Anticipation Is Beautiful For Boxing: The Guerrero No-Go Aftermath...MARKARIAN

BY Raymond Markarian ON January 18, 2012

PacquiaoMarquezIIIOverhead Hogan3Some of the most successful television shows create cliffhangers to keep viewers interested. Add the running drama of “Will Floyd Mayweather fight Manny Pacquiao?” into the mix. Last week’s rerun of Mayweather and Pacquiao bickering reeducated fight fans on something we already know: All is talk in boxing until the gloves are laced.

The potential fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao is not about the talk. It is about what is real, trying to discover who is the best fighter in boxing. Right now there is nothing real between Mayweather and Pacquiao besides gossip. Whether Mayweather calls Pacquiao to “step up” or promoter Bob Arum wants to build a temporary arena to host the fight or prevent it from happening on May 5th, or Robert Guerrero challenges Mayweather, it is still gossip. More surface than substance.

If boxing is a soap opera and anticipation of one episode only leads to the thrilling excitement of the next then the boxing fan is a sucker. If public opinion carried necessary weight with the pound for pound debate then Floyd and Manny would have fought years ago and we would be discussing their third fight, not their first. Over the years, promoters got away with Pacquiao and Mayweather fighting others because anticipation is beautiful for boxing. Fans are eager to watch great fighters and promoters are thirsty to present. So we get teased. Well, the tease of Robert Guerrero did not work very well last week. Or did it? Guerrero benefitted. He is more popular now for being mentioned with Mayweather than he was for anything else.

Ready or not, lightweight champion Robert Guerrero wants to fight Floyd Mayweather. Last Monday I broke word that Mayweather and Guerrero’s camps were close to an agreement to fight on May 5. The story was generally received with negativity from many in boxing who want to see Mayweather fight Pacquiao.

The following day Mayweather used Twitter to call out Pacquiao in an attempt to either save dignity or show his real motive. What followed was news that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao do not want to fight anyone besides each other.

Today, besides many insults between the camps of Floyd and Manny, not much has changed.

But who is numb to the excuses created by all parties involved in the potential Mayweather and Pacquiao fight? Is it them or us?

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Money Jay says:

I think the fans getting becoming numb to the excuses. To be honest, the only camp I hear making excuses is Top Rank. Floyd is making it crystal clear he wants to fight Manny. He's basically begging for the fight. Why do they need to build this big stadium? Why June, Why the end of May? Why not 5/5/12? WTF? Arum said he doens't know who to call from Mayweathers camp to talk? really?? C'mon Bob...stop lying. How greedy can you be? Make the dang fight already!! Nobody wants to see another Cotto fight, or a Peterson fight, or a Bradley, and please no more Marquez fights. Poor Marquez has been robbed at least 2 out of 3 of those fights...This is making me sick!!!WTF!!

amayseng says:

why doesn't floyd put all this to rest by having a contract written up and signed and sent

over to Arum?

seriously, isnt that better than announcing on twitter (a social network) that he is truly


Money Jay says:

amayseng, that sounds good, but it can't be that simple. They still have to negogiate the numbers. This is going to be the biggest fight ever, I'm sure he can't just send over a blank contract...Twitter is the new CNN. I don't have a problem with him using Twitter, in fact I'm glad he's calling him out. This fight will sell itself. Me and you could promote this fight! Arum is just being greedy. I mean how much money does he want to make? Haven't they raped us enough, with all of these pointless fights they've had in the last couple of years? I still want my money back for that Pac v Clottey fight!! WTF is going on???

Radam G says:

TWITTER is not the new CNN! Listen to the ghetto and pugilistic grapevine. Maybe that has always been the CNN for the sh*t talk, fibbing, make believe and bullsh*tology. There are BIG TIME rumors of Money May backing down about being the one Twitter idiot, who called out Da Manny. Amayseng is speaking straight-up righteous and business smart. Money May can end the whole ____ ___ ____ by signing a contract and sending it to the Bobfather and Team Pac. This is how the syet really works in the game, and always has. A sign paper is binding.

"Unforgiveable Blackness" [the first black heavyweight champion] Jack Johnson chased champ Burns around the world with the contract in hand, and finally the champ mistakenly signed it.

Sonny "Night Train" Liston chased Floyd Patterson around with the mafia contract in hand.

Aaron "Hawk Time" Pryor kept showing up to all of Sugar Ray Leonard's press conference to get the Sugarman to sign the paper. But the Sugarman knew not to. Donald Curry chased the Sugarman around the same way. And after the contract was signed, the Sugarman paid his way out it so that he could get an overconfident Hagler. And the rest is history.

When Sugar Ray Leonard finally decided to fight Marvelous Marvin Hagler, the Marvelous one pull the contract out of his pocket and got the Sugarman to sign it on the spot.

The word is that somebody cyberspace jacked his Bitter -- I mean Twitter -- account. YUP! RIGHT! And the world is ending on 12-20-12 according a the Mayon calendar and 12-12-12, according the classic ____ _____. People are quick to believe any bulljive.

The grand jerk of propaganda and fooling those who he calls his people, deep inside doesn't want an iota of Da Manny. Bottomline for Money May is not the money, it is that Da Manny doesn't make stick to the canvas like a beehive comb holding honey. Holla!

Money Jay says:

@ Radam G, LMAO! Can you send me some of that stuff you're smoking to Detroit? Bcuz you be on here talking high as hell if you think that "Da Manny" is going to drop Floyd.."Da Manny" is a overhyped, reckless fight style having, leftover fighter fighting, PED using, really lost at least twice to Marquez, fighter. You just don't like Floyd, and I get it. But don't let that stuff you smoking, and "Da Manny" juice you sipping, deny the fact that his skill level is a notch above "Da Manny"....Holla!

Real Talk says:

Aye if Floyd wants to fight The Ghost because The Bob and team Pac ducking that wreck then so be it. It's no different then Pac fighting Marquez who's a career lightweight and was a featherweight. Question, wasn't Pacquiao a featherweight once upon a time? What weight did Floyd start fighting? I saw it come straight out the horses ***....I mean mouth. Bob Arum himself said Bam Bam Rios would be fighting Pac soon and he (Rios) is a lightweight about to move up. All fighters move up so enough with the double standard. Robert Guerrero is out growing 135 and is moving up the same way Shane Mosley did to chase that Cheddar or how we say in D.C. chicken aka doughnuts or whatever you want to call it. It's prize fighting not pride fighting an if Floyd wants to stay busy and this fight makes the most dollars and cents till Bob Arum and Team Pac grows some balls then let's get it on!!!!! Dueces

ali says:

@real talk technically your right the problem is the most ppl outside of boxing don't know who Guerrero is. At this point ppl don't want to see Floyd fight anybody other then Pac....Now if that fight doesn't happen Cotto or Alvarez would be the best option for Floyd right now financially.

Radam G says:

Darn, Money Jay! You are in Motor City and "don't know syet 'bout boksin,'" in the words of your home-state boy, Uncle Roger May. The whole Fam May doesn't believe what you do, or the fight would have been made.

[Besides, PEDs and steroid jive don't not work in boxing. There has been a whole load of low-status/performing fighters on that jive (from Detroit, to name one of the places), but they didn't win syet. Nothing but skills to pay the bills, talent and a good trainer truthfully help you to win in dat squared jungle. Everybodee and in dey momma in the real game of whoop arse know that. Have you ever been there? Probably not, or you would not be posting wise-a$$ ___ ____ and pure malignant bullsh*t. You're not impressing anybody.]

When Money May looks super terrible his next fight and come close to losing or lose, you will be the A-typical nuthugger saying that he got old over night. You don't even have the cojones to tell the truth about how he looked -- like sh*t in spots and missed punches like a drunk bytch -- in his last two fights. As the GOAT Ali should say, "The films don't [sic] lie. Money May is going down. So people just love to keep playing the clown. And you know what they say about "Tears of a Clown." And that is Mowtown Smokey Robinson, not me. Holla!

ali says:

Money jay welcome to TSS im enjoying reading your post homie..

Radam G says:

Ali Baba, of course you "enjoying reading" his malignant ____. You love all nuthuggers and groupie mates for your boy. What is it now? Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and 41 nuthuggers/groupie mates. Hehehehe! I hope you muthasuckas just cry together when Money May is put down. Anybody born in this world is geared to toward losing. As time goes on, you lose everything. Your hair color, if your hair. Your youth, your coordination, your mobility, your hardness, your skills and in the ultimate your physical life.

Money May is on the hard downslide. And you cannot see it, because your using your mini cojones for eyeballs. Hehehehe! Holla!

Radam G says:

I musta' fo'got! Hey, Ali, do you enjoy reading my ____ ____? I sure as heck enjoy reading your every May sh*t and bulljive. Hehehehehe! It cracks me up! Holla!

ali says:

In my Redd Foxx voice Radam G and the G stands for Great I hope that makes you feel better homie...

Money Jay says:

@Ali, whats up my dawg! I see it's me and you vs the haters on this site, lol. @ Radam G, I'm trying to figure out when Floyd was throwing these drunk pucnhes in his last 2 fights? Let's can't be talking bout that 10 round shut out he pitched against Mosley...or that 4 round schooling he was giving Victoria Secret Ortiz..before he dropped that girl, for that foul play she was did? Let's talk about "Da Manny" and his last know the one he clearly lost. You need to thank Floyd, bcuz if this mega fight wasn't in the air, then the judges would've scored the fight like they should've scored it. "Da Manny" is overhyped. He only looks good when he fights flat footed, punching bags (ex. Margarito, Cotto, Clottey). You put him in the ring with a good counter puncher, with some defense, and his skirt flies up...His pimp Arum knows this, that's why he's making every excuse in the book, not to take the fight on 5/5/12....Holla!!!

Radam G says:

WOW! Money Jay, of course you see the world your inattention-blindness way. When you are fed bad food, prejudices and foolishness, Alice in Wonderland jive is what you see. You can't help that on your inflamed brain is water-like peepee. About Money May, time -- like always -- will tell. It will show that all with Money May is not well. Or compared to the Money May of seven or eight years ago, he is a clearly even more a shell. And I won't be surprised if out of him, the red-headed, hyped-up Canelo Alvarez beat the holy h3ll!

I don't fault you for what you are. You are trapped in the motor city and cannot get far. Nuthugging and exaggerating a hero who says that he cannot stand _____ from the deep bottom is expected. People need something to believe in and somebody no matter what. [That is why they make up imagery gods, who are always providing this and that and punishing and killing the heck out of their enemies only in their distorted minds.]

Money May cannot handle the stinging power of Da Manny, this is why the moola lover will never step in that squared jungle with Da Manny. Just like Iran Barkley kayoed your homie Hitman Hearns, Da Manny will kayo your Michigan-state city neighbor Lil' Floyd.

Apparently you don't understand boxing and have never done it, especially if you believe how a fighter looks against this type fighter will predict how he'd look against the next type. But it is all good. You cannot help yourself and your malignant behavior and juvenile sarcasm. Neither Money May or I would expect anything more from you. Nice chatting with you. Like Money May's boxing, you're easy to figure out. Holla!

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