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Thread: Stevens-Ayala Post-Fight Fracas Update

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    Stevens-Ayala Post-Fight Fracas Update

    The “overzealous ringside fan” from the earlier version of this report was actually no fan of Curtis Stevens at all. According to ESPN’s Brian Campbell, who was ringside for the action, the melee maker was actually cousin to the fighter Stevens had just knocked out, Elvin Ayala, and was trying to do the winner harm. The man was arrested and taken away by police soon afterwards and the show went on without a hitch. It remains unknown why the would be assailant chose the piggybacked bear hug as his attack method, but as no one was done any real harm in the matter (including the alleged attacker), it is probably for the better.

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    Re: Stevens-Ayala Post-Fight Fracas Update

    stevens actually boxed and see what happened. good fight. judah garcia weigh in brawl should be better then the flying bear hug

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