Happy Thanksgiving, TSS Universe

BY Michael Woods ON November 23, 2011

TSS LOGO!Gentlemen and ladies, today in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving. The day is, truth be told, seen by many as an occasion to stuff themselves like Kobayashi. Perhaps not enough time and energy is spent actually pondering things we are grateful for.

I don't exclude myself in this finger pointing, by any means.

So I want to use this space to offer my thanks to all the readers who visit TSS, and all the fighters who do what they do so we can do what we do. Thank you for the bounty of skill, and strength and desire and courage you display throughout the year, pugilists.

I will raise a glass today to you readers, and fighters, and also the staff of keyboard tappers who give of themselves to make TSS what it is, and say a silent toast to you all.

Thanks for reading, and happy Holiday,

Editor Mike

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the Roast says:

I am down with that EM. I am also thankful for all the fighters, writers, posters and haters. We all got to keep on doing what we are doing. Boxing will never die. It's bigger than all of us, but all of us play a part. Thank you to TSS for always being here in one format or another for the fans to have their say. The Roast loves you all.

dino da vinci says:

And we, (sob) love you (sob, sob) too, Roast!

gibola says:

Congrats on another great year of TSS!

RIP Smokin Joe.


PS: Khan ko9 Peterson & Froch W12 Ward

Radam G says:

WOW! HTD to all and Dey _____ [fill in the blank]. Holla!

brownsugar says:

Made some a couple of racks of baby back ribs smothered in my original ginger clove bbq sauce. Thanks to the incredible readers, writers and editor my TSS experience has been a good one. Never in the history of boxing sites has there been a more comfortable format for fans from all backgrounds to express themselves. Sure the have been ebbs and flows, high tides and receding waves however the transition process is birthing one of there best pure boxing sites on the planet...happy to be along for the ride...My co-workers and family member read occasionally but prefer not to post (cuts into facebook time)They think Roast is a wild and crazy Guy..Radam should create a character for youtube Woodsy looks like Dexter...
and Mortcola is a political science professor at USC to name just a few....Remember.... have fun out there and protect youselves at all times.

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