“How can 95% of the TSS go to sleep on RG, a proven champion, a resourceful champion, with no respect for that mighty ring General Mayweather. Or should I call him Napoleon. By the time Napoleon captured the world, his troops were spread thin, some were starving, and many had contracted all manner of infectious diseases, gangrene, discontentment and jungle rot tore through their morale. Now Mayweather, through the benefit of several premature retirements, has inherited the throne. But is he fit to rule. His calvary has been decimated by father time so he's lost his mobility, his armour stripped by rust and inactivity, so much so that even a scrub like Canelo is considered a lethal threat. Floyd's kingdom is teetering on the precipice of destruction.
 Yet the ancient King struggles to maintain it. Guerrero = the right time + the right place.
A game of thrones…and a whole lot more.” —Brown Sugar thinks Mayweather is teetering