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Thread: Today's Ring Entrance Music

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    Today's Ring Entrance Music

    You control the dial .. Which songs you choosing for each fighter (Guerrero and PBF)?

    I'll go first :

    Guerrero --- Low Rider by War.

    PBF---- You're Nobody (till somebody kills you) by Biggie Smalls.

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    Re: Today's Ring Entrance Music

    Lil' Kim is up in da hizzy! And she is making me DIZZY from dat time she and I got BIZZY! And Big Pappa didn't get mad at me, but Don King called me and fought me under the name "Lil Kim Ho." WTF! And he called me Lil' Kim's he-ho! But DK didn't rip me off on this occassion, and moola broke me off, nicely. But my lawyer was lookin' all up in his grill. Hehehe! We were ready to go for a rally on da HILL, and kick off Jack and Jill. Yall know dat dey were ho'ing up there. Hahaha!

    Lil' Kim is Asian looking nowadays. She got so work done, and has her skin lighten. And I ain't mad at her. But I am up in a city of SIN! So I will see what I can WIN! Hehehehe!

    I know that I'm no good. After Money May knock the Cali [humbug] Holy Ghost the double fudge OUT! I'm going to ask the Ghost Dad to shut da double fudge UP! Because -- like when I was a double kid -- I could still kick his butt.

    OOPS! Gotta go get my eye-candy look on at this damsel. She's giving a Pinoy PLAYA dat looky-LOOK! And Yall know me! I'm down with O-P-P! My wifey is gonna kick my arse anyway when I go back to the P-Islands! Somebody be snitching on me. Holla!

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    Re: Today's Ring Entrance Music

    Your nobody till somebody kills Halili have been a great sing do Mayweather.

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