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Floyd Mayweather Workout August 10th

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  • Floyd Mayweather Workout August 10th

    Floyd Mayweather Workout August 10th - Showtime Boxing was at Floyd Mayweather Jr's Las Vegas Gym on Thursday to capture "Money" and his open workout.

    The live presentation is part of the build-up to August 26th's PPV showdown between Mayweather Jr and UFC star Conor McGregor. Showtime Boxing has been working to make as much of the pre-fight publicity available via livestream, including last months 4 city world tour that featured the first time the two men came face to face.

    Floyd Mayweather Workout August 10th

    Our roving cameraman Marcelino Castillo was live at the Mayweather Gym on Thursday, August 10th to capture Floyd's open workout. Floyd worked the bags, the mitts (with big Nate) and did some in-ring work to a completely packed house. Mayweather Jr has always been known as a gym rat and he appears to be in good shape, butMayweather did a lot of talking on Thursday and it was clear that the afternoon was dedicated to publicizing the big fight.

    Check out the livestream raw footage of all the procedingss provided by Showtime right here.

    Floyd Mayweather Workout August 10th / Check out more boxing news and features at The Sweet Science, where the best boxing writers write.