Arum's Latest Shot At Mayweather Is Nothing But Fool's Talk...LOTIERZO

BY Frank Lotierzo ON November 03, 2011

Pacquiao_Kobe_Bryant_111103aThe going back and forth and accusatory tone between the Pacquiao and Mayweather factions seems to be endless. On top of that, everyone who's ever watched a fight or hit a heavy bag seems to know what it'll take for the fight to be made and who will win it if and when it comes to fruition, if ever.

And now Manny Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, just weighed in with a real dozy.

Recently Arum said, "what Mayweather hates is Manny's right hand. Mayweather has no chin and Manny will knock him out. Pacquiao and Mayweather is a three or four-round fight. Period. And who knows that best? Mayweather. The one thing Mayweather has had throughout his career is he knows boxing. He understands boxing and Mayweather can not compete with Manny. It's the right hand of Manny that is preventing that fight from happening. If Manny agreed just to jab with the right hand the fight would be made in 30 seconds."

Things must really be looking gloom for the fight being made, at least in Arum's mind. Because that remark about Manny's right hand instilling so much fear in Mayweather to the point that he fears tangling with Pacquiao really came out of left field. The fact of the matter is, if Pacquiao is going to beat Mayweather, it'll be because of his left hand. Floyd can handle Manny's jab and offset it with his own. Pacquiao's hook off his right jab only works if he touches Floyd with his jab. No Bob, it's the left hand delivered from some very unorthodox angles that Pacquiao throws from, that if it gets through it's capable of stunning and freezing Mayweather due to it's shocking power. Sure, he throws it behind his right hand, but Pacquiao has shown that he can be off with the right jab and still bring the left home. And if he freezes Mayweather with his explosive power that he carries in his left hand, it's plausible that he can then go in and finish Mayweather.

"Once Manny demonstrated that fearsome right hand there was no chance ever that the fight would happen," Arum said. "None. Don't kid yourself. I know Mayweather, everything else is bulls---."

I'm just not buying what Arum's trying to peddle and sell. Mayweather has his reasons as to why he's reluctant to fight Pacquiao, but it's not because he fears his right hand, or even his left for that matter. He doesn't fear his power or his speed or his boxing ability. Mayweather's fears now have to do with his own falsely inflated legacy: he has built himself up to such a degree that he lives in fear of anyone who can take his self-image away from him. He doesn't fear any fighter per se. Since he's now mythologized himself, his fears of anyone else who might be mythologized. Actually, I don't believe he fears Pacquiao, period. 

The reasons Mayweather isn't jumping at the chance to take Pacquiao down is because in spite of him being supremely confident that he can be more successful boxing him than Erik Morales was during their first fight, he knows inside that a fight with Pacquiao will be the most dangerous of his career. And Floyd knows his legacy is spotty and he still hasn't scored a signature win without someone saying, "but." Even if he beat Pacquiao, some will say great, his signature win came against a fighter who gained notoriety as a featherweight, who then moved up in weight and cleaned out Mayweather's division and beat fighters Floyd refused to go near (Cotto & Margarito) when they were at their peak circa 2006-07.

Mayweather knows Pacquiao is good enough to beat him and possibly embarrass him. Think about what a legacy killer that would be. The last thing a great fighter wants at the end of his career is to be more remembered for his losses than his wins. As great as Thomas Hearns was, he's remembered by many fans for his losses to Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler. No, that's not fair, it's just the way it is. And with all due respect to Hearns, at least he fought them and showed that he was every bit the man and fighter from a character vantage point as they were. Mayweather can't say that. His career will be defined by one fight, Pacquiao. If he lost that one, how many fans will talk about his fights with Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales, Sharmba Mitchell, Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah and Juan Manuel Marqez? That would be none. And the same thing applies if he beats Pacquiao, that'll be the fight everyone will talk about 10-20 years from now.

Floyd has managed his career exquisitely, he's made a fortune and should never have to worry about paying a bill the rest of his life. But he could spend all of the money--who'd be surprised by that?--but the legacy will endure forever. That's why he's in such a bind. His legacy is being undefeated, so of course he'll be remembered for the Pacquiao fight being Manny is considered the best fighter he'll have confronted during his 15 plus year career.

That's why Arum is acting like the fool. Mayweather doesn't fear Pacquiao the man or fighter. It's the pressure of his career being defined by one night and fighter. That's weighing on him and that's why he must secure every advantage he can before he agrees to make the fight.

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"B" says:

Frank....I just want to thank you for giving a little perspective to some of these fa"natics". Outside of Manny hurting FLoyd early and then capitalizing on it aggressively before Floyd has a chance to figure him out. I just think Manny has the boxing IQ to change tactics on the fly to beat Floyd. I think Freddy and Manny knows he has they have to devise a game plan to go in and bum rush Floyd. I am talking about relentless pressure. Basically Manny's whole chance in beating Floyd is hurting him early. If Floyd gets comfortable in there though and starts to do what he does better than any other fighter.......well lets just say I think it will be pretty one sided. This is just my opinion. But you are right about Floyd being scared of loosing and also loosing his Mystique(See Roy Jones pre-Taver 2). The sad thing is if he does not fight Manny his legacy will still be tarnished lol. Even though I dont think its a competitive fight......Well not like most people think.......

amayseng says:

this fight will not be one sided for floyd. 2.5 years ago floyd handles manny pretty well, but today or in the future manny beats floyd, convincingly. manny wont be in that pocket for floyds straight right or left hook. manny is faster than floyd today, better footwork, waaaaaaaay more agile, uses waaaaaaaaaay more angles. and manny hits harder, he snaps his punches, he has perfected his technique... manny has stayed active, floyd has not, and has lost his legs a bit, see the ortiz fight where floyd was wiffing and missing punches and his footwork was bad. floyd is a badass, its true, but today manny beats him convincingly, if not knocking him out. manny doesnt tire, he doesnt let up, he knows how to change the power on his punches. there is a reason floyd declined 60 million dollars.

amayseng says:

also, relentless pressure is not the answer, to relentlessly throw punches and wear yourself out against the best defensive fighter in the last 50 years is ignorant. roach and manny are smarter than that. ortiz had a good gameplan, fight in smart spots, using tactical aggression as needed, move laterally making floyd set and reset his feet and older legs. truly study the ortiz floyd fight and you will see a very very close round one, ortiz winning round 2, and ortiz winning round 4 before the sucker punches,

dino da vinci says:

Amay Seng, you were doing so well until you got to the "sucker punches". I can think of no situation where a fighter who has just successfully launched himself at his opponent to headbutt out of frustration, thus incurring the rage of the opponent, not being on high alert for retaliation. Ortiz brought his "A" game and actually looked as good as he was capable of looking. Unfortunately, he was fighting one of the best fighters of the last twenty-five years. If Ortiz had his way, he'd still be apologizing without engaging in further fisticuffs. Of all the wordsmiths who have commented on the subject, it was Brandon Rios who put it best: "Mayweather finished what Ortiz started".

amayseng says:

dino, i make no argument and you make a point. even tho the headbutt was a retaliation to the numerous mayweather elbows to the throat, it was illegal and out of frustration. however, at least it came during the heat of battle when floyd was on high gaurd, the left hook blazing right hand came at the expense of mayweather premeditating a fake hug to set it up and launch with intent....

i would have no problem with mayweather returning the favor with a low blow or rabit punches, but to deliberately and premeditate a sportsmanship to starch an unexpecting foe out of his mind to me is a sucker punch

Radam G says:

REPOST [I spit my best spit, and it didn't post. WTF]: Here go my spit and sh*t again. "Fool's Talk" is all good, because of late, Money May, Team May, Fam May and Pops Joy May, have been clowning and gettin' down, dirty and deep with the foolish. First of all, in all forms of kick a$$, there is always somebody that you are a little scare of and have mass fear about them. This is just as natural as taking a sh*t. And some people -- in self denial -- will say that they never sh*t. Just as they fib to themselves and say that they are scare nothing. BULL!!! Give those fibbin'-in-deep-reality-distortion suckas a loppy pop.

BobDaddy Arum is DOUBLE ditto! Money May is leary of and teary about Da Manny and Da Manny's speed and power, PERIOD! And is ducking him CLEARLY! Everybodeee and dey momma, who have ever box, know that some fighters you won't BEAT on your best day. And we real playas of da hurt bitnezz, choose to stay away from a certain fighter who will kick our arses.

Even thought John L Suvillian use to say that he "kick da sh*t outta any motherfu*cker" who enter that squared jungle to challenge him, but he stayed clear of a black heavyweight -- named Peter Jackson, among other pseudonyms -- who would punch him silly and kayo his arse in sparring session. There is always a hidden reality that those suckas not in da know won't ever know or accept if they learn about it. Ole "Jackie Boy" Johnson -- the world's first black heavyweight champion -- was scared sh*tless of little, ole, Joe Jeanette. And JJ was just 5-foot-6, 150lbs and JBJ was over six-foot tall and always close to 200lbs. And we all know how Sugar Ray Robinson was scared into cowarding of the "Black Murder Row."

Da Pittsburg Kid whupped [sic] Money May's arse so bad in a few sparring sessions, that Money May doesn't even acknowledge that the Pittsburg Kid exists. Bottomline is that certain types of southpaws have been whuppin' Money May's arse all the way from back in the amateur days, that Money May is gonna to stay away from certain types. Da dude has some type of inborn fright of truly, naturally left-handed southpaws with speed and power. The only fighter who cut Money May's face da double fudge up in the pros was a southpaw -- name Reggie Sanders.

Give Money May a lie detector test about him being chickensh*t of Da Manny. It will be a BIG POSITIVE. Again, every combatant has and/or had deep fear and a little fright of a certain opponent. Even the GOAT Ali will tell you that he was scared sh*tless of some opponents, but he overcame his fear and iota of fright because of the cheerleading of Hoodini -- I mean Bundini -- and the great inspiring and instructions of the greatest boxing guro of all times -- Angie "know his sh*t" Dundee.

Uncle Roger, Uncle Jeff and Pops Joy May couldn't wear GBGOAT Angie's jockstrap. So Money May has no chance against Da Manny, but to get the fudge KAYO! That's RIGHT! I posted it. And I believe every word of it. P4P Top Notch Trainer Freddie "No Joke, Coach" Roach has an archmaster plan to knock "Lil Floyd" da fudge OUT, EARLY!

If Money May could just last the distance, he'd fight Da Manny tomorrow. Da sucka Money May just cannot bear the thought of a Pinoy kayoing his arse. Da sucka Fam and Team May won't ever grow cojones and step up like Buffalo soldiers and get da fu*k whupped [sic] and take a sweet science squared jungle canvas NAP! Hehehehe!Holla!

dino da vinci says:

But you're wearing boxing gloves, you're in the middle of the ring, and your goal is to get your hand raised at the end of the bout so people will recognize you for the world champion that you are. We already had one extra, "Hey, I was out of line right there with what I just did, and..." apology, and if Floyd really did get the inside of his mouth cut from the headbutt like he said he did, well, then, I for one, can see him being really enthusiastic about getting back to the fray. Heck, if Floyd waited around for the apologies to finally come to a stop, then he might have eventually gotten "suckered". With time winding down in the round, Ortiz throws seven punches and one headbutt. Best I can tell, only the headbutt lands. Joe C. calls time with nine seconds to go, in order to deduct a point. Victor Ortiz approaches Floyd and hugs and kisses him. Cortez then parades Victor Ortiz around the ring, evidently showing the judges what a "sucker" headbutter looks like, in the hopes of shaming him into never doing THAT again. During the parading, Ortiz passes Mayweather and they both attempt to touch gloves (consider this apology accepted). Joe C says, "Let's go!" They resume action, but wait...Ortiz deems yet another hug is necessary. Yes, Mayweather lukewarmly engages him, then throws a left hook, (pause) right hand. I don't believe the punches that landed were sufficient to do the damage that apparently occurred. I do believe that Ortiz may have felt that this was a good jumping off point. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is no James Butler, Jr... and did I mention that they were wearing boxing gloves? :-)

FighterforJC says:

99% of boxing writers are complete morons. IF they TRULY, 100% wanted to see Pacquiao vs Mayweather happen, they would stop the Mayweather worship IMMEDIATELY. I've mentioned it before, but so long as there are boxing writers who continue to claim that Mayweather is the best technical boxer out there and one of the all-time greats and continue reiterating that Mayweather has more than enough skills to easily beat Pacquiao, then Mayweather will remain content to never step into the ring against Pacquiao. You'd be surprised what a little bit of reverse psychology could do to someone as insecure as Mayweather. Start calling Floyd scared. Start saying that Floyd doesn't have the skills to compete with the likes of Leonard, Duran and Hearns AND Pacquiao. I know it's too much for fanboy, biased boxing writers to write such things about Floyd, but if they TRULY believed that Mayweather could handle Pacquiao and would love to see him do it, then they should start daring Mayweather to do it. Mayweather's the only obstacle to making this fight. Stop supporting him and the fight will happen.

amayseng says:

all i can tell ya is what i hear, on espn radio, fox radio and espn pardon the interruption the last few days, espns first take, that everyone, and i mean EVERYONE all these sports analysts say that floyd mayweather is chicken or is ducking pacman....yes they may not be boxing specialists but they are projecting this information on the layman, on the ordinary sports fan, on the non hardcore boxing fan...and truth is, floyd is being called out by everyone all over the nation for ducking and not taking the fight..

they are all also calling his bluff about the may 5th next date, they all know he is an immature faker.

floyd really looks bad

Radam G says:

Smooth spittin' reader ddv is righteously swinging and hitting da ball straight-up outta da park. Money May is a fighting cock. And if you let one fighting cock loose on another one, that is on you. Money May did what true-fighting cocks -- bird, beast or man -- would do. GET in dat a$$ when the regulator or referee let you loose or turn his stupid-a$$ away from you to look at the timekeeper. WTF!

Vicious Vic is a kid from Kansas. He was probably dreaming about a "Yellow-Brick Road, or some jive stuff. Da kid was confused up in the dome, and da gangsta-wannabe, rich boy from Rapid City, Mich. clocked his dumb-kissing a$$. Kiss with the mitts not with your lips. Hug like a bytch when you are clinching, not when you are apologetic. END of discussion. If you don't know the poison of a fighting cock or whup-arse dawg, don't go into battle with him.

No matter how you try to spin it. And on whom, you try to pin it. The guilty one is not the fighter. Da game is crooked like a banana. So just accept that Money May saw an opportunity and when ape-sh*t crazy. And it is not on him, but the referee. Of course a violation of the pugilistic rules was broken on the night in question. But neither Money May, nor Vicious Vic are guilty. And the hit butt doesn't/didn't matter a scintilla. There was in, and gonna be, fouling in that bout. It is just how Money May throws and flows. And anybody who know, knows. Holla!

the Roast says:

Good to see Dino in the House. Money talks and bullshit walks. After JMM has been dispatched, its time to put up or shutup.

brownsugar says:

No matter how the fight was proposed by the Mayweather camp, fans all over the world are rejoicing because the fateful words have finally been spoken. Don't get sick, hurt or develop an acute medical condition the day of the fight, all urgent care facillities across the nation will be closed because EMT's and Medical Support personell will be watching the fight. The President will be sequestered in the Safe Room somewhere deep in the whitehouse holding a shotgun on his lap as he enjoys the fight on his luxurious 72inch HD LCD while the Secret Service gets the entire day off to watch the fight. Wall Street will suspend trading untill after the fight so they trend their future financial projections based upon who the winner will be. NASA will allow HBO to use thier satelites as an emergency relay incase any communicatons issues develop during the fight. Street Gangs like the Crips, Bloods, and Neo Natzi groups will hold a one day truce as they open up betting between thier rivals. Major News pubilcations like News Week and the NY TIMES will put the winners name in the headlines using the largest print ever seen since the end of WWII.

Nobodies fooled by Arums feigned sense of impropriety,... truth is,.. the promise of profits that Arum will enjoy from the Mayweather/Pacman fight is actually extending the old Geezer's life span. Arum refuses to exit this mortal plane until he can get his hands on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,.. and at least enjoy spending some of it for the time he has left. Mayweather fought Mosely when he was considered a beast,.... after his 10th round demolition of Margarito, the polite Pinoy dismissed Shanes request to fight saying "it's an honor to be offered a chance to fight Mosley, but I decline". After Mayweathers' commanding performance, Team Pac couldn't wait to get Mosely in the ring,... and while Pac did win a decisive victory, the now mediocre Mosely proved that his even his faded footwork was enough to keep Manny ineffectively following Mosely in circles all night. Folks thought Floyd was crazy when he fought the bigger, stronger, fresher ORTIZ who had decked every fighter he ever fought and spanked Berto like he was his daddy. Floyd dominated every second of everyround and mercifully ended the fight in the 4th. If the fight had continued another couple of rounds and ended on it's own natural conclusion, Ortiz would have been utterly destroyed as a fighter.. Now that Floyd has paved the way for the biggest fight this century. You better believe that the BobFather is on his knees thanking his maker that Money May is indeed ready to FIGHT!!!!!!!.

Radam G says:

Team Money May is full of sh*t! And DON"T BELIEVE a word dat dey spit. His scary and faking noggin -- wide open -- Da Manny would split. So until, and if, they are in dat squared jungle, just dream about it in your PIT! On Money May tangling with Da Manny is just fading dream, because outside that -- in the real-world of reality -- over da money bagger and bragger, Da Manny is supreme. Holla!

the Roast says:

Too much money for the fight not to happen. Floyd has to do it. I need to see this happen!!!!!

dino da vinci says:

Yes, I'm back. Much love and respect Bros. Roast and Radam.

Shoulder Roll Defense says:

Lets see how well Manny does against Marquez. However, if he wins what other direction can he go in that will be credible in the eyes of the hardcore fans? If Manny and Floyd don't fight, I would love to see either one face Sergio Martinez at the 154 limit. Some of the posters on this thread are haters, not students of the game. I like Manny, but he is in for a rude awakening if he ever steps into the ring with Money. He hasn't ever fought a boxer as clever or surgically precise as Mayweather. If Floyd supposedly struggles against southpaws, Manny struggles against boxer/counterpunchers such as Marquez and Morales and we all know that Mayweather is on another level in comparison to Marquez and Morales in those departments. If the fight ever happens, I like Mayweather by 12 round UD.

FighterforJC says:

So the latest news says the "little fella" team Mayweather was talking about was Erik Morales. LOL.

Radam G says:

Da Manny struggled against Marquez's and Morales [fight 1] because of weight problems, and delays in training because of visa problematic sh*t, SRD. [Sometimes, stuff looks good until you hear the other side of the story. Trouble-making U.S. bureaucrats wouldn't let Da Manny into the USA in time to fully train and get adjusted. Now that Da Manny has da Prez O hookup and the U.S. economy is in shambles, all is righteous and on the level. Vegas need that moola -- close to a billion dollars -- that 8,000 plus visiting Pinoys, Japanese and Chinese bring to see Da Manny get down.] WOW!

In Morales fight ll and lll, Da Manny DEEP BLAST his arse. If Da Manny was struggling in those bouts, bring on the same type of strugglings against Marquez. And Da Manny will no doubt blast that arse. I think that you are seeing what you believe, SRD, through your bias eyeballs. It is all good and welcome back. I expect for you to get on back on track and against Da Manny launch attack after attack. But in to multi-parts, Marquez's a$$, Da Manny is gonna HACK! Holla!

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