Bute is for real, mastering range, quickly shifting his weight/readjusting his position to gain momentum in/for his powershots.
I expect him to keep a low profile for some rounds, let Froch do some initial bullruns for the home crowd (and them English crowds know how to make some noise), and then step it up – finding the range, getting in the rhythm with his jab, and letting that beautiful left go versus body and head.
Froch has reached his roof, can't further maximize his limited skills, and will look more rudimentary than for a long time. All respect to him for what he's achieved, but his footwork and balance is on the level with a…well, I don't know what. Bute stops him around 11-12. No holding back for old friends this time.” –Grimm says Froch has reached his ceiling and will bump into a rude awakening on Saturday