It can truly be said that Guerrero did in fact humble the Mighty and Powerful Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Not during the fight but during the Pre and Post fight hype.
Guererro drew attention to his God and to Mayweather's moral short-comings frequently.
Mayweather always seems to know how to treat his opponents before a fight.
In the case of Guerrero....Money May decided to remove himself and his team from the stressful and emotion prefight war of words by standing down and withdrawing himself (along with his dad) from the conflict and showing us a more humble and introspective side.

After the fight Mayweather drew rounds of applause from a huge gallery of reporters by speaking words of healing and encouragement to Robert, his dad, and the City of Gilroy Texas.

Mayweather also took time to compliment the excellence of Guerrero's dad as a trainer and hypeman. .....and chose his words carefully during the interview to always put Guerrero in the most favorable light regardless of how coarse and callus the questions were.
You could actually see Gurreros and his fathers' hurt pride begin to mend right there sitting at the conference table.

When Mayweather was asked to compare himself with former Greats like Ray Robinson, Leonard, Hearns and Duran .....Flod usually says he is better than them all.
This time Floyd said those icons paved the way for his success and he would never compare himself to those guys.. Rather he said he tips his hat to their greatness.

Floyd allowed Guerrero to exalt himself during the prefight hype phase and humbled himself as he focused on his new trainers instructions which enabled Floyd to humble Guerrero in the ring.
It was a fascinating look at Floyds' technical skills against against another Champion whom I believe would have more than a chance at beating the rest of the best...
Including :
Despite the loss last night I believe the ghost will be back after dominating the rest of the field.