“Broner should hope to fight Mayweather immediately after Canelo has had his turn. Here's the math: Since you can't read three sentences about Broner without seeing the name Mayweather, somebody has done their job. But here's the thing. This kid is light years away from entering Mayweather's orbit. They should cash this ticket as soon as possible, because he has an expiration date coming up quickly. He is not the next great fighter. What he is, is Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Paris Hilton rolled into one. And since he's in the 43rd minute of his 45 minute run, it's “gettin' while the gettin' is good” time. If Floyd can't carry the B-side like Oscar did, what chance would Broner have? In the run-up to the fight, can you picture him bantering via translator with a Latino fighter? Can you imagine him not having a Paulie Malignaggi to play off of? You'll have people cringing and switching channels at a furious pace. Really, can you fathom Broner being the lead dog in the parade? I've watched Broner and he shows no signs of being a dominant, world class fighter. He is not De La Hoya. He is not Mosley. He is not Pacquiao. He is certainly not Mayweather. And he never will be.” —Dino DaVinci doesn't think the world of Broner