“In my opinion, if Manny wants it, he still has it. Sure, I like everybody else I'm going to be looking for certain signs to see his demeanor, his tenacity, and his reactions once the real fighting begins. Radam is right in regards to who was getting hurt and how the fight was unfolding, Pacquiao was doing serious damage to Marquez. His nose was broken. His breathing was labored. Very labored and noticeably so. Look no further than the cover of Ring Magazine at the face of the triumphant Marquez with thick blood streaming from his nostrils to see what Manny saw and was aiming for when he too aggressively went in to close. Marquez won fight four. Flight five looms in the future. Having fought over 40 rounds together, I had no idea what was going to happen in the last fight, and I have no idea what might happen in the next. I'm looking forward to their meeting again.” —TSS reader all-star Fe'Roz wants Pacquiao-Marquez 5