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Thread: "It's Just A Matter of Time"

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    "It's Just A Matter of Time"

    As Canelo cruised around like a crocodile underwater ready to launch at a hapless wildebeest, he must have been listening to the Brook Benton song, while clocking Austin Trout: “I know you’ll pass my way again. It’s just a matter of time.”
    Alvarez is heavy handed (and doubtless will balloon to heavyweight the day he hangs ‘em up) ‘n improves every fight defensively, delighting his faithful in the Alamo Dome, slipping and sliding Trout’s rocket-launcher fusillades, to draw him in, like the spider to the fly. But Trout didn’t take the bait.
    The epiphany to me was, after consigning Trout ta be even less exciting – if that’s possible-- than Paul Pender, he fought a great disciplined fight, showed the heart of a champion, a major league chin and resolve and the ring generalship ta stay outta range (without running) of Canelo’s heavy guns, albeit for the one time Canelo got home with a flush overhand brick to the chops in the seventh round, dropping him--Jell-O-legged when he rose.
    With as much time as there was left and how good a finisher Canelo is, it looked like game over for Trout. But, Trout dug his heels in like Tony Zale, and won the rest of the round.
    Boxing writer Zachary Levin, who’s sparred with top pros, and has a keen eye for thoroughbreds, kept telling me how good Trout was, and I all but told him, TELL IT TO THE HAND!
    Hard ta finish this with all the feathers in my mouth, ‘n the bitter taste, damn it.
    Trout’s not a Bruce Seldon on his horse flicking machine gun stay-away jabs. Trout’s jab is a weapon, a picador’s lance.
    Debatably, Trout came out on the wrong end of the score --South African judge, Stanley Christodoulou, rubbing salt in the wound. But Trout totally changed my mind. He’s what it means ta be a real champion ’n a stand-up guy, proving less is more: “He was the better man” is all he said post fight. Trout will be back, like Gen. MacArthur in the Philippines, ‘n, doubtless, win more titles’ n fans.
    The phrase RUSH TO JUDGEMENT springs ta mind. Now all I have ta do is avoid Zachary Levin’s, “I told you so!”

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    Re: "It's Just A Matter of Time"

    This is a pleasant surprise! The legendary Joe Rein, the man who brought Springs Toledo into the light of our Sweet Science, a bit like Zucchero discovering Andrea Bocelli, blessing us with another great piece. We're not worthy! We're not worthy! Thanks Joe.

    Top fighters fighting other top fighters. Great concept.

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