Koncz: Manny Foe Might Be Announced End of Next Week...WOODS

BY Michael Woods ON January 14, 2012

PacquiaoClottey Booth 3The flirtation considers. When, if ever, the act will be consummated, we don't know.

Manny Pacquiao's advisor Michael Koncz told me that promoter Bob Arum left the Philippines on Saturday, after a final meeting. Koncz said he and Manny will chat about the foes Arum laid out before them for a late May-June Pacquiao bout, and that the Congressman will announce his next ring opponent perhaps by the end of next week.

And, I asked Koncz, is Floyd Mayweather still in the mix? Or is Manny choosing from a list of Lamont Peterson, Tim Bradley and Miguel Cotto, with Juan Manuel Marquez seemingly out of contention for now?

"No comment," Koncz said.

So...the flirtation continues.

By the way, I chatted with Freddie Roach Wednesday. Pacquiao's trainer said that in his view that troublesome on Manny's right eye which occurred in the November Marquez fight has healed well enough for him to fight the end of May or June. Arum had said a doctor indicated that it would be wise to let the cut heal for more time.

I'm guessing that Pacman-Mayweather for end of May is not in the mix; as Roach pointed out to me, a longer time to promote the event would be optimal. We're halfway through January, leaving February, March and April for tubthumping. To me, that's enough time, since this thing promoters itself, and Floyd on Twitter is marketing gold, but these guys will want to maximize the promotional efforts to maximize revenue, because the fighters will want maximum revenue.

I'm a positive fella, or try to be, so I'm thinking we'll see Mayweather-Pacquiao in November. Here's hoping we get that event to give thanks for then, at least...I still worry that as long as the Pacquiao defamation suit is alive, against Floyd, that these two will not sign on to meet each other. Both men need to offer some concessions, show some willingness to bend, to compromise, if this thing is to get done. So far, we have not seen any hint of that, really. But I will keep hope alive.

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amayseng says:

if it isnt floyd then


DaveB says:

This is getting soooooo boring. It makes me want to tell them all to go to hell.

Bobbydigital44 says:

Neither Pacman or Money will get a penny from me for PPV until they fight each other. We're the fans... our money talks and we must get our point across. WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE UNLESS YOU FIGHT EACH OTHER!!!

the Roast says:

I am with the above three posts. Superfight or nothing.

Money Jay says:

This reminds me of the boy who cried wolf....this is really getting old. We need to boycott paying for their fights, until they fight each other....

dino da vinci says:

Yeah, that's all good, and I too agree.

But who amongst us will not conveniently find ourself in front of a TV set when Pac or Money May fights again?

Face it, we're fight fans.

Ali v Norton I, Tyson v Douglas, Danny Romero v Willy Salazar (career never really recovered), "Sugar" Ray Robinson v Basilio. Upsets happen. And normally when they do, you experience the "uh-ohh" moment. That's the moment when the light goes on that the fan favorite might have a war on his hands at best, or be in for, unfortunately, a very short evening.

ali says:

We shouldn't pay for another one of there fights if its not against each other...but if they face another great opponent then im pretty sure most of us will end up paying for the fight anyway.

amayseng says:

im not paying to see them

if they arent fighting eachother then i can promise they arent getting my money...

i dont work my *** off to give them 60 bucks for 4 rounds and a sucker punch to end the

fight of 60 bucks to watch pac fight joshua the human punching bag clottey...

that money can go to better things

Radam G says:

I don't believe any of dat tore-up bulljive about not paying a penny to see Money May and Da Manny fighting against different opponents. You suckas ain't a bit different from any other addicts and dey mommas who gotta have dat druggy, food-good fix.

When Money May step down against the red-headed hype, you cats will be meowing like bytches in heat. And will pay to see da play. When Da Manny decides to whup da Ghost's arse or anybody elses, including crybaby-arse Marquez, you guys, your cousins, the mailman and handyman will be all buck-eyed, cross-eyed and every other type of fudged-up eyed in front of that PPV screen gettin' on yo' smack-talk spit and slappin' high five.

Yall crack me UP! WTF! I'm reminded of ___ _____ _____ and ____! Holla!

ali says:

@Radam the question is should we continue to pay our money to see them fight other guys...if pac was to fight Peterson next would u pay 60$ for it?

Radam G says:

Da Manny is going to probably whup da hinny of Miguel Cotto next. Money May will likely tangle with Lucy -- I mean Canelo -- the redheaded hype. And all you suckas will be tunning in. I don't buy your b*tching. Your brains are stuck on da hurt bitnezz like a crackhead is stuck on dat pipe. Fess UP! Hehehehehe! Holla!

Radam G says:

@Ali, I don't pay for syet. I got a life-time boksing-time hook up. I'll be sitting in a ringside seat for Da Manny's bouts 100 percent of the time. Money May's 80 percent of the time. And when I'm viewing on PPV, its free either at the casino, where I'm gettin' my gamble on, or at a training camp for amateur boxers, where I'm gettin' my support on, or at some big-arse place, where my rich-arse Pinoy and Yankie cohorts are letting the money-broke public view for free. Holla!

Bobbydigital44 says:

Hey Radam, forget the PPV, save your $$ for some hooked-on-phonics.

brownsugar says:

Hey!!!........check out this video,..don't know who made it (looks like it was made in Manilla) but who ever made it certainly has a healthy sense of humor...enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRE4QvgxBbo&feature=player_embedded

ali says:

Hey!!!........check out this video,..don't know who made it (looks like it was made in Manilla) but who ever made it certainly has a healthy sense of humor...enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRE4QvgxBbo&feature=player_embedded


Radam G says:

B44, use at least 100 of the 100bil neurons up in yo' wobbly noggin. This is a boxing site, so naturally I write in boxing language and slanguage. Apparently you are the typical monolingual ___ ____ ____! Whatever! Holla!

Money Jay says:

Yea fellas, it sounds good, but the truth of the matter is...they got us by the balls. Bcuz, whenever, whoever Floyd fights, more than likely I'm going to buy it, and throw a fight party at my house....lol! But I won't pay for another Pac v Cotto fight. The 1st fight didn't justify having another fight...

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