“Cotto is a live dog in this fight. He has a great jab, can box, move and has a good corner. Props to Floyd for taking this fight at 154 and not playing the catch weight games. Cotto is boxing and moving more instead the bulling forward stalking style and can do both. Floyd might be catching him at the right time before he and his trainer get too much momentum from fights under their belt. Cotto's jab is said to be one of the best in the sport and the left hook of course is good money but Floyd knows all the tricks of the trade an if he boxes smart and comes in on his A-game (which he usually does) he knows how to neutralize those. I got Cotto landing a couple of those hooks and throwing quick combos with his underrated speed and making this a good one.” –Real Talk says Cotto is a live dog, not a dead one, against Mayweather