beat down and get knocked out in the last 11 seconds. The question I have about Alexander is why when he would continually be giving this guy a drubbing did he keep throwing flurries and then lean into Maidana and initiate a clench? I thought he should just keep some distance and let the a** whipping commence. I thought Broner was going to get knocked out (or maybe have to knock out) the fan he ran into when he was going to the ring. I'm sure a lot of people will take delight in seeing him lose. Until then he will make a name for himself even if it is a negative one. It is hard for me to go against Rios. That guy is flat out tough. Gambio and him are going to be like Foreman and Lyle. Somebody is going down.

ali says:

Dave B great post!!!!!!

amayseng says:

broner is talented for sure, he has the skills to mimic floyd against lesser opposition.

i can mimic floyd as well, against lesser athletes and unskilled dudes at the gym,

translation, if it mattered i would have to fight with my natural ability and style, not

try to be something im not..

one thing floyd has over everybody, coordination and timing, you cant mimic those

ali says:

Radam triple OG U crazy as hell boxing IQ damn sho wins fight.... Its called the sweet science for a reason...if what u is saying was true we could bring people off the street to when world titles in boxing...Howard Davis reminded me of one of my all-time favorite fighters Terry Norris who had all the talent in the world but his chin use to betray him. His boxing IQ was a big reason why he was kicking *** for most of the fight but there's a few other things u need to have to win fights... but without a good boxing IQ u have no chane to win big fights.

fightscorecollector says:

the scores are now all up on the blog , i managed to get sky tv , hbo , espn , steve kim , gab montoya , ring magazine , boxingnews mag , boxingtruth radio , numerous boxing sites and fans forums to supply scores for me this week.

everybody had cleverly a shutout , the alexander fight had scores ranging from 100-89 to 98-92 , it was a clear victory for alexander

cheers to anyone that put a score in the threads over the weekend

ali says:

I feel u Amayseng that's why I said let's see if he can do it with the top guys.

amayseng says:

@ali, i mean he does closely mimic a lot of floyd, very closely...

zab uses the shoulder roll d as well but within his skills..

my question, wonder if this bothers floyd?

ali says:

Amayseng good question im not sure but I will say it doesn't right now but if Broner was to become a mega superstar in the next couple of years and Mayweather is still around I could see it bothering him.

mortcola says:

Im starting to think Broner is the next Floyd Mayweather he looks like the real deal to me. I personally love all the show boating he's having a good time whoopin people *** I have no problem with all the dancing he's putting on a show before, during, & after the fight. If Gamboa is able to beat Rios at 135 I would love to see Broner fight him next. Right now I would pick Broner to win that fight but I might change my mind after I see Gamboa fight Rios can't for April 14.

The show is boxing, Ali. I know where to go if I want to see good dancing. Acting like an a-hole in the ring ain't a show. Shuffling and hip swishing over a semi-conscious opponent is for idiots. Some of us like things a little classier. But the kid's really good.

Radam G says:

Yup, SCLA Ali, cutoff your hardcore bigotry with the IQ syet. You sound just like the man of the Bell CURVE! Holla!

Radam G says:

BTW, SCLA Ali, a lot dudes have been brought off the streets and won titles. You check your Ps and Os about the sweet science. That is what it is, not "ring IQ." Whatever that loaded, latent term means. Holla!

Radam G says:

You are appartently using the wrong term of IQ, so now I get it, SCLA Ali. Holla!

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