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Thread: Free Full-Length Boxing Matches On-line

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    Red face Free Full-Length Boxing Matches On-line

    I'm not sure what the policy of the forums is on posting a link to a website (YouTube). (I searched me email and this website, specifically under FAQ for policy, but to no avail.)

    I don't feel like getting banned on my second post so I'm wanting to know if I can post a YouTube channel. <----------------------------------- This is my question.

    The broadcast does not appear to be pirated as the broadcast does not have a network moniker anywhere and the announcer states they are with the name of the YouTube channel. I did a search on this forum to see if the YouTube channel had already been mentioned. It has not.


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    Re: Free Full-Length Boxing Matches On-line

    I have been told you can post URLs here, and have done so.

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