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Thread: Canleo vs Chavez Jr

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    Canleo vs Chavez Jr

    With Canleo drawing 39,000 in Texas and Chavez selling out UNLV stadium in his last fight who do y'all think has a bigger following?
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    Re: Canleo vs Chavez Jr

    They share the same following in my opinion. Would be just a matter of taking sides once the fight was made.

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    Re: Canleo vs Chavez Jr

    Canelo would kill Chavez... but there would be alot of mexicans there to see it,... Canelo has a bigger following...

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    Re: Canleo vs Chavez Jr

    No way, IMHO, that Canelo kills the son of a legend. It will be a war. But the longer, bigger SOAL would overpower the red-headed hype -- just my opinion. Holla!

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