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Thread: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

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    Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    He’s contributed 1,626 posts in our Forum since we switched over to the new setup, and not a one has been a throwaway. Which is why we have our first two-time winner of the TSS Reader of the Year Award, Brown Sugar.
    Our man Sugs, who snagged the honor for the 2010 frame, following in the footsteps of Radam, DonPuto and Fe’Roz, is rarely wrong with his predictions, or his analysis.
    He’s an Ohio resident, so, having attended college there, I’m not surprised that he gives off a humble vibe and doesn’t engage in cyber beefs, like some of the more contentious Forum crew.
    Sugs in 2012 showed heart, and let us see it, which is maybe even more important than his command of matters fistic. We saw that when he weighed in after the Newtown, CT masscare. "Parents have to bear their own share of the burden, parents have to take part and do a better job of "knowing who their kids are"while teaching them right and wrong. Easier said than done...but the effort has to be made. People send their knowingly wacked out kids to school expecting the school system to correct their kids’ antisocial and negative behavior traits without lifting a finger to help at home and it’s not right."
    Amen, sir.
    You’ll recall Mortcola won R.O.Y honors last year. He contended again this year, as did The Roast, Deepwater, Radam, and a bunch of other fellas. But Brown Sugar stood out with wisdom that often, but not always, comes with age. While young guns thundered about PED usage, our winner asked us not to indict and sentence without ample proof. "If I can still develop an attractive physique on demand at my age, with a lower testosterone level, I’m sure Marquez is limited only by his weight, desire and the requirement of his training regimine," he wrote. "The naturally occuring hormone testosterone is a powerful, so powerful it can nearly change a woman into a man.. What Marquez has done in the fitness department is not surprising or new, all it takes is hard work."
    Another plus in Sugs’ favor....the man loves his ellipses, as do I.....
    Happy New Year, Brown Sugar. Thank you for being a key component at TSS, for your smarts and heart. We appreciate your contributions and look forward to reading your take on the latest happenings in our beloved theater of the unexpected for a long time to come.

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Wow! Like always anything involving boxing is the threatre of the unexpected. Two years in a roll we have a controversy of who the TSS ROTY should be. First of all, congrats to B-Sug, but I thought that Deepwater was the shinning star for 2012, as I thought the Roast was the man for 2011, and I'm peeping into the future and seeing SouthPaul as the cat for 2013. WOW!

    My other predictions for 2013 is that Tim Bradley will lose, and be exposed for using peds and roids. And Marquez will not listen to his wife and retire, and will be beaten and exposed for using peds and roids. As in the words of a UFC/MMA KNUCKLEHEAD, "Nobody goes through puberty twice." I've known Marquez since we were teenagers and he never had that type of built. And doesn't have the genetics for it. Apparently 50-something-year-old B-Sug does. Just as my five-old son and my nearly 110-year-old uncle have the genetics for muscling up. Hehe!

    Wow! Forgive me for a slip of tongue and speaking badly of the dead. FloJo didn't have the genetics for her suddenly Lady Hulk appearance either. In the end, we know that she surprisely died of natural causes in her sleep. And I can name some more athletes who met the fate throughout for using that syet. But I won't name one.

    In 2013, we will hear about youngish boxers dying from the adverse effects of PEDs and roids. Others will strangely have strokes and cancer. The truth always rises.

    Happy 2013 to all, and a BIG C to B-Sug. Holla!
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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Well deserved, congrats B-Sug!

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Let the Roast congratulate Brownsugar on a well deserved second R.O.T.Y. award. We all know that last years award was a sham. A mockery. A shamockery if you will. B-Sug could be working on a threepeat right here. We don't need to mention that the Roast was robbed last year. We are here to celebrate the words of Brownsugar, the 2012 R.O.T.Y. I thank EM and the powers that be for the honorable mention along with Radam and Deepwater, it means alot to me. Happy New Year TSS, I hope that 2013 brings us many great fights and many great writes!

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Congrats to Brown Sugar.

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Congrats brown sugar .thanks for the mention. Thanks for compliment radam. Personal responsibility in 2013 protect your self at all times .happy 2013

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Wow,.. I didn't get to the party last night,.. i decided I didn't want to bring in the new year revelling and drinking,.. I don't mind getting toasted every once in a while,.. but my liquor bottles stayed unopened and my car stayed in the parking lot.
    (believe me they will be opened at some point).. basically I had a recent domestic rearrangement and really didn't feel like whooping it up much... not feeling depressed,.. just somber.

    Can you imagine my surprise, Shock, and Amazement to be awarded the Honor once again...
    If anybody needed a pick-me-up on the first day of 2013 it was me... and it doesn't get anybetter bigger or better than being named the TSS ROTY
    This is huge,.. this is massive... I really can't express my gratitute in words (can you believe that >Lol)

    Thanks Mike, Deep, Roast, Radam, Shoulderoll, Schteeeve, and the entire TSS universe... This site has the most unique forum on the web.. and I appreciate everyones contributions to the wealth of knowlege shared on this site.

    I want to give a special thanks to Radam,... The Roast,.. and Misterlee who 3 years ago welcomed me to site and kind of showed me around,.. taught me the ropes by thier fearless example and checked me when I got besides myself..I've enjoyed watching the evolution of the TSS seeing the new members (SouthPaul and many others) and looking forward to its progress in 2013/.

    Personally I would have picked someone from the health field for ROTY... like Mortcola who delivers his incisive insights with the skill of a Surgeon,.. Or Amayseng and Ultimoshogun,.. 2 guy that never get get drunk on koolaid and whose contributions act like a medical triage unit by healing the hyperbole and bringing things back to Earth.
    you also have the brazen Deepwater... bringing his NY insider take while occasionally while using his Xray vision to penetrate beneath the surface of boxings hottest issues.

    Also there's much to be said about our foreign correspondents,.. Grim and Gibola who keep us on track with the European scene with their insights and appreciation for Europes best.

    then there's SRD,.. always taking the hard debates....

    Also we can't forget the 3 guys I'd pick to battle with me in streetfight not named Deepwater... That would be Ali,.. Realtalk, and DaveB,.. 3 magnificent guys who love boxing and love people while having the ability to say much with few words..(watch out for Riverside, that guy will get you arrested for homicide LOL)

    Then you have the jetsetting,.. babe-husling, bling-bling allstars, who know who these guys really are or how much of their inherited fortune they have left... as they insert life, comedy, energy,.. and truth into every post... the Roast and Radam...

    shout out to maremo, tlig, bigstinky and all you guys who post about pacman.

    If I didn't mention anyones name it's only because theres simply too many outstanding members of the TSS to mention them all...
    Again you have my sincere thanks,..come out swingin'... and everybody have a productive 2013!!

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Congrats fam! U know im one of your biggest fans on TSS. Your without a doubt a TSS first ballot HOF, have a happy new year! now it's time to work on your three peat.

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    Mr. B. Sugar
    c/o TSS
    Somewhere in Ohio

    Congratulations are due you, Sir. We enjoy reading your thoughts and insights, sometimes as much as or even more so than the articles they accompany.

    He (brownsugar) is Mayweather to Radam's Pacquaio; and simply put, Mayweather had a better year. And that's saying something, considering someone outside of Floyd's sphere of influence decided to schedule him 'unavailable' for several months in 2012. I think it's safe to say that 99.9% of elite boxers would rather serve 60+ days and spend the year undefeated, rather than get robbed, only to then get electrocuted during primetime on international television in front of the whole civilized (and uncivilized) world. People, a whole lot of us saw the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight.

    Brownsugar is knowledgable and insightful. Although he does have his favorites, he remains unbiased and doesn't fall in love with any one fighter. He has managed to distance himself from the pack and stands out against many other perceptive and talented posters. Also, it's been pointed out by other posters here that he has now positioned himself for a possible three-peat. The actual definition of a three-peat is accomplishing an act three times in a row. And as deep as the talent is on this forum, he is the favorite to successfully accomplish this. Brownsugar is that good.

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    Re: Please Salute Brown Sugar, 2012 TSS Reader of the Year

    I like the selection, however, before I can salute and congratulate my man... I'll need to see a urine/hair sample analysis confirming he's PED (poster enhancement drugs) free.

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