“APART from the clinching, which I find annoying and not the most developed part of his arsenal, Klitschko is a GREAT classic boxer, with some of the finest abilities to time and place punches at different speeds and angles, not to mention extreme cool, anticipation, and calculation, as good in some respects as anyone we've ever seen in the division – he is NEVER caught unaware or off-guard, not since the Sanders fight – and his KO percentage has not gone down, so clearly there's some serious punching going on. It is NOT exciting the way our fan-favorites are, because it is never allowed to heat up….but, in answer to your question, for disciplined, classic, precision boxing, 90% of his game makes me look forward to his fights. If he had Larry Holmes' blood-lust – an average puncher but an ATF jab-cross ring general who loved bringing the pain – Wlad would be more enjoyable for the masses. But, it is what it is, and, to be fair, most of his overwhelming wins DID NOT involve much clinching, and were so utterly one-sided that you'd have to be blind not to appreciate the discipline and sheer mastery of the style. You do say you recognize his effectiveness, so, I think you get it.” –Mortcola gives a rock-solid assessment of what Wlad brings to the table


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[url=http://www.boxingchannel.tv/jacobs-coach-andre-rozier-talks-triple-g/] Jacobs Coach Andre Rozier Talks Triple G - Brooklyn’s Daniel Jacobs holds the WBA’s world middleweight title as he heads into this Saturday’s showdown against Gennady Golovkin, but his previous four title defenses have not gotten him the breakout status he craves. In this title unification encounter, Jacobs face multiple Sanctioning body world champion Gennady Golovkin in what is seen as the toughest test to date for both men. Jacobs is trained by Andre Rozier and the pair are enjoying the "home field" advantage of being in New York for a major fight. Needless to say, Jacobs is a major underdog against Golovkin, whose status as one of the world’s best transcends borders. But Jacobs wants what Golovkin has, and that is kingpin status at 160 pounds. He gets his chance this coming Saturday on HBO pay-per-view.   Jacobs Coach Andre Rozier Talks Triple G In this latest TBC segment, our roving camera man Marcelino Castillo catches up for some exclusive time with Andre Rozier to talk about this Saturday’s fight with Gennady Golovkin. Check your local listings for Saturday’s start time. Jacobs Coach Andre Rozier Talks Triple G / Check out more boxing news and features at [url=http://thesweetscience.com]The Sweet Science, where the best boxing writers write.