“If you look hard enough, turning the sound off, then you might find something to justify the actions of the three judges. But that's not how boxing is watched, that's not how 48 of 51 seasoned boxing journalists saw it. Thats not how an Irish betting facility saw enough to refund Pacquiao bettors their money under a “justice payment” scheme. A fair result would only emerge under the same conditions in which the three judges, the HBO judge, the members of the media saw the game that day. The fact that you still think the Pacquiao won under clinical conditions should be the best incentive to sign the petition. Were the judges judging by Olympic scoring rules? I think, this would be the only way to justify their act. But we go here by the rules of scoring a professional bout.” –Sonny Avila thinks Editor Mike should sign the petition to overturn the Pacquaio-Bradley decision