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BY Michael Woods ON December 12, 2011

KhanPeterson Hogan40TSS gives referee Joe Cooper a thumbs down for his performance on Saturday night. Taking two points for Khan for pushing was going overboard, and reeked of home cooking. TSS Universe, reffing aside, what was your take on Khan's outing? (Hogan)

It may be reassessment time about Amir Kahn.

Is Khan a next generation superstar? Is he what many thought he was? Has he been overrated? Is he not a future, slam-dunk superstar and pay-per-view driver? Is he less than the sum of his parts?

Or maybe the questions don't have to go in that direction. Maybe, based on his Saturday showing against Lamont Peterson, in which Peterson at the very least enjoyed some slight hospitality, or at most was handed a win by officials who were pre-disposed to giving him every edge against the invader from overseas, maybe Khan is right about where we thought he was. Maybe it's Peterson who had a step-up night, who went above and beyond what he'd been able to do in the ring before, and who elevated himself. Maybe he deserves buckets of credit and that should be the focus of our post-fight analysis.

I'm certainly inclined to at the very least wonder where the heck Khan (26-2) goes from here. The kid, and let's not forget, he is "only" 25, and has room to grow in the seasoning department, was talking mega-bouts before this one. He was on the short list to hit the Mayweather lottery. I think we can agree that was premature. That could still happen, but first Khan has to be able to handle a Lamont Peterson (30-1-1).

I really moved into a lead cheerleading car on Khan when I saw what he did to Paul Malignaggi in May 2010. His rhythm, reach, strategy, composure, I loved it all in that TKO11 win against Paulie in New York. And anyone having leftover questions about his chin probably was satisfied when he ate bombs from Marcos Maidana in his next outing, in December 2010. Yep, Khan was deservedly being talked about as a short-list superstar. But then, in my view, he took a little back-step. Yes, he won like every second of every round against Paul McCloskey. But it was a semi-stinker of an affair in his homebase of Lancashire, that technical decision win. I wanted to see more accuracy from Khan, would've liked to see less wild swinging, fewer three punch combos which feature two misses and one landed punch. The tendency to flurry and then dart away, what about sticking around, doing some in-close work, getting a tad more comfortable in that mode? Hey, I know that isn't for everyone, maybe I'm just being too critical...And I knew McCloskey was a survivor, a bit of a cutie, wasn't going to open up and make many mistakes. But he's Paul McCloskey, not to be a punk. Shouldn't a next gen superstar more so have his way with him?

Khan next gloved up against Zab Judah, this July,  and that fight will mostly be remembered for Judah reverting to form, for the Brooklyn guy looking for reasons to jet, rather than retrench. Khan sometimes did his flurry and fall in thing, showed that he is still refining his footwork and balance, still getting a handle, perhaps, on his professional style.

And then Saturday night...The Pakistani-Brit showed that long jab, which is such a weapon when he remembers to use it regularly, early. We heard that Peterson described Khan as an "energy" fighter, and that stuck with me. He often looks a little too energized, a little too buzzed, like he drank one too many Red Bulls. Is it because he fears his chin won't hold up? Is that why he can look a little frenetic in there?

I'm never a fan of wasted movement, because it is so draining for a fighter to use his legs to hustle away from a foe, like Cotto did against Margarito in 2008, as Khan sometimes does during his fights. Perhaps, moving forward, Khan will be able to employ a mere feint, the hint of offense, to keep a foe from launching, rather than resorting to circling halfway around the ring. His stamina seems to hold up fine, but that "running" sends a bad message to judges, oftentimes. Again, let me reiterate, he could be at his peak in about three years. He is still a work in progress. This may be an exercise in excessive critique...

And Peterson is a high level pugilist. The way he strafes the left hook to the body, hard and smooth, that is an art and a science. We saw him really getting in Khan's face, and it had me wondering if Khan possesses the pop that people think he does. If he had a shade more, that might dissuade foes from stalking him effectively. I'm not sure if he can improve his pop--punchers are born, not made, right?--but perhaps if Khan were to set down more on his shots, he could force foes to be less inclined to chase him. This might enable him to do something I think he is capable of doing more of--be the leader, be first, impose his will, dictate pace and tone. Then again, trainer Freddie Roach asks for "under and outs" all the time, so I figure he knows what Khan needs to do to be as successful as possible...

Much was said about Peterson leading with his head. He didn't really do this a la Evander Holyfield. He'd often throw, and his head would be low, but he wasn't using it like a missile. He smartly tucks his chin, and that will tend to make one dip their head. He also finishes up by placing his head outside his foes elbows,' a savvy move which leaves him hard to hit.  It didn't leap out at me on fight night, but I did notice it more upon re-watching. And, did Roach make a big deal of it during the bout? Did he lobby the ref to get Peterson to stop that? If he did, I missed it. I did see Khan lobbying the ref about the head in round 11, when he should have been concentrating on fighting. Let the K St. leeches do the lobbying, sir, you stick to boxing. Finally, a well placed uppercut, or twenty, will force an opponent to lift one's head up, so they see that shot coming; maybe Khan wants to add that to the mix more next time. Check back to round nine, when Khan's right uppercut stung Peterson.

That ref's move to take a point for pushing at the tail end of round seven wasn't hard to miss. It was ill advised, it reeked of an unfair advantage being offered to the hometown guy, and ref Joseph Cooper dropped the ball, bigtime. Yes, Amir was pushing off. Yes, that's illegal. But fighters do it all the time, and don't get penalized, and Khan wasn't so egregious about it that Cooper should have injected his preferences into the decision. "I don't know that I've ever seen a ref so focused on pushing, which is something normally you get away with," Jim Lampley said.

I heard Roach ask Khan to put Peterson on his arse after round 11. I didn't hear him pushing for a KO in other instances, though he texted me after and told me he did push for the stoppage. This leads me to one of my pet peeves: I really, firmly believe that it is in the best interest of trainers to push for KOs when they are fighting in the other guys' home town. I think a trainer and fighter should go in with the assumption that the judges will screw them. I think it's smart to demand your fighter aim for a stoppage, because judges have a long history of rewarding the local guy. Robert McCracken, are you listening?

Ref Cooper in round 12 again committed a cardinal sin, of injecting himself into the outcome on a judgment call. Peterson was up in Khan's grill, Amir shoved him back and barked at the ref, and the ref called time, at the 1:54 mark, and took a point from Khan. It was ill advised, at best. This was a brawl, a heated tussle, and on those occasions, some form and niceties will be dispensed. Cooper messed up, bigtime, and does not deserve another marquee assignment based on his Saturday showing. But Khan did himself no favors by getting sidetracked. While Peterson was intent on staying focused on his foe, Khan had one eye on Cooper.

Then came the decision. Khan sagged, and then said to Larry Merchant after the decision that it was like fighting two people, Peterson and Cooper. He took a shot at DC for being a biased fight-town, and said he was the cleaner fighter in that bout.    

At the post-fight presser, which I viewed courtesy of the ultra pros at Boricua Boxing, Khan's promoter Oscar De La Hoya pointed out that it was a stellar fight and both boxers deserve major credit. He then took issue with the second point deduction, and said that with no deductions, Khan wins. He said all involved want a rematch, and I think mostly struck the right notes during his time at the mike.

Khan spoke after Peterson. He said that Peterson "kept his head low" and that "the referee was a bit on his side. ..He won the fight tonight," he stated, and asked for a rematch to be in the UK. In the next breath, he said he won the fight, and said some commissioners told him it was a "disgusting" decision. He implied that the counting of the cards was shady. "We knew who won that fight!" he said in closing, asking for a rematch right away.

A writer then asked if he regretted coming to DC. Khan said no, but wants to know if Peterson will have the same cajones as him. Khan said he'd do the fight in Vegas or in the UK. He repeated his take that Cooper was against him.

"Anywhere else it would have been a winnable fight," Khan said.

After the scrap, Team Khan and Golden Boy issued a statement indicating they would follow up in an official manner:

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Lamont Peterson on his performance against Amir Khan. Not only has he shown that he is a tremendous fighter inside the ring, but also a great man out of the ring.

Following the decision in the fight, Team Khan and Golden Boy Promotions intends to make inquiries with the District of Columbia Boxing and Wrestling Commission, the IBF and the WBA regarding the performance of referee Joseph Cooper and will also be seeking clarification regarding certain ambiguities with respect to the scores of the fight.

We look forward to an immediate rematch with Lamont as confirmed by Lamont and his manager/trainer Barry Hunter.

Golden Boy has had a run of controversial situations lately, and lodged a protest following Bernard Hopkins' loss to Chad Dawson on Oct. 15, and Hopkins' draw against Jean Pascal in December 2010. A few years ago, Richard Schaefer made public his view that his company was getting screwed over in tight situations, so I wonder if they again feel there is an anti Golden Boy bias?

TSS Universe, I'd like to hear from you. I tossed a lot of comments and opinions on Khan. Please offer your take. Is he overrated? What would you like to see him do more of, and less, to maximize his skills? What is his upside? Are pundits too harsh on Amir? Can he make adjustments and beat Peterson? Should he demand they fight in the UK? Weigh in, in our Forum.

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michaelabii says:

Great article Mike. I am really not buying into the "home cooking" hoopla. I have watched the fight 3 times already and I remain convinced that it was an even fight through the middle to late rounds. Khan clearly won the 12th by being more busy but one got the sense that Petersen was landing the more hurtful shots. I remember Meldrick Taylor landing the quicker punches on Chavez but to quote Richard Steele who was the ref on the scene "every punch landed by Chavez seemed to take some zap out of Taylor". The same could be said of Petersens punches on Khan. Khan took some helacious body shots and delivered some himself as well. Khan has great legs and conditioning but has no clue about the art of in fighting and at some stage this will be his undoing (Well, it was his undoing on Saturday night since he lost his titles). The kid needs to learn how to "check" his opponents by holding his ground in the center of the ring and instead of bouncing around taking half steps to each side. I dont think he regressed though. I just think he met a fighter with sound fundamental skills who concentrated on his body work. Thats what took the steam out of Khan and made him stay on the ropes for longer than necessary. The kids got heart though and this makes him exciting to watch. But, what about Peterson ?? Will he blossom into a Championship caliber fighter now that he has won the world title ? I saw some intangibles that made me think twice about him and he may have found his Krytonite. I think he fights better going forward than as a pure boxer. He does not get hit that easily and if he gets that double and triple jab working just like Virgil Hunter wanted hime to he could really be dangerous. He is a tremendous body puncher. He doesnt just wing those punches. He has just the right dip and body lean and can get them in even at distance. Fight of the year candidate ? I think so. But hey, lets see what happens next weekend. Froch Vs ward is a must see !

gibola says:

Khan is not overrated, the reason we rate him is because we see a guy with the talent to beat PBF.
Khan has obvious weaknesses from this fight and the Maidana fight. He can't fight inside at all, when an opponent gets close he simply cups his gloves like earmuffs and allows an opponent to hit him with uppercuts and bodyshots.
Khan also jumps around and uses excessive movement. In the Peterson fight Khan would land punches and retreat at high speed which simply gave Peterson momentum to chase after him and back him into the ropes. He backed off when he didn't need to, he backed off when Peterson wasn't looking to come forward, he backed off almost like a kid in a playground to show 'I've got loads of energy come and chase me.'
If you watch what Khan does with his gloves on the inside (the earmuffs) it is remarkably similar to what Pacman did when Margarito or Cotto backed him to the ropes. The difference is Pacman is a small guy fighting tall guys so covering up puts Pacman into a shell although even he is vulnerable to uppercuts (Cotto) and bodyshots (Marg). Khan is a tall upright fighter and so the raised gloves just create a big target for his opponents.
Khan excessive movement stops him from doing what he should be doing - boxing, boxing and more boxing. He is not a dancer or a runner, he should be stepping to the side and boxing with his fast hands. He should be using the perimeter by all means but the running and bouncing against Peterson was no good at all.
However - despite this - Khan has the pace, jab, speed and ambition to be a major player and in particular he (above anyone else in boxing) has the style to beat Mayweather. Pressuring PBF is no good - too good defensively - the guy to beat PBF will box him, he will land the jab, have fast hands and endless stamina - that is why Khan is so fascinating and attractive to boxing fans - he has the style to beat PBF. Freddie Roach is supposed to be a supertrainer so let's see him teach Amir how to fight inside and calm down a tad, then we may have the P4P fighter Khan has the tools to be.
PS - As a Brit I found the ref of the Peterson fight so bad it was unbelievable. Peterson was allowed to charge Khan and then this referee, on this particular night, decided that calling 'break' was a crime. Peterson was allowed to whale away on Khan out of the clinches. If this guy had been ref in Hatton v Mayweather, rather than Cortez, Hatton may well have won. However we know if Hatton had treated Mayweather like Peterson did Khan, RIcky would have been thrown out. With this ref Wlad K would get knocked because he is even less of an inside fighter than Khan and if people were allowed to rough him up and 'punch out' Wlad would be useless. Brits do sometimes get a raw deal in the US, I even remember Lennox Lewis being given a final warning for holding in the FIRST round v Tyson.
This disgrace of a fight will result in fighters being unwilling to go into other guys home towns and hopefully being very wary of referees nobody's ever heard of suddenly turning up in a big fight.
I'm not blind to his weaknesses, but watch Khan comfortably beat Peterson in anything resembling a fair fight at a neutral venue.

FighterforJC says:

Khan is overrated because he's already being marketed as among the top 5 p4p fighters today, at least in some circles. As for being a future superstar, absolutely. The only people who remain undefeated are those who avoid bad matchups. Fighters with losses are more legitimate than undefeated ones in today's game.

michaelabii says:

Interesting points Gibola. I happen to be a transplanted "Brit" as well but now living in DC. I do agree that the referees point deductions were excessive. However, I do believe If Petersen had used the double and triple jab like he was supposed to he may well have stopped Khan. Great fight though.

Radam G says:

FIRST! THE Referee's deductions for "pushing" don't exist an iota in professional boxing, and the WBA should declared the bout a no contest, give the title belt back to Amir Khan and ordered an immediately REMATCH, so Amir can whup Lamont Peterson's hinny on a fair playing field.

WOW! In this politically correct climate, not a single person and da nano-sized insects crawling up in his arse will call a spade a spade when it come to AfricanAmericans gettin' on a cheat. If D.C. was nearly lilly-white like Ohama, Neb., and the bout would've taken place there, the whole U.S. nation of the USA would be upset, including the White House. And maybe if Amir Khan was a white Christian Brit, instead of a brown Asian Muslim, the Queen of GB would be making a call for reality and justice. Wow! Only U.S. SecofState Hillary Rodham Clinton has shown Amir the luv before and after the bout.

Anyway! Amir's major problem is that he was -- and admit to being -- "the clean fighter" in the bout. OMFG! In da dirty sport of boksing dat is a BIG NO-NO!!! It's about -- "By any means necessary" -- WHUP-A$$ A GO-GO! You have to be a lean-fighting machine and viciously fight fire-with-fire MEAN! And super ready to crush any muthapug like a "jelly bean."

Often times you'll be in dat squared jungle fighting against a beasty pug and a squirrel-monkey-a$$ referee, who's trying to get a nut, so you have to be ready to figuratively whup double butt. Sorry-a$$ referee Joseph Cooper admonished "Khan" 264 times by calling out his name for imaginary syet of [illegally] pushing, holding and not "punch(ing) out." Cooper only admonished Lamont Peterson 14 times for using the head butt, though Peterson butted Khan in the body 27 times and in da mug a minumum of 70 times. WTF! A ref just can't be any darn, old Joe.

FIRST! You had the pi$$ performance of Joe Kotex -- I mean Cortez -- in the Vicious [dummy] Victor-Money May bout. And, now in the last month of 2011, you have DC's Joe Cooper, who's not hijacking passenger jets for a money ransom, but has robbed a hard-working, playing-by-the-rules, traveling pugilist. And da ____ ____ Joe did it for ethnic reasons to help out with a fairy-tale ending, and to get paid BIG on the bet the HO -- I mean Joe -- made on his home bro/fighter.

WOW! 2011 should go down as the year of the referees' incompetence, corruption, unprofessionally meddling, selling out for a bet, fight fixing and being jive-a$$ turkeys. Maybe it's time to force some of them outta da game. For they're bringing some much shame. Holla!

brownsugar says:

Good comments, The article was on point as well,... Khan's energizer bunny style would put a lot of pressure on Floyd to close the gap and turn the fight into a foot-race... bad style match-up for Floyd,.. but I think Floyd beats Khan anyway.....especially if Khan has to go life and death with Peterson(but the clock is ticking on the 35 year old boxing wizard). Pac is much more dangerous but is better suited for Floyd style wise.

I think the media is glazing over Khan's incessant pushing... You don't see fighters pushing guys several feet away with both hands or with an elbow,.. anytime that's done the ref immediately intervenes. Some guys use straight arms to keep boxers from closing the gap (Kbrothers) some use a forearm to maintain and preserve space (Mayweather),

but openly shoving a fighter,.... literally pushing a guy across the ring has never been tolerated. You don't see it very often because most boxers wouldn't foul in such a blatant and obvious way... yet Khan felt justified. go figure.

Max Lampley and Merchant said over and over,... I never saw a fighter get called for shoving,.. which was their sugar coated denial of Khan's unsportsmanlike conduct and the Ref was correct to call him on it.... however the Ref was wrong for not properly communicating to Khan what the consquences would be if he continued,... If he had done a clear job of communicating, I'm sure he would have modified his behavior.

Yes IT WAS HOMETOWN COOKIN' which is unusual because you would think a major outfit like GBP would have had the ref in it's pocket... well maybe not in the pocket but you would think Golden Boy would at least exert some type of influence on the decisions the ref was making. But in the end,.... fair or unfair,... Khan provided the rope he got hung and shafted with.

mortcola says:

Great comments all around. First, Cooper was doing a lousy job without the unwarranted point deductions - tentative, inserting himself in the action, stammering unclear instructions, slow reactions. Peterson was right, the holding and pushing down on the head and neck were a much bigger deal than the harmless and inconsequential pushing. Those points deductions were decisive of the outcome, and stink. As for the fight - kudos to Peterson for being intelligent and adaptible, and realizing what he had to do to beat the lightning fast, swarming Khan. Khan wastes punches, he is easy to hit when retreating, does not exchange well, and when under fire has two and only two defensive moves - rapid side to side and earmuffs. He does not anticipate, slip, or roll with punches. He is very green in these ways, even though he can be an overwhelming attacker. He is, for sure, a tough kid now and wants to prove he can hang, and the chin is not bad. But, damn, he was easy to hit, easy to get knocked off his offensive horse. Peterson could have been more consistent with the pressure and volume, but all in all, it was a good performance, I think he won some of those even and close rounds, and should have the decision. But not as a result of a bush-league ref making two bizarre calls.

MisterLee says:

Well, if you take down the phoney knockdown (bad call by ref) and the two point deductions (IMO I'd say the first one was to even up the score from the phoney knockdown and I don't agree with the second one even though I'm a DC fan) then it would still be a majority draw, an even fight. Peterson did the heavier work. Khan was busier and between his shoe shining he actually threw some snappy punches in the championship rounds. I though Peterson won at least one of the championship rounds, and arguably two, and he won a lot of the middle rounds. I wouldn't have been upset if Khan got the decision, but Peterson DID effectively expose Khan. Peterson has more skills and a better ring IQ. Khan is a better athlete, is faster, but has too many holes (defense, adapting, going to the opposite side of the ring instead of boxing smartly a la juanma mtagwa/salido, a horrible shell defense that doesn't use elbows to block body shots or ear muffs to block hooks or anything to block uppercuts, no inside game, no head movement etc.). Congrats Pete! Peterson buma ye! I gave out a lot of crow too, fo' sho!

MisterLee says:

Also, I agree with Brownsugar, I think Khan's height, reach, and speed/volume would give Floyd some problems. You can shell up on the 1-2, but when happens when 3-4-5-6-7-8 start coming at lightning speed (ie- faster than Pacquiao as chief sparring partner Rashad Holloway says)? Khan would always be vulnerable to Peterson who fights well on the inside and has a bag of tricks, and Bradley who is slick, can box and jab and move, has an inside game, and is rough with high volume. Check how Bradley handled Peterson in the late rounds WITHOUT getting hit!

TSS rules!

MisterLee says:

Bradley's ring IQ is top notch too. Peterson's is pretty high, but I think Bradley and Ward have some of the highest ring IQ in the game now, and of course the older veterans Floyd and Bhop.

gibola says:

Even as a patriotic Brit I make Bradley a narrow favourite over Khan now. I bet Bradley watched Saturday's fight and kicked himself for not taking the Khan fight when he had the chance. Beating Khan would have set up a Pacman fight for Bradley and now he may end up getting neither fight!
British boxing badly needs Carl Froch to do us proud on Saturday night - Khan and Froch losing in a week doesn't bare thinking about.


dino da vinci says:

In transit for the holidays and happened to miss fight. First. great posts. Second, was told years ago that the DC brothers could fight a lot. So this discussion is about if one fighter is not the real goods because he may have lost to a very good fighter. Hmm. I guess it may come down to if you look at a career like a football season or a basketball season. Is this one fight out of a sixteen fight career or an 82 fight career? More on this in my next, insightful, meaty post.

Overrated? After a fight I've been told he may have won? Or at least didn't embarrass himself in? C'mon. The kid can fight. Both kids can fight. A lot.

michaelabii says:

Great posts so far. Khan will come back better - he still has youth on his side and appears to be a good learner. I wondered why Freddie Roach was not screaming at Khan to win the final rounds. Petersen though good was wide open for straight shots through the middle and really was fighting on adrenaline. Ward beats Froch in a close but absorbing fight. I see Ward pushing the action in this one much like Petersen did except Ward is quicker and rougher. I see a possible knockdown maybe from both fighters. Should be good !!

Radam G says:

Wow! B-Sug! I think that you are suffering from temp blindness. And of all the pugs, calling Money May's name. Money May constantly masterfully go upside fighters' heads with a pushing elbow. He also gives a rushing-in fighter a forearm push straight to da throat -- rat [sic] ta da Adam apple. OMG! Don't get caught up in the sublimical hatred of Amir and the covert "I'm-just-glad-a-brotha-won" jive, B-Sug. [Money May has said that Amir "won dat sh*t!">

Lamont Peterson got his arse whupped [sic], even with the two points taken off. Amir Khan still won seven rounds of that bout. At one point, the unofficial HBO judge said: "I can't understand why Peterson isn't thrown any damn punches. He is just following Khan around the ring." [Peterson was doing ineffective pressure cooking, which is nothing in boxing -- the amateurs or pros.]

I'm amazed how every Yank, his stank and his Uncle Frank can get on their complaint about the massive home cooking in Europe, primarily in Germany, but stand for justice when injustice happens in da hood of U.S. America to a visitor. And or all places, the Capital City of the USA! The Brown Bomber Joe Louis is probably turning over in his grave how he was for real. And could whup a visitor's arse. But now American fighters can't do it, but will be given sweet deal.

Just so you will keep putting together exactly who I am, I'm reminded of what my distant cousin's husband, the late, great Supreme Court Judge Thurgood Marshall said: "Ain't no difference in a white snake or a black one. They will both bit you." So right TM is and was. Amir Khan has simply been bitten by a city of ______ snakes. And few people, in the "Land of the Brave, Home of the Freedom, have the cojones or twats to admit to even the possibilities of home crooking -- I mean cooking. Holla!

maromero says:

When Mares won the first fight against Agbeko all the Headlines mentioned negative comments and now that Peterson won it With help from the ref. Some articles are titled "And the new champion of the world" .... come on with that Bs!!!! Mares showed he had some balls and fought Agbeko as soon as possible. I read that Peterson's people are going to look at the "options" for the next fight. They dont even have faith on theyre fighter, that shows u who really won

mortcola says:

Welcome back, MisterLee!

Radam G says:

Maromero, Team Peterson's darn options are writing the brothers' book and making the BIG-screen movie deal. It's always all about the money and the magic. Now Central Casting is all up in Team Peterson's grill. Getting the home-country gift of D.C. home cooking is putting 'em at the top of the hill. Lamont now has a serious Hollywood hook up. And now every hooker and dey pimp -- I mean every writer, movie producers and dey scouts -- are on his trail. For his soon-to-be in-coming mail, has I hope that he has a BIG pail

Asking for first dips about making the Peterson brothers' movie is John Singleton, so sings da muthasuckas on the all-mighty Hollyhood grapevine. OH, YUP! Da Team Peterson "is fina [sic] git [sic] paid!" Rumors are super loud that Will Smith is going to play the role of Lamont's surrogate father/boxing coach/trainer/manager. Holla!

owensro says:

khan is very overrated. He was the champ he should have ko Peterson. He was a track star in this fight. People always say a champ should have to lose well he lost. The ref helped Peterson never the lest, Khan should have taken matters into his own hands. He was Ko by another fighter and he never wanted a rematch from him. Let's not forget he level of competition was not that great. He has looked bad against fighters in the USA. He reminds me of Oscar D. He lost to all the real good fighters, and was masterfully promoted. Why Tim Bradley would not fight this guy is mind boggling to me. I think he would beat Khan with ease. Khan was wrong for stating Manny needs to retire and then he comes out and get his belts took by a ref. Peterson exposed Khan fighting style,fight inside put pressure and he will pot shot and run all night. khan look as if he had no power in his punches. The bottom line,Khan is overrated.

MisterLee says:

Yo bro! I duno man, I've stopped listening to the HBO telecast LONG ago. Those guys DON'T know boxing. Radam is gonna kick me for this! But shooooot! Marquez BEAT UP Pacquiao, but Pacquiao was the "aggressor" who "came forward" so he won the fight. Then there was the "how the face looks" brand of scoring that Harold made up, then the person on their back foot was "running" and not boxing (even though Marquez boxed effectively and Khan didn't). HBO also has a tendency to have a crush on certain fighters like Pacquiao, Cotto, and now Khan sort of to some degree. If you listened to their telecast of Mosley Margarito you can see they all had crushes on Margarito and didn't call nor score anything for Mosley until it was clear Mosley was whoopin' his tail. This time around compubox seemed accurate, for the most part Chump-U-Box likes to give stars more perceived connect percentage (Pacquiao outlanded Marquez in rounds that Marquez clearly dominated? Gimme a break! Chump-u-box is simply two pple watching the fight who click on a button when they see a landed shot! They can easily be influenced by star power and aura and the crowd! Pacquiao landed all of 5 shots in the entire Marquez affair). And if running and shoe shining clearly isn't "aggression or boxing" according to Harold Lederman, how come he scored so many for Khan when Peterson was bringing the fight to him? Or if you look at the Kellerman type of score : "who would you rather be?" then Peterson comes out on top even in the later rounds. And who was getting cold water poured on the head and rubbed around in the mid rounds? And using the HBO "how the face looks" unique scoring system we would have a draw: Khan's marked up face and black eyes (and bruised organs) vs. Peterson's swelling and right eye-almost closed. So yeah, it was a close fight, Peterson beat him up in his backyard, and Khan paid for not winning convincingly in someone's backyard. And oh yeah, Peterson did more damage.

Radam G says:

It is a known fact. Humans -- who are stuck in situations, locales and conditions because of finance, education or culture, and have resided in a society of double standards and biases always will see a perfomances of one of their as fonder than it was. And they will always hate the visitor, i.e. "the foreigner."

Of course prejudice eyes saw "Marquez beat[ing] Pacquio." And those same eyes saw "Peterson beating Amir Khan." This type of eyesighting is expected in a nation which is use to having its way, even if it has to make-believe syet, because that is the only way that the-next-door-neighbor Marquez beat Da Manny and the homeboy Peterson beat da Great Khan.

I'm reminded of the pages of the his story -- I mean history -- books. You will find all type of make-believe sh*t about magic and miracle victories of those who enjoy perpretrating a fraud. The make-believe-a$$ movies have more power on U.S. Americans than reality will ever grab. I hope that all the ______ ______s will enjoy the eventually-made-up-of-more-bullspit Peterson brothers' flick. That ____ will be coming to Big Screen near eventually. Holla!

MisterLee says:

Dude, I'm Asian and a Pacquiao fan (though I've been talking up the Marquez fight prior to the fight about how we need someone to take Pacquiao off the throne b/c he's been on top too long...), and Khan is South Asian, and I'm almost a fan of him. HBO has a crush on the hype (Ortiz pre-Maidana, Berto pre-Ortiz, Khan, Pacquiao, Cotto... did anyone see the Cotto-Mosley fight or Froch-Taylor? Only called for Cotto). Also, the Sky or which ever British network made it clear they were cheering for Khan but thought Peterson deserved the decision. If you calculate the mistakes... a BAD knockdown call by the ref and two point deductions... the scores would be changed from 113-112, 113-112, to 114-114, 114-114... a MAJORITY DRAW! So no robbery, baby. Pc!

dino da vinci says:

So is that the new level of acceptance? As long as it's not an out and outright robbery, we can live with the incompetence?

Radam G says:

Dude! Race and fan dropping are unnecessary. [You are an American and a D.C.-ite. Nevermind your ethnicity and origin. Your sighting of many things are as American as apple and cherry pie. There are Yank Asians in Michigan, Maryland, the District of Columbia and the East Coast who are Money May fanboys, fanfaronades, Pachaters, Khan-haters and even Asian haters, though they are Asians. C'mon, MAN! Race drop with somebody else. Their are 40-million blacks in U.S. America that originated from Africa, and about 39 million of them hate African blacks. There are 44-million Latinos that originated from Latin America, and about 12 million of them hate Latins. C'mon! Get with hardcore actually and reality. The color or the origin of a snake makes no difference. Dat sucka will bite ya!]

Everybody and dey momma know dat Da Manny and Da Great Khan are South Asians, since you wanna put it that way. But what does that matter? SOUTH, NORTH, EAST and WEST. BTW, FYI, there are black and white Asians TOO! So whatever type doesn't matter. Reality is what it is. You don't even have to be an insider to know that a pure case of bullsh*t and major-league home cooking were staged to hook up da homeboy.

The Peterson Brothers' flick is gonna be one helluva movie. Rumors are large about haggling going on between movie directors Spike Lee and John Singleton. Holla!

Radam G says:

Peterson should have gotten points deducted or even disqualified -- 70 headbutts, 24 torso-butts and 29 low blows. Go and count it for yourself. I'm not embellishing syet. Haters are good at becoming blind and changing the rules of da game when it suits and favor them. Holla!

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

[QUOTE=Radam G;11570]Peterson should have gotten points deducted or even disqualified -- 70 headbutts, 24 torso-butts and 29 low blows. Go and count it for yourself. I'm not embellishing syet. Haters are good at becoming blind and changing the rules of da game when it suits and favors them. Holla![/QUOTE]

Radam G is worth the price of admission lol. Khan is overrated and was exposed against Peterson. Even if he had been awarded the decision, the gig is up! He has a lot of flaws in the skill department that Roach isn't going to be able to help him with at this point in his career. He is 25 and as the brothers say, "he is what he is." I think Ortiz or Berto would KO this kid if he moves up to 147. You better be twice as good as a man if you go and fight him in his own back yard, holler!

Radam G says:

Time will tell, SRD. I know the deal, so do you. You are just admiring your blindless because of your brotherly luv. You don't have the cojones to cross the color line and see and speakly reality and actually. It is no longer if you are black, "get back!" Now if you are a homeboy in D.C. and black, any fouling way that you want to, you can attack and pretend that you are a boksing MACK! When you are more like a ragged, stumpling boxing SHACK. If Peterson ever dances with Da Great Khan again -- outside of crooked D.C. [Damn Cheats] -- he will be TKO'ed. Holla!

MisterLee says:

Yo yo, dude, first, you're telling me what I am first as far as identity/ethnic identity, and second you're telling me I'm now "South Asian" enough to fully appreciate/align with Pacquiao and Khan (I am from Guangdong Province, if that helps any). And then you're possibly implying I hate or don't cheer for my own race? Dude, you've gone over the edge! I like you and I like your writings so I'm not gonna make any personal attacks, but you're making some heavy accusations and making some pretty damn personal attacks to win a boxing argument dude! You first said fans are always gonna align with who they think are most familiar, and when I point out my link to certain boxers and my CHOOSING to watch things objectively I'm accused of being a racist or sellout. Ridiculous dude. Well, read and weep about taking away the knockdowns and point deductions and you have 114-114, 114-114, a majority draw. No robbery, and depending on how you scored the close rounds then many of them can go to Peterson. Plus I was there live so the "running" from Khan was more apparent, and so was Peterson's occasional lapses in offense which might have lost him some late rounds when Khan was shoe-shining and occasionally rallying sharply. I'd like to call myself a boxing fan first before I'm an Asian boxing fan, or American/DC boxing fan (if I were only an American boxing fan, wouldn't I be cheering for Floyd over Pacquiao, which I"m not! Then all of a sudden, I'd still choose Bradley over Pacquiao b/c I"m a bigger fan). Do I think there was some hometown influence since I'm from DC? A little. Was a robbery? No. Am I sorta glad it happened, being from DC and a fan of Lamont, Yes. Do hometown decisions or influences happen all the time? Yes. It just so happens to be in MY hometown this time, that's boxing. It's not Lara Williams. I think pple are upset b/c they might be infatuated with King Khan, who's a very talented, but limited fighter, who has sh**ts for brains. Peterson and Bradley and Pacquiao and Floyd and Ward have better ring IQ's and skill sets and will be rewarded for that. Khan will always be exposed by a skillful AND power puncher. Pc!

MisterLee says:

*SHAZAAM* [url]

MisterLee says:

Wrong link! My bad! [url]

MisterLee says:

BTW- Sky Sports thought Khan lost the fight. 'Nuff said!

Radam G says:

Wow! Sky Sports is a great authority on boksing and race relations. [Sarcasm -- for the slow of wit!] That xenophobic, Islamophobic piece of ___ also think that all Muslims of Pakistan and Arab decent should be kicked out of not only Great Britian, but all of Europe. Kind of like many of the dumb-arse, bigotic, xenophobic Yanks who want killer troops and hit men on the Mexican-USA border states to kill Latin and Mexican kids who are just looking for work that the lazy-a$$ Yanks won't do, and the bigotic, xenophobic Yanks also believe that U.S. Muslims of all ethnicities are anti-American and support scum-dirt terroristic knuckleheads, who kill more Muslims and ethnic people than the imaginery infidels that they claim to be fighting.

Trying to justify and rationalize any type of homecooking is straight-up cowardly BUNK! And those who do this type of syet have no funk! Just a head full of jive JUNK! And they will get on their robbery time after time with their next homeboy PUNK!

Da Peterson brothers' movie is gonna be DA BOMB! And the story of a lie -- I mean life -- time. Oh YES! I will enjoy the D.C. Ebony Bro Rockys. I guess that for the movie they will rename Amir "Da Great" Khan something like "'Taliban Terrorist' Clubber Lang Khan." Hehehehe! Yall [sic] STUPID!

Wow! I just have much luv for Yanky -- I mean hanky -- panky. 'Cause it sho' ain't yankie-spanky. Da muthasuckas couldn't spank my four-year-old son, but they sure will robbed his Pinoy high-yellow-brown arse. Darn Robbin' Hood-boys. Holla!

Radam G says:

The U.S. Fox News outlet and Sky Sports musta' [sic] be owned by the same secret world society of haters/bigots. Both pieces pf ____ are always on the wrong side of history, actuality and reality. OMFG! I got it! Da muthasuckas are TWIN EVILS. Holla!

Radam G says:

I'm Catholic, though not practicing that much. [I'll just wait until my arse is old and gray, then I will straighten out.] So I already know the hatred of bigots and scumbags toward da BIG C peeps. They just cannot handle that a Catholic -- Da Manny -- and a Muslim, Da Great Khan, are ruling da hurt bitnezz squared jungle. They apparently just want the Protestants to be ahead of the line.

Danggit! I've already heard that Andre "SOG" Ward "is a gangsta fo' Gawd." And Money May is a "Baptist bangsta fo' Da Man Upstair." Holla!

Radam G says:

MisterLee, I don't know what in da double-trouble fudge you are talking about. I have call you absolutely nothing but what you are -- a blind-arse, bias American in self-denial from the East Coast of the USA. And you will naturally favor your homeboys of any ethnicity or origin -- PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Nevermind where you come from. [It is not where you're from, it's where you're at {sic}. And your homeboy "Too Sharp" Johnson told me that a few moons ago when he was still in da game.]

The Manny's double is an American too -- straight outta the Lone-Star State of Texas or deep in da heart of Texas. Some jive like dat. Da dude is a distant cousin of mine and speak with the dialect and Texas twang of Rev.(Big) George Foreman. Fess UP! Just be! You are what you are. No need to deny. I bet you speak in da accent of da typical Washingtonite. And you constantly find a reason and rhyme to sublimically hate Asian fighters and favor American ones, especially from your region of the USA. Just holla at some of your posts. And that is all right. I favor West Coast and Southwestern U.S. fighters when they are not fighting Asians. But, whatever! Brandon Rios would probably whup yo' homeboy Peterson's arse! Holla!

brownsugar says:

MisterLee,.. although I'm glad Peterson got the nod,.. it's funny to see how badly Khan gets knocked for losing ... A good fight that was very competitive and demanding. it was a credit to both boxers character.

MisterLee says:

Yo Radam, so you are clearly calling me a "self-hating Asian." All good, b/c I forgot when I was cheering for 122 ruler Toshiaki Noshiaki agst a former fave Rafael Marquez, or when I was cheering for Hasegawa when he got KO'd by Jhonny Gonzalez (a good victory for Gonazalez and makes me wonder why hasn't he been matched with Juanma or Ponce De Leon). I choose my favorite boxers based on styles and their character. I also like Mercito Gesta b/c he's smart and has power, and it's cool he's Asian, but I don't cheer or NOT cheer for athletes b/c they're from my area or from my race/homeland etc. I was cheering for Martinez in both Williams fights... and Williams is from DC! I think Anthony Peterson is a bum b/c he low blowed the heck out of Rios, whom I'm a huge fan of. I was the ONLY one cheering my head off for Rios at MSG and was glad he came back with the win. After the Parkinson's affair, I was not a fan of him but after I've watched him fight I've become a fan of him. He's a warrior, and I'd say he could steam roll over JMM, but Peterson? He's never fought at 140 before. He can steam roll over guys that he has a functional 20-30lbs. weight advantage over, but if you take away his strength and size (ie.- Murray) then he can be ordinary. He was a zombie that day, but he was also weight drained which took his strenght away. If he can't muscle a fighter, he's severely limited. He'd do better agst a small, less clever 140 lber, but not Peterson who's 5'10ish and 155. But yeah, you got knowledge, you got connections, and occasionally, you sound like you're drunk Radam, and oh yeah, you don't listen to others' arguments, and you always think you're right, but for better or worse, you're Radam. Holler!

Radam G says:

WOW! I think yo bettah leeeet it gooooo! It loooook like another LOVE TKO! Why yo act like dat fo? Let it go! Let it go! It doesn't take a fool to learn dat grandstanding and bandwagon jumping yearn for any bit of attention. They gotta relieve dat tension.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. But people to do it every day to get a bit of fittin' in da hood boys taste. Everybody has an opinion, just as he or she has an arse! Some a$$es are flat, some are phat. But somebody will like and somebody won't like those a$$es.

He who's always trying to be slick with bullsh*t doesn't catch on a bit. Then he starts making up ridiculous, juvenile-like spit. Show da wirrrlllllddddd a mud sucka who "always think" that he is right, AND YOU WILL SEE THE BIGGEST FRAUD AND FOOL in the place and in [cyber] space. So somebody must be mistaking me for __ CLONE. Oh, I musta' fo'got! Dose bytches are long GONE!

Wow! It makes you wonder about the person who says off-the-wall jive, especially when all those in da know know what time it is. The ONE and da ONLY Radam G doesn't "think" that he is "always" right, he knows that he is always right in hardcore facts 95 percent of the time, and doesn't need to go on bullsh*t charades and grandstanding of ______ and ____. And he is one always sober muthasureshot! Chew on that one.

How many times that I've been right versus the times that I've been WRONG? That's what I thought. Virually NEVER wrong in the hard facts, because I kno' before I my keyboard tappin' go! And when it comes to my opinion, it is my opinion alone. In a herd or on a bandwagon, I don't need to and will not belong. Anytime you put me in a box, you are bulljivin' yourself and everybody else. Holla!

omrboxing says:

This is it in a nutshell. Khan IS/WAS overrated. He bounces around the ring as if he were still an amateur. Cooper did not do a good job refeereing fight and let's be honest here, he looks a little heavy and was slow in getting in between the fighters at the end of each round. A referee needs to be in some sort of physical shape in order to dance around the ring for 12 rounds. Cooper wasn't. He simply walked around the ring. No good. Now, let's analyze the point deductions, including the one point Khan received for a knockdown that did not occur. When you factor this point, we're only talking about a single point making the difference in the outcome of the fight. (While Khan received a point unjustly, Peterson received a gift point from Cooper for the shoving.) If Khan is not overrated, then he should have been able to handle a fighter like Peterson, no question about it. He is no baby at 25; instead he should be at his peak. You will not see a better Khan, trust me, from this point forward. You have seen all that he brings to the table and he has not changed much since the night Breidis Prescott knocked him out. Not being up to par and not handling guys like Peterson convincingly does not a "superstar" make. And that is the word that has been associated with Khan ever since he looked sensational in the Olympic Finals. While he looked sensational then he has not matured into a solid professional that will evolve into a major player in the game. He is simply not up to the task. Can he beat Peterson in a rematch? Sure! But that doesn't mean he will not get knocked out by another underdog like Prescott. It WILL happen if they're not careful. He took so many clean shots from Peterson that is surely bound to happen. Cooper was not the reason Khan's all on Khan, as he didn't do his job!

omrboxing says:

Dear Michael,

I wrote a comment yesterday, however, it has not been posted. Is my comment not valid? This comes not from a fan, but someone who has in the trenches so I would think my opinion holds weight. Regards,

Ricardo Salazar

Buzz Murdock says:

This fight went pretty much as expected. You cannot out box a master boxer. Young Canelo needed to get inside, get rough, get dirty with Floyd. He didn't do that. He boxed with the boxer. He posed, he fell for the feints, he hesitated instead of letting his hands go
Yep pretty much how I sawr it too....Hoping for a Rocky Marciano/Jersey Joe Walcott finish that turned into an imaginary quality of a real thang...Talk about a stupid analogy, that was me and then some...Luckily, I only bet with a backstreet gamblin Colombian woman who likes to see me **** on myself...

kidcanvas says:

canelo couldnt beat mayweather at 200 lbs, he never was anything in the first place. it was as expected to go... every one knew it was going to be a shut out that knows boxing .. what has he ever done to earn this shot? not a f**king thing

SouthPawFlo says:

Easy Fight for Floyd.

For all the advantages Canelo had in Strength, Floyd has twice an advantage mentally.. There were times Canelo just looked confused, he didn't know whether to come forward or back up..

He tried to outbox Floyd in the Middle of the Ring, and that was just a bad plan, he had no shot of winning in the middle of the ring... Canelo said he studied Oscars & Cotto's fight with Floyd an he did worse than Both of them...

Canelo can bounce back but he is CLEARLY not on the top Pound for Pound level just yet...

The Shadow says:

[QUOTE=Radam G;11569]C'mon, MAN! Race drop with somebody else. Their are 40-million blacks in U.S. America that originated from Africa, and about 39 million of them hate African blacks. There are 44-million Latinos that originated from Latin America, and about 12 million of them hate Latins. C'mon! Get with hardcore actuality and reality.[/QUOTE]

Preach. This is truth. We shouldn't call this the TSS Universe. We should call this the TSS University.

DaveB says:

No one can doubt Floyd's skills. No one ever does. He is head and shoulders above most anyone in boxing today. But the thing with him is that he just puts on a glorified sparring matches. I never come away from one of his fights in awe of the fight itself. He awes you with his age, his defensive skills and his artistry but the fight itself is never exciting. Whether it is Mayweather, Hopkins, the Klitschko's, or Ward it is all the same. Safety first and defensive fighters while P4P greats are boring. I'm not the type of guy who just wants to see fighters trade and I do like the purist aspect of boxing but sometimes you need to take a chance, put your foot of the gas and blast a guy out of there, at least bust him up. Mayweather is just a sparring master. I do respect his skills and I think he would beat everyone out there and he doesn't need all the advantages he takes into every fight that he justly gets criticized for. But I know this, he will never be criticized for being too exciting. Would he have fought Sugar Ray Leonard or Hearns? I just know the guys he didn't fight that he could have and I don't understand it. I think he would have won and cemented his place in history a long time ago. I guess why do that when he gets well paid with lower risk but there will always be questions. I don't see anyone beating him now except for Father Time. And I don't see him fighting the bigger guys either. He also seemed to avoid high volume punchers when he had the chance to fight them. Maybe it is just me.

amayseng says:

DaveB I concur completely in every aspect.

And that is why you did not see me ignorantly throw away 75$ on this ppv. during floyds last fight with the ghost i honestly was subconsciously checking my text messages and email in like the tenth round...How crazy is that? i myself a hardcored boxing fan since i was 4, was bored.

i too am a fan of the sweet science and we all love a firefight, but floyd leaves a lot to be desired and i was often criticized by newcomers for asking for MORE out of floyd because he can clearly deliver more, just chooses not to take the chance....

to be great you must DARE to be great

DaveB says:

Sorry. Some how my post got put on the wrong thread. This sucks.

DaveB says:

Okay good. I'm not the only one.

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