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Thread: Top Rank Cleans Up In BWAA Awards

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    Top Rank Cleans Up In BWAA Awards

    LAS VEGAS, NEV. (January 28, 2013) --
    Top Rank’s ultra-talented stable ran the table winning all the major 2012 awards from the Boxing Writers Association of America. The BWAA announced on Sunday that World Boxing Organization junior featherweight champion NONITO DONAIRE was the recipient of its Sugar Ray Robinson "Fighter of the Year" award. Donaire (31-1, 20 KOs) won all four of his world title fights last year, defeating Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr., Jeffrey Mathebula, Toshiaki Nishioka and Jorge Arce, the last two by knockout, to extend his 11-year winning streak to 30 bouts. Capping a career-best year, Donaire had already been named the 2012 Fighter of the Year by Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today and many other websites and newspapers.
    Donaire’s trainer, former International Boxing Federation junior lightweight champion ROBERT GARCIA, was named the Eddie Futch "Trainer of the Year," for his work with the Filipino Flash as well as with newly-minted WBO featherweight champion Mikey Garcia and undefeated former World Boxing Association lightweight champion Brandon Rios.
    "Nonito came into his own in 2012. He will do even greater things in 2013 and beyond," said Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum. "He will become the next big pay-per-view star. Robert Garcia truly deserves the award as 2012 Trainer of the Year. As the best young trainer in boxing, his future is tremendous."
    "2012 was a text book year for Nonito," added Top Rank president Todd duBoef. "Four fights against top division leaders and with decisive, impressive performances."
    Manny Pacquiao - Juan Manuel Márquez 4, which was co-promoted with Zanfer Promotions, was named the BWAA’s Muhammad Ali - Joe Frazier "Fight of the Year." The action-packed battle, which was held at the sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena and sold close to 1.2 million pay-per-views in the U.S. alone, featured excitement, drama and a one-punch knockout victory by the Méxican icon Márquez.
    Trampler, a Hall of Fame matchmaker, is the co-winner of the Barney Nagler Award for "Long and Meritorious Service" to the sport of boxing.
    The BWAA Awards Dinner will be held in New York this spring at a venue and date to be announced.
    For more information on Top Rank and the BWAA, go to www.toprank.com and www.bwaa.org, respectively.

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    Re: Top Rank Cleans Up In BWAA Awards

    In my mind, the bigger story here is Arum. Shucks, the dude turns 82 this year and he's still full of **** and vinegar. Back in 2008, I wrote that Don King's influence was greater than Arum because King had his hooks into more fighters, promoted across a wider swath of the globe, and exerted far more sway over the heavyweight division. That was true when I wrote it, but I'd like to retract that observation because Arum had more stamina and has outlasted Don King who, by all accounts, borrowed a leaf from the Tina Turner song: "I don't want to fight no more." (He's certainly entitled; King also turns 82 this year.) The great boxing promoters of the 20th century -- Tex Rickard, Mike Jacobs, Jack Solomons in Great Britain -- all will play second fiddle to Arum in the annals of history. Like him or not, he's a marvel.

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    Re: Top Rank Cleans Up In BWAA Awards

    Hello Mr Lang. I'd have to agree with you. Arum's body of work is staggering. King may have had a better year or two along the way, (Allegedly helped along by helping himself to just north of $100,000,000.00 of Mike Tyson's money. Settled out-of-court for $14,000,000.00). And as brilliant as Arum is, he knew to surround himself with a great deal of top tier talent. 'All the King's horses' at DKP pale, when compared to the stable Arum assembled at Top Rank.

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    Re: Top Rank Cleans Up In BWAA Awards

    Da BobFather is da KING! His promotion greatness, all the promoting jesters just hate to SING! Big Money Oscar cooks the books. Don King and the other fly-by promoters are a bunch of crooks. Holla!

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