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Thread: Kevin Bizier Stops Nate Campbell on ESPN

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    Kevin Bizier Stops Nate Campbell on ESPN

    Welterweight prospect Kevin Bizier secured the best scalp of his 4 and 1/2 year pro career, as he made 40-year-old Nate Campbell, the ex lightweight champ, stay on his stool after round eight in the main event of "Friday Night Fights" which unfolded at the Bell Centre in Montreal.
    Campbell said afterwards that in the second round, they grappled, and he hurt his back. He said the punches didn’t hurt, but Bizier was too heavy and strong. Campbell assured his family that he was fine. He said he took the fight on seven days notice and had just 13 rounds of sparring. No, he won’t retire, he is a fighter, he fights, that what he does.
    Bizier was the busier man, looking to impose his will upon the faded vet early on. He maintained his balance and a helpful distance as he ripped power shots on the vet. Campbell got worked over on the ropes a bunch, and in round four, he ate shots, up top and down low, and waved to Bizier, telling him to c’mon. Bizier didn’t need the invite.
    Bizier ripped fearsome left hooks and Campbell wasn’t willing or able to scoot away from them. Nate ripped his own right to the body to start round six; think his corner told him they needed to see more or the plug could get pulled? A ferocious left hook landed up top and made Nate fans cringe.
    Bizier drew blood in the seventh, but Nate hung in. He popped a jab now and again and his right still had enough velocity to land it a few times.
    Nate’s corner pulled the plug and didn’t let him come out for the ninth. He said his back was hurting him, and his trainer declared that he wasn’t faking it.

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    Re: Kevin Bizier Stops Nate Campbell on ESPN

    Wow! After being a professional for four and a half years, you are no longer a prospect. Exactly when does the prospect stage ends? It use to be up to three years. After that you are a contender of the ratings of A, B, C, D fighter or a stiff, trialhouse or marshmallow. With all of that explanation, the now old trialhorse Nate Campbell oughta retire. Holla!

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    Re: Kevin Bizier Stops Nate Campbell on ESPN

    nate looked decent for about 3- 4 rounds, but he was fighter a dude much bigger than himself. 147 is too much for his 41 years to handle, especially a dude with good skills and power who hydrates up.

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    Re: Kevin Bizier Stops Nate Campbell on ESPN

    Nate unequivacly had the best chin in Boxing, Now frisco's about 3 or 4! Was impressed with Campbell not for obvious reasons!

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