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Thread: Sulaiman: Drugs Not Major Problem in WBC Boxing

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    Sulaiman: Drugs Not Major Problem in WBC Boxing

    The world did not end in December last, as some people interpreted the Mayan predictions, but our planet Earth is sending human beings serious messages. A devastating hurricane came over New York. There are constant earthquakes in many countries. A snow storm fell on Boston and New England as never before in known history. The pope resigns and a lightening falls on the Vatican. Two days later a meteorite falls on Russia, leaving 1,000 injured, while one other, 100-times larger, passes close to Earth at 10% distance compared to the moon.
    Several countries are in a permanent war while one other provokes an earthquake with an atom bomb testing. Human beings continue creating more and more controversy. Boxing is no exception. The alleged punishment by USADA of Erik Morales for analysis of minimal doses of clembuterol, even when the USADA lab tests were clean, raises a big controversy and confusion in Mexico. Anybody in this country could have clembuterol, as it is natural for those eating meat. Such a sanction has no acceptance in title bouts of the WBC, as the only ones to make the antidoping tests are the WBC itself and the local boxing commissions, whose tests were clean.
    It seems that the USADA extend sanctions when they are aware of an athlete proving positive even when not in action. That is NOT the case in boxing. We only want to check doping for assuring that no boxer competes with any influence of drugs over his rival. The WBC implemented anti-doping tests since 1976, which was the first rule that was implemented after my first election - much before most other sports institutions. The WBC is mainly concerned about stimulants, including marijuana, which it is said that it is depressing, drugs that affect the mind of boxers, not to understand the limits of human endurance. We also forbid any medicine-drug that might hurt the health, sooner or later, of boxers.
    I do not favor other muscle-building drug testing unless they are physically dangerous, because boxing is a unique sport that is very different from most other sports. Boxers desperately suffer in every fight to make the weight and there are countless cases of excessive dehydration that threaten their lives. In a boxing match they have two rivals: the weight and his contender. Boxing has 17 divisions. The welterweight division has a 7-pound difference from super welterweight. The heavyweights have about 70 pounds difference from a lightweight.
    On the other side, there are athletics - swimming, football, football soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and so many others - where weight or height makes no difference. So what is the problem: If a fighter takes a drug for muscles, for example, he will meet one other boxer of his new weight - so where is the problem? However, if any drug might hurt the health of a boxer, then it is prohibited totally.
    This form of looking for outside lab tests was born, I believe, because of the request of our dear champion Floyd Mayweather asking Manny Pacquiao for special lab tests. Afterwards, others came the same. Well, boxing has a rule: all boxers shall be subjected to antidoping tests before or after the fights in the dressing rooms, where laboratory people get it. We, in boxing, care for boxers not being in a fight with any drug influence according to boxing rules.
    That is the way that the WBC intends to continue its almost 40 years of having antidoping tests, when only 15 boxers have tested positive with drugs in more than 1,000 fights. Whoever doesn’t like it can go somewhere else. There must be respect and trust of the boxing organization when it has proven to have been honest and impartial, like the WBC has been.
    Thank you for reading my thoughts.

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    Re: Sulaiman: Drugs Not Major Problem in WBC Boxing

    the criminal head of the wbc is right. crooked refs/judges/bribes are numero uno. raise an eyebrow to all organized relgions. the catholic church is in the worst of times because the pope quit. thats like Jesus coming down off the Cross and saying ok ok I did enough I gotta come down now. Rememebr the St Malachy prediction. the irish pope(st malachy) said that the devil will become pope after the last pope. the current pope is supposed to step down and take his red cardinal suit back and take his name as cardinal joseph ratzinger. he is not doing that. he is keeping the white suit and going into hiding at the vatican. ummm????!!!! the prediction is the devil takes the throne of the catholic church aand uses the name petrus romanlus. peter of rome. well the guy leading the bookmakers is a guy from ghana that heads the global peace plan( its a new world currency to replace the euro and dollar with the new vatican central bank) the name of the Cardinal from Ghana is Peter(rome) Turkson. keep this in mind when crazy things start to happen. global warming is a scam and the moyle , the jewish rabbi that uses his mouth to stop the bleeding of circumsision should be banned. its bad enough to chop it but does a rabbi with herpes have to suck it. ban that

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    Re: Sulaiman: Drugs Not Major Problem in WBC Boxing

    Nice, deceptive story, King Jose! You are so full of syet. Quit being an ananias!

    For the cash cows, paying you those big, ole sanctioning fee, you always switch the amount of the allowance of roids and PEDs in a fighter's system. You have done the same thing with cocaine and other drugs. The WBC, just as Nevada, switches the ratio around at the drop of moola in the that metaphoric money hat.

    Yup! Your 2:1 ratio moved to 6:1 and has gone as high as 10:1 since 1976. Since all the alphabet -sanctioning organizations are corrupted anyway, just endorse a steroid-and-roids title belt. You can have regular steriod-and-roids champ, super one, in recess one, emeritus one, diamond-belt one, silver-belt one, etc., etc. Hehehe!

    There is no honest effort to remove roids, PEDs, weed, coke, or any of dat syet from the seedy hurt business. So, again, nice copy! But quit perpetrating a fraud. Do something about all these ex fighters strung-out on drugs. Drugs, sex and bullsyeting are all a major part of the game, and King Jose S ain't gonna do syet, but keep invoking that sanctioning fee. And let the S & P be. Call a spade a steriod -- I MEAN a spade a spade. Holla!

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