He Hollers His Call..Froch By TKO

“I can also see Froch cracking him on the chin, and Bute crumbling. Fighting face first brawlers (Andrade, Miranda, and Johnson) have not prepared Bute to fight a world class boxer puncher who also has a decent ring IQ. If it's a test of chins or will then Froch will win. Bute does not have the skill set to perform wizardry on Froch the way Ward can on ANYONE. Froch outboxed Pascal, and also Jermaine Taylor (AFTER round 6) imo, so he's a better boxer and defensive fighter than people give him credit for. I'll go on a limb and say Froch, TKO 8th round. Holler!” —Mister Lee likes the Brit to beat Bute on Saturday