“Other than his last commentating assignment, Manny gave the impression he'd be around longer than those 2 money-mongering old-timers Arum and King… but unfortunately it seems like the good always die (relatively) young. Even when he was blatantly contradicted by his fellow announcers, Steward took it in stride and never pulled rank, always finding a way to balance the information about the fight we were watching with some “real” astute observations without being rude and contentious. The guy could have went about draped in gold with an entourage, became a “celebrity” by definition and a character for publicity companies like TMZ to send 100 paparazzi after… but he had better things to do with himself and we are all better enriched. Wow, a trainer of 41 champions, a trainer who started in his teens, this is better stuff than a Rocky movie… and it was real.” –Brown Sugar notes that if the world were just, we'd have gotten to enjoy Manny Steward for awhile longer