“You always find what you're looking for. When people take sides, they always see what they want to see. This explains how the brain works. When Michael rewatched it with the clear purpose of seeing it through the judges eyes, he actually changed his mental channel and his brain responded by tuning in only to scenes that were in Bradley's favor, almost disregarding the rest. But does that make Mr Woods' analysis right this time? Boxing scoring is subjective hence unreliable no matter the credentials of the officials. Add to it the different angles from which each judge view a fight. Having seen replays 2x myself, I guess I have to side with the majority. Even known Pac-haters like Floyd Sr, Teddy Atlas, ODLH, nemesis Marquez, Paul Magno, FightHype writers all agreed it was an 11-1 to 8-4 win range for Pacquiao and never any closer.” –TSS reader Rude M has watched the fight two times, sees same result