“I am really not buying into the “home cooking” hoopla. I have watched the fight 3 times already and I remain convinced that it was an even fight through the middle to late rounds. Khan clearly won the 12th by being more busy but one got the sense that Petersen was landing the more hurtful shots. I remember Meldrick Taylor landing the quicker punches on Chavez but to quote Richard Steele who was the ref on the scene “every punch landed by Chavez seemed to take some zap out of Taylor”. The same could be said of Peterson's punches on Khan. Khan took some helacious body shots and delivered some himself as well. Khan has great legs and conditioning but has no clue about the art of in fighting and at some stage this will be his undoing (Well, it was his undoing on Saturday night since he lost his titles). The kid needs to learn how to “check” his opponents by holding his ground in the center of the ring and instead of bouncing around taking half steps to each side. I dont think he regressed though. I just think he met a fighter with sound fundamental skills who concentrated on his body work. That's what took the steam out of Khan and made him stay on the ropes for longer than necessary.” —TSS reader “Michaelabil” did his homework, watched Peterson-Khan three times!