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Thread: Golden Boy Says Lamont Peterson Tested Negative For Holt Fight

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    Golden Boy Says Lamont Peterson Tested Negative For Holt Fight

    Today was one of the craziest news days in the boxing sphere in recent memory. Robert Guerrero was arrested Thursday morning at NY airport for gun possession, and then RingTV.com reported that Lamont Peterson tested positive following his Feb. 22 fight against Kendall Holt for HCG, a hormone which can bolster testosterone. That report was quickly removed from the Ring website, and later that evening, Peterson’s promoter, Golden Boy, which owns Ring, put out a release about the Peterson non-positive:
    Washington, DC (March 28) - Contrary to earlier erroneous media reports, Lamont Peterson did not fail a post-fight drug test following his successful IBF Junior Welterweight World Championship defense against Kendall Holt on Friday, February 22 in Washington, DC. In fact, Peterson tested negative for all banned substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Full Menu as well as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and luteinizing hormone (LH).
    "We are very pleased that there has been clarification that Lamont Peterson did not test positive for any banned substances as reported inaccurately earlier today," said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. "Today’s incident exemplifies the importance of accurate fact checking prior to reporting news. Golden Boy Promotions looks forward to Lamont Peterson’s next fight and furthering his career."
    Peterson is slated to meet Lucas Matthysse on May 18. I’m not sure why the Matthysse fight wasn’t mentioned by name in the release, and as far as I know, that fight is a go.
    ESPN’s Dan Rafael spoke to Holt’s promoter, Gary Shaw, and said Shaw told him that it was Holt’s sample which got flagged. "I have the documents from the IBF, and I am aware that the atypical sample has the control number that was assigned to Kendall Holt and that he signed for," Shaw told Rafael.
    Kendall Holt told me Thursday night that he didn’t test positive for anything, either, and said he was told that on the phone by a member of the DC commission. "I took Mega Men multivitamins, fish oil pills and potassium-magnesium pills," he said. "And Krispi-Kreme doughnuts and Doritos as well."

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    Re: Golden Boy Says Lamont Peterson Tested Negative For Holt Fight

    Lmfao @ the doughnuts and Doritos comment .

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    Re: Golden Boy Says Lamont Peterson Tested Negative For Holt Fight

    It's the Golden Boy Promotions Boxing Circus act.

    Just like the old days', only with PEDs.

    Lucky they had the super strict and uncompromising WADA both testing and handling PR - whoops I mean handling media relations - whoops I mean assisting to confuse matters; for GBP.

    Just kidding!!!
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    Re: Golden Boy Says Lamont Peterson Tested Negative For Holt Fight

    boycott dc boxing. fire the whole dc commission. both boxers should sue that commission. damn joke of a commission. back alley fights have better operations.

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    Re: Golden Boy Says Lamont Peterson Tested Negative For Holt Fight

    Quote Originally Posted by deepwater View Post
    boycott dc boxing. fire the whole dc commission. both boxers should sue that commission. damn joke of a commission. back alley fights have better operations.

    Or DP . . . . they could do something really hard and difficult that makes no sense (like they always do), and . . . . . . . introduce explicitly, clearly defined and meaningful penalties for those whom are found with banned substances and/or PEDs in their system.

    And also penalize the promoter as well.

    Yes, penalize the promoter and fighter, as well as exposing the results once they're validated and verified; that’s right.

    I mean does anyone really believe the problem will go away whilst there are no meaningful penalties for testing positive and whilst no one takes accountability for what’s in their blood and body?

    If ever there was an example of boxing treating its fans and supports, the very same people it relies upon, as if they're dumb; this is it. And let’s face it, particularly in boxing, there is no shortage of instances fitting that description.

    Similar to how a publican can, in conjunction with the offender, get penalised for serving drinks to a minor and/or someone intoxicated.

    Far out . . . . it's not like it is really hard to solve the problem, but right now there are - effectively - no penalties for the crime and almost everybody is in the back-pocket of either the offender or their promotor, or both.

    Boxing has not only been biting the hand that feeds it for years – it’s also been laughing as it bleeds too.

    The above situation and the GBP circus act it represents is such that if you're a fighter thinking about making a comeback, or you're at the end of your prime with (within reason and the sport) little to lose; there is very little deterrent for you when/if you're considering taking the (almost non-existent) risk of being both caught and penalized; with respect to PEDs.

    So, if you're a guy like Holt (or Peterson), whom has already had a few bites at the boxing cherry; there is as much to lose by taking PEDs - as there is deterrent.

    Particularly when considering the upside of having an almost non-depletable source of stamina, awareness, reflexes and all the other advantages some of the synthetics provide these days; to help you with your last big chance to shine with the gloves on.

    The fact that the whole promotion if a golden girl promotion doesn’t make things any more difficult for either Holt or Peterson; as golden girl already has (with Morales, Berto, Peterson, and who knows who else that we haven’t heard of) shown us the difference between what they will say and do when it comes to PEDs.

    Particularly when their guys get caught.

    And that's why these guys roll the dice and take chances. Not in the least as golden girl’s approach to it all is effectively the same as sharing the risk.

    Oh, there are also other reasons why these guys roll the dice and take chances though, and we shouldn’t forget them.

    For instance, even if a positive sample does crop up (as with Holt V Peterson), with golden girl (and others) it appears to be just sooooo easy to - time and time again, without fail - confuse and mislead the fans, public and others about what really happened.

    And it’s not just a case of mild confusion either. Some of these people are kicking to side the logic they have built up over years of experience, relieving themselves from anything that’s already in their mouth to make room for what’s about to come, and simply swallowing the empty claims about false positives and the other equally amazing assertions that are all clearly designed to create ambiguity and deflect; in a manner that makes the leading actress out of “deep throat” look like a quiet, hesitant, unsatisfied and monogamous catholic virgin nun.

    And they're swallowing hard (for golden girl) too.

    In fact they're throwing it down without question, so hard and with such remarkable intensity and consistency – particularly considering that the writing is plainly on the wall and that they also have considerable experience accurately observing the sport; that it is almost a phenomenon.

    Yet somehow these golden girl cheerleaders have misplaced their well earned faith, thrown probability out the window and come to the conclusion that golden girl’s (damage control and clearly curious) claims are worthy of instantly building a platform upon from which they themselves can stand and claim the high morale ground - all whilst they hastily and wrongly assume that others whom have not disbanded logic and are understandably concerned and unsurprised about the (pattern of) positive tests; are doing precisely as they themselves are; which is perhaps casting judgment too soon.

    Perhaps it is the buffed and cut image of Oscar combined with his well clipped articulation that makes it difficult for some fans and followers to see the light and both understand and believe that golden girl would say one thing (about such an important and boxing-integrity threatening subject); whilst really completely doing another public.

    Perhaps that is it.

    Yes, perhaps it is simply too difficult for some – particularly those with misplaced faith - to place someone like Oscar (or his company) alongside the symbols within their consciousness that best represent deception, falsification and misleading actions.

    Perhaps it is all psychology. And perhaps there are limits to logic and these things, and perhaps once someone has allowed themselves to subscribe to the unwavering envy and entertainment associated with a boxing star that became a figurehead, spokesperson, statesman and also literally the golden boy of boxing - perhaps then they can genuinely place their hand on their heart and claim that it is impossible for them to disbelieve anything that person professes - no matter the likelihood that it is a complete fabrication of similar proportions to both flat earth and transparent PED testing principles.

    Or, golden girl’s commitment to clean up the sport (and their stable) from PEDs.

    *However, as remarkable and well evidenced that those above-mentioned considerations and observations may be; perhaps there is another aspect of this matter that is more remarkable.

    Perhaps the most remarkable consideration associated with this is;

    A) Not just all the past evidence and events (with Golden Boy, their fighters and other fighters/promoters) that strongly suggest that there actually is very good reasons to suspect performance enhancing drug use and cover-ups are rife such that most would apply caution before . . . .

    Invoking misplaced faith and fanciful dreams of a transparent promotional boxing fraternity employing utopian operations and procedures that seamlessly work hand in hand with external 3rd party PED testing laboratories whom provide ethical and stringent services that “somehow”, in this instance, encountered genuine testing anomalies that are simply as incredibly fantastic in their explanation - as the inconsistencies themselves that presented to ownerless positive test, are great.

    However that is not the complete extent of the “convenience” associated with golden girl’s unfortunate engagement of the disappointingly malleable WADA that itself occurred at a time when all indicators (from Berto V Guerrero, Morales V Garcia, Peterson V Kahn) suggested more – not less – transparency and stringency was required from golden girl; as WADA not only perfectly played along with facilitating and propagating myth and rumor by being relaxed contractually and otherwise – but they did so such that there was effectively and shamefully no restrictions or regulation around what golden girl or anyone else that mattered could both reactively and defensively dream up and say in the event that, heaven forbid, they (WADA) actually did what it was that they were (not really) employed to do.

    And that is, catch someone cheating – when in fact WADA (rather than VADA) were most likely engaged to give the impression that no one was cheating and that PED testing procedures (that were intended to be steamrolled when/if it suits) where in place guaranteeing the public of the promotion’s (doubtful) integrity.

    Such was the scam that golden girl were not only positioned to effectively be the sole and only authority and spokesperson in relation to the results that they didn’t themselves primarily conduct; that when WADA advised of a positive test result they immediately announced Peterson, no doubt because not only did they know the detected and banned substance was commonly associated with amounts of excessive synthetic testosterone such as that Peterson had previously tested positive for – but they surely must have known that, whilst medically justifiable, such high levels of testosterone also provide other performance and masking benefits. However, the circus nature of this matter and how WADA can truly assist an organization like golden girl only became significantly obvious and reached USADA-Golden Girl-Morales proportions when golden girl about faced, pulled down its skirt and panties and claimed (without providing any proof) that the previous announcement was incorrect and that Peterson’s result was actually a false positive.

    Whether Peterson tested false positive or not, it is important that the claim he did be substantiated. If you need to know why then that is a concern in itself. As we now know it was claimed that Gary Shaw confirmed that Holt tested positive; not Peterson. However, Holt denied this – himself no doubt celebrating in the relaxed standards and all encompassing and deliberate confusion and ambiguity that predictably arises from engaging malleable PED testing laboratories in the contractual, disempowering and loose manner that golden girl has perfected.

    What is interesting is how did Peterson test false positive, if Holt tested positive? And, if we really are being told the truth (don’t hold your breath) then why would golden girl not simply announce Holt’s results; if any? After all, Holt is not a GBP fighter; he is Gary Shaw’s charge.

    And so too the real benefits of engaging malleable PED testing laboratories in the contractual, disempowering and loose manner that golden girl has perfected; shows itself as the main event.

    Not in the least the ability for golden girl to;

    a) Claim it was actually their fighter that tested positive; without providing proof or penalty.
    b) Then completely change, infer WADA was at fault, and state it was actually their fighter that tested a false positive; without providing proof or penalty, or allowing WADA to publicly clarify.
    c) Then release a feel good statement about how golden girl’s (unsubstantiated) clarification shows how important it is to get facts correct; without so much looking inwards as to what golden girl did to promote, conceal and confuse the problem and/or how they could have avoided it and been more sincere in relation PED prevention and testing.
    d) Sit back and let the media and others make a meal out of what Shaw said.
    e) Sit back and let the media and others make a meal out of what did or didn’t happen to Holt.

    All as we are fed fantastic stories and explanations that amount to astonishing levels of PED testing incompetence that are openly welcomed by some for how well they suit hidden agenda and reputational protection; as evidenced by WADA’s so called oversights with respect to their, unbelievably and favorable, loss of understanding as to whom it was that they actually tested positive, false positive and negative, in a manner that;

    a) Not only amazingly benefits all whom the tests (had they been either performed or reported upon appropriately) actually expose.

    b) But one that also appears to motivate fans, promoters and others to a state of instant denial and/or ignorance (one that coincidentally favors the golden girls and all their carpet sweeping PED testing processes) whenever their confronted with positive PED results and required to accept the sport is awash with drugs. Even if these positive PED results are associated with competitors (a) whom are known to have previously tested positive for substances that provide a far wider set of benefits than the provided and so called "medical justification" could ever hope to explain, and/or (b) their opponents whom have no questions asked about how they manage to compete and run with others that experience synthetic benefits.

    No, it certainly seems that all the “turning of a blind eye” that, for decades, got professional cycling into the Lance Armstrong trouble and mess it is currently in; is well and truly alive in boxing.

    Hide and deny all evil, and see no evil, hear no evil; appears to be the operational motto not just for golden girl and other promoters – but also some fans.

    B) No, what may even be more remarkable than that; is how some of the above-mentioned reactions and naiveties are more than likely precisely what GBP would hope for from all its followers and others.

    In fact if Oscar and Schaefer were running the equivalent of a Punch and Judy puppet show - which there already is good reason to believe is true (particularly when discussing PEDs) - the chances that they would pull the strings from the shadows with greater accuracy and get the same degree of; naivety, favorable reactions and both misplaced faith and logic from their puppets; are slim to none.

    And Slim has already left town on his stallion.

    That happened way back when we were talking about GGG and his fight with Ishida . . . . http://www.thesweetscience.com/forum...ll=1#post27754

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