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Look For Spence to ‘Do a Crawford’ on Ocampo, Only Sooner

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  • Look For Spence to ‘Do a Crawford’ on Ocampo, Only Sooner

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    WBO welterweight titlist Terence Crawford looked All World last week in stopping former title holder Jeff Horn. This Saturday, it’s Errol Spence’s turn. The presumed Sonny Liston of the division, Spence 23-0 (20) will make the second defense of his IBF welterweight title. His opponent is third ranked IBF contender Carlos Ocampo 22-0 (13) who, in all honesty after watching video of his recent bouts, makes Jeff Horn look like a poor man’s welterweight version of Jack Dempsey.

    Prior to Crawford beating Horn last week, the two most anticipated fights in boxing were IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight title holder Anthony Joshua meeting WBC champ Deontay Wilder followed by WBC lightweight champ Mikey Garcia clashing with WBO champ Vasyl Lomachenko. And after Spence looks like Superman dismantling Ocampo, you can add Crawford vs. Spence to that list.

    Crawford is a stylistic chameleon and Spence is probably the biggest puncher and physically strongest 147-pound fighter in the world. If he and Crawford meet it will remind many of the first clash between the multi-dimensional Sugar Ray Leonard and the man who was then the biggest and hardest puncher in the division, Thomas Hearns. Both Crawford and Spence really look that good and a fight between them will be tough to handicap.

    Spence in his next-to-last bout looked solid in polishing off Kell Brook to win the IBF title, and then earlier this year in his first defense dominated the tough and capable Lamont Peterson. Errol is a fundamentally sound boxer-puncher with power in both hands and applies tremendous mental and physical pressure. And perhaps the scariest thing about facing him is that he gets stronger as the fight progresses.

    Ocampo is a boxer who uses the ring and pushes his jab and mostly everything else he throws. He's neither fast nor fleet-footed and his record doesn't have one recognizable name on it. On video he looks very average and it's impossible to find one discernible weapon in his tool box that could trouble Spence for even a fleeting moment. If there was a fighter stylistically made to order to end up being a sitting duck for Spence's power, it's Carlos Ocampo. I think Spence will look like Superman. In fact, Ocampo may look like the one wearing a cape because he may fly out of the ring.

    The welterweight division may be the most top-heavy class in boxing. At the top resides Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter along with Spence and Crawford. Aside from fighting each other, almost every match-up involving one of them versus a lower ranked contender would likely resemble Crawford-Horn and what I expect Spence-Ocampo will look like. And once Spence has dispatched Ocampo, the Crawford versus Spence anticipation will escalate. And with both Terence and Errol having said they want to become the undisputed champ and would be very willing to meet the other, only the sanctioning bodies and promoters can hold it up.

    Some fans have scoffed at Crawford receiving high praise for beating Horn so lopsidedly with the focus being Horn wasn't much of a threat, which is partly true, but on the other hand Crawford is a lethal package of a fighter. And I look for the same sentiment echoed after Spence beats Ocampo….and likely beats him even more convincingly than Crawford beat Horn. Ocampo cannot out-box or get away from Spence who should have no trouble delivering his Sunday best stuff. Moreover Errol is a terrific puncher and will no doubt land clean when he makes contact....resulting in what will be a definitive ending.

    Crawford doesn’t need help to look sensational, and neither does Spence, but both drew opponents who allow them to show the very best of their skills, mostly for the purpose of building their eventual fight into something that could wind up on PPV or be a Showtime or network fight that will do huge numbers. And these guys, as terrific as they are, need their prowess as a fighter to do their selling because, as I've mentioned before, their personalities are on the reserved side and they do their talking in the ring. I'm not sure Crawford-Spence could ever be as big as Leonard-Hearns I, because Leonard was a huge draw by then and Hearns’ devastating power and massive reach was thought to be something that he might not be able to contend with. Their clash in 1981 was the most anticipated welterweight title bout ever and it lived up to all expectations.

    Look for Spence to “do a Crawford” on Ocampo, but with a different narrative. After Terence dismantled Horn, the narrative was his skill set and killer instinct. The Spence narrative will mostly be centered on Errol's methodical approach and punching power. And that's in line with what much of the talk centered on before Leonard-Hearns I. The biggest difference is Crawford isn't the world star Leonard was, so it's a good thing that his skills as a fighter have been showcased on cable TV as Leonard's were on network TV on his way to the title.

    Most likely Crawford and Spence will fight once more before facing each other, and in a perfect world they'll pick up one of the other titles in that bout so when they clash it will be for the undisputed title!

    Frank Lotierzo can be contacted at

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    Ocampo may look like the one wearing a cape because he may fly out of the ring...hahah good Line !! .....Spence and Crawford are at the top and the rest are contenders ...147 is not for pretenders


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      Originally posted by teaser View Post
      Ocampo may look like the one wearing a cape because he may fly out of the ring...hahah good Line !! .....Spence and Crawford are at the top and the rest are contenders ...147 is not for pretenders
      Thank you sir!

      Agreed....Spence & Crawford are the two alphas at 147....can't wait for them to meet!


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        Spence will wax him with a body shot. Bet on it.


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          This is a waisted exersize in futility and ink space. How could you write about the undefeated Welterweight Champion when you have a Monumental extravaganza commencing June 22nd at the Masonic Temple in Detroit!
          Claressa Shoelds rumbles with Roman Gabriels that night and I only regret that I wont be able to watch it on Showtime that night. I have an appointment to walk my dog in favor of.


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            Great post, Bernie! Hope it doesn't scare others away thinking they can't rival it. Because if they just type "TEST" they've surpassed it! lololololol


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              Hu ha ha ha


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                Both Spence and Crawford say they always maintain the most stringent state of readiness because any boxer, no matter what the quality of his skillset, is only one punch away from defeat. Spence is nearly at the pinnacle of physical conditioning. You know how Spence seems to gain momentum as the fight wears on into the later rounds??... He gains momentum like a real life Juggernaut on purpose. . . (Like the Marvel Comics character who once he gains momentum- becomes unstoppable)

                Its not because he gets up at 4 am and runs up mountain roads in freezing weather like Mike Tyson (because as Mike used to say ...."nobody else does it".

                Spence has a strength and conditioning trainer who is literally the Dr Sebi (Sebi is the man who cured cancer and aids and proved it in court) - of Strength and Conditioning Coaches - who goes by the name of Blu Ray.

                Spence's Trainer recently revealed in 2017 that since he's been training Spence ( since 2014 ), his training regimine has been to train him in such away that effectively enables Spence to get stronger as the fight wears on. Spence vs Brook is a clear example of this. (this is some serious sci-fi stuff)

                Blu Ray doesn't reveal his trade secrets for free....but if you watch him training 🏈 players or any other of his general training vids, it's not to difficult to extrapolate some clues regarding his methodology.

                It's truly inspirational to listen to guys like Golovkin, Lomanchenko, Spence, Ward, Mayweather, Garcia, Pac and Usyk expound upon their personal training regimine and championship making philosophy... Almost as if we are watching the next evolutionary leap of mankind...

                However while my head is soaring through Alpha Centuri, my feet are firmly planted on the reassuring surface of Terra.

                While it's also reassuring to see more fighters abandoning the pretentious Mayweatheresque "A Side vs B-Side" rhetoric and instead want to challenge themselves while gazing across the room to eyeball the other young lions with that look on their faces that says .... " I can't wait to get you into the ring !" and the other lions reciprocate with "Well let's go, I was ready yesterday".

                I'm not optimistic that we'll ever get Crawford and Spence unifying titles due to Mother Nature.

                Spence has indicated in videos he made in early 2017 that he regularly exceeds 180 pounds between fights and can easily scale 190 if he's not disciplined in his choice of between-fight cuisine.

                I often hear his detractors comically refer to Spence as the "Weight Bully".

                But My expectations to actually see Spence vs Crawford are unapologeticly low.
                This kid is already bursting at the seams. You can already count his ribs and see his veins - sinew - muscle and bones without the benefit of and xray machine or an MRI ..... If Spence can endure awhile longer ...and maintain his otherworldly conditioning...I'm going to throw the biggest FightParty Ever!!! If I am bestowed with the privilege of watching Spence vs Crawford before my grandson goes to college(he's a highschool senior now) .

                Well Keep your chin tucked and Keep Hope Alive till the next one.
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                  Originally posted by Kid Blast View Post
                  Spence will wax him with a body shot. Bet on it.
                  Come on Frank. How about a prop?


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                    Originally posted by Kid Blast View Post
                    Spence will wax him with a body shot. Bet on it.
                    KB, you nailed it. I thought Ocampo would hang in there for at least a couple rounds but that body shot at the end of round one doubled him over, Nice call.


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                      Originally posted by Kid Blast View Post

                      Come on Frank. How about a prop?
                      That or a shot to the was 50/50 Ted! LOL.


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                        Originally posted by Kid Blast View Post

                        Come on Frank. How about a prop?
                        As I said, next to Ocampa, Jeff Horn looks like Carmen Basilio!


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                          lol lol