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Thread: Bradley Faces Off With Provodnikov

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    Bradley Faces Off With Provodnikov


    Feb. 6, 2013, Los Angeles,Calif.--- (L-R) Undefeated WBO World Welterweight champion Timothy "The Desert Storm" Bradley Jr. and top-rated contender Ruslan Provodnikov of Russiapose during thebig press conference to announcetheir upcomimg World Welterweight Championship.Promoted by Top Rank®, in association withBanner Promotions, Tecate, Bradley-Provodnikov will take place, Saturday, March 16 atThe Home Depot CenterinCarson,Calif. and will be televisedlive on HBO World Championship Boxing®. --- Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Ran

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    Re: Bradley Faces Off With Provodnikov

    Pundits have been calling The Cali Cranium Crusher an invisible champion. WTF! They must be crazy. Now I know y'all see his big, ole dome. In ancient times, he would won all the head battles in Rome.

    I smell an upset in the air. This is another bout that will not be judge fair. Tim Brady has a monster monkey on his back. And his arse, da seedy-game crusaders aim to sack. TB is going to have to use his cranium to bust the Russian open. An off night for TB will be a disaster.

    He is the more hated fighter fighting in Cali since "Unforgivable [Hated] Blackness" Jack Johnson whup up on "White Hope" Jim Jeffries. Mark my words. In Carson City, Cali, TB will be BOOed the night of the bout and the white Russian will be cheered as if he is the homeboy. Fickled fans! TB losing will give them joy. Holla!
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